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10 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Swimming Pool Maintained All Year Round

It is not enough to simply invest in a swimming pool to add glamor and appeal to your yard; you need to engage with routine swimming pool maintenance tasks as well. If you let your swimming pool cleaning and maintenance schedule slide, you could end up with an unclean and unhygienic breeding ground for germs, right on your porch. Of course, you can’t even think of entertaining guests around an ill-maintained swimming pool, that is crying out for care and attention! Don’t worry. We offer you 10 helpful tips on how you can keep your swimming pool maintained throughout the year, in this article, below.

Handy Tips to Aid Round-the-Year Pool Maintenance

1. Scrub the Swimming Pool Floor and Toss Out Debris

Floating debris that accumulates onto your pool has a habit of sinking, if not cleaned out before. If you have a person appointed to skim your pool’s water daily, you may not struggle with this problem. If not, you might want to skim your swimming pool’s surface regularly. It will aid the circulation system of your pool and also maintain chlorine efficiency.

Source: Lyon Financial

2. Clean the Strainer Baskets on a Weekly Basis

Cleaning out your swimming pool’s strainer basket is another effective way to stimulate your pool’s water circulation and keep its chlorine requirement in check. Locate the placement of your pool’s strainer basket – inground pools usually have these in the pool deck and aboveground pools have them on the side. Remove the basket and shake it out. You can choose to apply water from a hose onto it for added cleaning efficacy.

3. Vacuum Your Swimming Pool

Vacuuming your swimming pool weekly is another essential routine pool maintenance task you should carry out. Vacuuming your pool frequently will keep the pool water clean and lessen the amount of chemicals it needs, to keep it germ-free. Different types of pool vacuums are made available in the market. Pick one that suits your needs the best and learn how to uniquely navigate this, for maximum pool cleaning efficiency. Make sure to clean out your vacuum filter from time to time too.

4. Brush the Walls and Tiles of Your Pool

Nobody wants algae or calcium buildups in their swimming pool. Brushing your swimming pool’s walls and tiles is a good idea to prevent this from happening. Don’t let algae or calcium deposit in your pool, they could lead to bigger problems later. Use a soft brush and go over your swimming pool’s walls and tiles to keep them clean.

5. Clean your Swimming Pool’s Filter

Clean out your swimming pool’s filter periodically, without fail, if you want to maintain your swimming pool’s health and hygiene. The filter on your swimming pool is responsible for ridding it off impurities and so, cleaning it is an absolutely crucial pool maintenance task. Usually, swimming pool filters are made of sand, cartridge or diatomaceous earth. The material of your swimming pool filter influences the frequency with which it needs to be cleaned. Leave a slight bit of dirt intact in your pool even when you clean it, the dirt helps dust particles and aids in cleaning your debris pool.

Source: Pool Care Guy

6. Test the Level of Chemicals Present in Your Swimming Pool’s Water

You ought to check the pH level of the water present in your swimming pool every week, if you wish to maintain its safety for usage. Improper chemical balance in your pool water can irritate your eyes and skin. If your pool water begins to look murky, it is time to check its pH balance with a testing kit. You can easily purchase these pH testing kits from a neighborhood store.

7. Maintain the Water Level in Your Swimming Pool

Regular swimming and splashing around in the pool will cause your swimming pool to lose water. Evaporation can also cause water loss in your pool. You can check the level of water when you are skimming debris from your pool. If the water level falls below the skimmer level, use a garden hose to replenish it sufficiently to enable safe swimming.

Source: mydecorative.com

8. Superchlorinate your Swimming Pool after Every Big Bash

When you organize a pool party for your friends and co-workers, your pool is subject to a lot of people entering it and leaving behind the bacteria they might have been carrying on their bodies. An effective way of getting rid of all these bacteria from your swimming pool is to super chlorinate it to raise its chlorine levels. Shocking your pool with chlorine will kill all the residual bacteria that may have gathered in your pool after your big pool party. Super chlorinating your pool at least twice every season is a good way of keeping your swimming pool germ and bacteria-free.

9. Detect Leaks in Your Pool and Have Them Repaired

Sometimes, leaks can find their way in our swimming pools and cause it to lose water. If you want to keep your swimming pool’s water level maintained, you might want to find if there are any leaks in your swimming pool and have the same repaired. Also, take a look at this article if you want to learn how to protect your swimming pool from freeze damage during winter.

Source: Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews

10. Clean the Deck Area

The deck of your swimming pool needs care and maintenance the same way that your swimming pool does. Sweep your swimming pool deck clean off dirt and fallen leaves. You can then proceed to washing away water stains and any rust that might have accumulated onto the deck of your swimming pool. Afterall, what good is a clean swimming pool if the deck surrounding it is dirty?

Don’t Skimp on Your Swimming Pool Maintenance Tasks

It is true that regularly cleaning and maintaining your swimming pool can seem like a chore, but swimming pool maintenance is necessary to preserve the overall quality of your swimming pool. If you don’t eke out time to maintain your swimming pool, you will only be letting it reach a state of disrepair and decay. If you’ve spent all that money in installing a swimming pool into your house, why not take care of it to maintain it for years to come?

You can follow the swimming pool maintenance tips we’ve shared above and helped yourself to a clean and hygienic swimming pool all-year-round. To get more maintenance tips for all year round, hear more from the experts over at SwimmingPoolsBrisbane to understand how to maintain your swimming pool correctly.

5 Ways Casinos Spot and Catch Card Counters

Source: Medium

At one point in time, counting cards was only an underground practice that didn’t have too many connections with mainstream usage. However, it can be said that we are talking about one of the most common practices people use to cheat casinos off their money. It can be said that this method was heavily popularized by a lot of Hollywood movies who’ve depicted how it’s done pretty accurately. We are talking about movies like “Casino” and “21”.

Also, we can see that there are books that had a pretty big influence like “Bringing Down the House”. The first time someone used this method to cheat gambling clubs was with the introduction of the MIT Blackjack Team. To this day, they are considered to be the most effective team that succeeded in this practice. Naturally, casinos have managed to see right through this method. That doesn’t mean that these teams haven’t succeeded in creating more effective tactics.

As you can presume, something like this is not possible with online casinos, like thefirkintavern. It should be said that not much was known about this method before casinos haven’t been able to crack their modus operandi. How this was done, you ask? Well, it should be said that the main reason it was done is the experience of previous high-quality card counters.

According to some experts, we can see that this was pretty much the only way they could do it since we are talking about a pretty complex method that’s not easy to crack. As you can presume, the downside of this method is that, when you are caught, you will be banned from entering a casino forever. Therefore, you will not have the chance to repeat it. With that in mind, let’s talk about some ways casinos spot and catch people who count cards. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Source: pexels.com

1. Casinos Employ Former Card Counters

We’ve mentioned that the main way they’ve succeeded in seeing right through the tactics of card counters was the employment of counters in casinos. They had their own place in the room, from which they were able to spot any action of this kind. This approach had massive positive results since casinos were able to catch card counters and managed to learn even more about this strategy than they knew before that.

Furthermore, some of them have found their place in security booths and they had the task of overseeing the players who conduct these illegal activities. So, it should be said that this is pretty much an impossible thing to do these days. However, we can see that, even now, there are some people who succeed. So, this is the ultimate way they are spotted. Later, we will talk about how they catch them and prevent their work.

Source: Online Casino Reports Srbija

2. Dealers Striking a Conversation

One of the easiest ways casino staff can prevent card counters from succeeding in their aim is to break their concentration. As you can presume, the focus is the ultimate thing that counters need to have in order to win. If the dealer tries to talk to them while they are concentrating, their efforts will ultimately fail, due to the lack of concentration.

That doesn’t mean that these counters will be free to go after they catch them in this activity. Instead, they are first brought to the office of a manager. Their personal data is collected, and they are banned from entering that casino ever again. In some cases, we can see that they are banned from all the casinos in the state of Nevada. However, the situations when this is done is not known.

Source: unsplash.com

3. Facial Recognition of Banned Players

It’s not uncommon to see that someone who’s been banned from casinos try to enter them after the ban. You would be surprised to see what people are ready to do to enter a casino. We can see that some of them even performed plastic surgery to change their appearance, and obtained a fake identification. Thankfully, we can see that casinos have managed to prevent that with the usage of software for facial recognition.

As you can presume, this type of software is not cheap. However, casinos saw that this investment is a much better option than letting these people cheat them frequently. Therefore, you can be sure that pretty much all gaming clubs in Las Vegas have one of these, and cheating them is practically impossible. It should be said that this is one of the best ways of discouraging these people from trying to enter a casino once again.

Source: scoopempire

4. Altering Bet Levels

The most effective tactic management uses to catch card counters is to follow the change in their bet levels. A lot of counters will change their bets after there are some low cards have appeared on the table. This instant change immediately says that there is something wrong with the player’s behavior.

Later, the behavior is further followed, and there are a couple of more red alerts that can tell them they are dealing with the counter. If these changes continue to happen whenever the change occurs, we can see that there are problems with the player itself. Therefore, they manage to catch them red-handed and ban them from a casino.

Source: pexels.com

5. Looking for Usual Card Counting Behavior

Even the best card counters in the world have a bad day in the office. This bad day can lead them to get banned from a casino. One of the reasons they can get busted is when they don’t use subterfuge. Plus, it should be said that it’s possible to see right through this behavior, due to the fact there are some characteristics that are displayed every time someone tries it out.

Furthermore, it should be said that those who have a lot of experience in card counting cannot be spotted so easily. However, limiting the possible damage by catching players who are not so experienced is always a plus since there are much more of these than those who are experienced. We’ve said that those with experience have been employed in gambling clubs as observers.

10 Tips to Make Moving with Pets Hassle-Free

Moving house is one of the most stressful times of our life, and it can be even more stressful when we have pets to worry about. Your pet could be more stressed out about the whole experience than you are because they have no idea what’s happening. Use the following tips to try and make the event as stress-free as possible for your pets, and hassle-free for you.

Before the Move

As well as booking the removal company, ensuring that your gas and water are turned on at the new property, and getting everything packed up for the big move, you should take some time to get your pet ready for the move, too.

Source: Bruske Team

1. Stick to Your Usual Routine

Animals thrive on routine and can become anxious when it is changed. You will have a lot to concentrate on, but try to keep mealtimes and walks to a similar time every day to avoid stressing your pet out.

2. Consider Boarding Kennels

Boarding kennels can be a stressful experience for your pet. But, compared to the stress of taking them with you on moving day, it could be less stressful for all concerned. You won’t have to stop them getting under the movers’ feet, and you won’t have to worry about your pup escaping through the open door.

Source: Pinterest

3. Free Alternatives to Kennels

Alternatively, if you have dog-loving friends or family, see if they would be willing to provide some free boarding for a day or two. This can reduce the stress for your pet because they know the person looking after them. It also makes it a lot easier to get your stuff out of one house and into another.

The Day of the Move

The big day has arrived. You’ve got a box with your paperwork, house key, and, most importantly, the kettle and coffee in the passenger seat of your car. The last thing you need to worry about is your dog pooping on the back seat, or your cat escaping as you pull up outside your new family home. Remember to grab a travel carrier from ExcitedCats.

Source: Movers and Packers

4. Provide Plenty of Exercise

The adage that a tired dog is a good dog is true. It will be especially true when you’re attempting to unload the antique wardrobe from the back of the moving van or checking that the boxes with the yellow labels have found their way into the living room. Give him plenty of exercise before you start the move and at any other opportune moment. A good walk may well help your stress levels, too.

5. Limit Food

A lot of animals get car sick. Combine the unnerving undulation of the car with the inevitable stress and there’s more than a slim chance of a messy accident. An overfull belly will only make matters worse. Do make sure they’re fed, but don’t overfeed.

Source: Agatha’s Pet Wellness

6. Keep Them Entertained

Entertain your dog by taking him for a walk and finding some time to play with him. He wants to know that he’s still important and part of the family. He wants reassurance. Giving him time and attention will help keep his anxiety in check. You can even bring along some lavender to calm him down and make him feel relaxed. Check out smells that dogs like on PetKeen.

7. Take Breaks

If you’re moving around the corner, it may be easier to walk the dog there. If you’re moving miles away and need to take the dog by car or van, take regular breaks. Stop at services. Go for a walk. Make sure you have fresh water ready and pay your dog plenty of attention.

Source: Pinterest

After the Move

You’ve got all your stuff in. All appropriately labeled boxes are in the correct rooms. The movers have done their job and, miraculously, there doesn’t seem to be any damage. It’s time to start the seemingly endless task of unpacking and getting things straight. Don’t forget that your pets will need help adjusting to their new home, too.

8. Ensure Doors and Windows Are Sealed

Your dog may have perfect recall. Your cat may be a homebody that never normally strays further than the front door. But this isn’t their home yet, and you’re likely busy unpacking. Avoid leaving doors open, and ensure that any windows at an easily accessible level are kept closed.

Source: housebeautiful

9. Create a Space They’ll Recognize

Your new home isn’t your pet’s new home yet. Even if you plan on replacing their battered bed and threadbare blankets with new ones to coincide with your new home, take the old ones with you. Your cat or dog will not only recognize their look, but they will have the smell of home on them, too.

10. Provide Plenty of Exercise

A tired dog is still a good dog! Play in the yard, take him out for a walk, and use the opportunity to get you both used to the new neighborhood while wearing him out.

Source: Idealista

Enjoy a Hassle-Free Move

Moving house is a stressful time, for all the family, including the four-legged family members. It is possible to minimize their stress which, in turn, gives you one less thing to stress about. And, don’t forget to change their chip and insurance details, and register with a new vet as soon as possible.

If your move is one that requires getting on a plane, please be sure to visit here for an in-depth guide on how to safely and comfortably fly with your cat.

What Are The Different Types of Assets?

When people think of assets, what generally comes to mind are houses, cars, cash, and jewelry. While this may be true in part, assets are not only tangible possessions as it can also take the form of non-physical substances that have long-term wealth.

Personal assets have an inherent value that tracking and understanding its types won’t only provide you an estimate of your net worth but may also compel you to care and protect such assets for yourself and your family.

Asset Types

An asset is anything that has monetary value that an individual possesses and can be converted into cash. Personal assets have current or future value and are owned by an individual or a household.

Those that can be seen or perceived are termed as tangible assets–in the form of houses, cars, cash and currencies, jewelry and precious coins, and even artwork and antiques. On the other hand, those that don’t have a physical presence such as patents, copyright, trademark, and tradenames, franchise or lease agreements, intellectual property, and accounts receivable are classified as intangible assets and have long-term value.

Tangible assets can be further distinguished by their ability to gain or lose value over time. Antiques, jewelry, precious coins, artwork, and real property increase their value throughout the years. On the other hand, vehicles and electronics depreciate the moment it’s used. In business, equipment and machinery are also considered as depreciating assets.

Financial Assets

These have inherent monetary value and are rated based on contractual rights or ownership. These may come in the form of:

  • Cash
  • Checking and/or savings accounts
  • Bonds
  • Stocks
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Mutual funds
  • Retirement accounts

One can accumulate a number of assets in a lifetime as long as it necessitates proper asset planning to manage cash and investments. This entails an inventory of all known assets and formulating a plan to ensure the protection of such assets.

To expound, here are the different types of assets that you may invest in:

1. Cash

Cash refers to the money available for use that can be used to exchange goods and services. Cash can be obtained through the practice of a profession or the operation of a business. Cash on hand is often called “petty cash.”

Source: Investment Firm

2. Checking/Savings Account

A checking account is a type of bank account that allows a person to deposit money to maintain a balance, and afterward withdraw money by writing a check. A savings bank account also allows one to keep money in the bank and earn interest.

Funds can be withdrawn from a savings account through over-the-counter, ATM machines, and through fund transfers.

3. Bonds

A bond is similar to an IOU in the sense that the borrower agrees to pay interest until it reaches an agreed-upon date. A bond or equity is issued by large corporations, cities, and national governments to fund short-term projects. The lender is called the bond holder and will indicate how much money is borrowed, the attached interest, and the bond’s maturity date. Once the bond matures, the principal amount is returned.

There are several types of bonds that vary based on who uses them, the length until maturity, interest rate, and risk involved.

U.S. Treasury bills are short-term bonds that pay minimal interest. Longer-term treasury bonds, such as the 10-year note, produces higher yields, while TIPS (Treasury Inflation-Protected Security) bonds protect against inflation.

Cities and localities also issue bonds, which are called municipal bonds. Companies that issue corporate bonds are riskier than government bonds but a subtype called junk bonds pays higher interests.

Bonds can be profitable investments as it allows one to earn additional income through interest payments. Waiting until the bond reaches maturity date allows one to receive the principal in full while reselling the bond can give you additional income. A downside of bonds is that it has lower returns than stocks and the bond yields can decrease.

Source: InvestorPlace

4. Stocks

Stock or equity is a form of security that represents a portion of ownership in a corporation. A unit of stock is called a ‘share’ and the number of shares owned determines how much claim the owner has on the company. Owning stocks is a good investment because it can result in dividends if the company profits or it can result in reinvestment that increases earnings.

There are two types of stocks: common and preferred. Common stocks endow its owner with the power to vote in shareholders’ meetings and to receive dividends. On the other hand, preferred stockholders don’t have the same privilege but have higher claims on the assets and profit of the corporation. In certain companies, preferred stockholders are given preference in the distribution of dividends.

Investing in stocks has definite advantages. Stocks have higher returns over bonds and shareholders may benefit once the stock’s price increases. There’s also an opportunity to gain dividends that can be reinvested to the company to increase one’s shares.

5. Certificate of Deposit (CD)

A certificate of deposit (CD) allows an investor to deposit money in a bank for a designated time period with a guaranteed interest rate. The interest rates are paid monthly. CDs often span between three months to five years.

Source: Investopedia

6. Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a combination of securities (bonds and stocks) incorporated into a single unit or share. Income from a mutual fund is derived from a pay-out issued by the fund from all the earnings gained from both stocks and bonds.

As in the case of stocks, mutual fund shareholders also have the option to reinvest earnings and sell mutual fund shares in the market.

7. Retirement Accounts

Retirement accounts allow one to save money in preparation for one’s retirement. Depending on how you are employed, typical retirement accounts include employer-sponsored retirement plans, such as the 401(k), an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), or plans designed for small business owners or self-employed.

While these vary in the amount of contribution, the main goal of a retirement account is to ensure that one can live a comfortable life during retirement.

Source: Investment Firm

Current Versus Long-Term Assets

The above-mentioned financial assets can be divided as current and long-term assets based on the ease of how these can be converted to cash. Assets that can be converted within a year such as cash, savings, and checking account, stocks, bonds, and mutual bonds are included as current assets. Long-term assets are not as easily converted to cash compared to current assets. Examples of long-term assets include insurance policies and annuities with cash value.

Wise asset management entails that incomes and profits grow in time to increase net worth and, at the same time, have a prepared plan to guard assets against possible financial troubles in the future.

7 Benefits Of Using Infrared Heating Panel

Infrared heating is a relatively new concept among the home heating options, as it has become more popular only in the last fifteen years, especially in some European countries like Germany, France, and the UK. However, in the last couple of years it has spread globally, even in the less developed countries.

Although it has experienced the above-mentioned boom recently, this type of heating existed… well, since the creation of the world. Surprised? You shouldn’t be, as its biggest source is the Sun itself. Have you ever felt warm even on a freezy day in the middle of winter when you go out? Common sense would tell us that if the outside temperature is low, we should also feel cold. Yet, we aren’t – and the main reason for this is infrared rays. They travel unimpeded and warm up every single object they hit, including our bodies.

To put it simply, infrared is a form of energy emission with electromagnetic radiation as its key process. The same principle applies to this type of warming at homes, but before we see what its benefits are, let’s see the difference between this and the conventional one.

Conventional heating works by warming up the air around us. At first, the warm air rises up and, with time, as it starts to cool down, it drops down back to the ground level. This process keeps repeating again and again. On the other hand, infrared is emitted from the heater and then travels undisturbed through the air until it hits an object, which then absorbs the radiation, producing warmth eventually. If the waves come in contact with a human body, they’ll touch us only a little bit, but enough to provide a feeling of pleasure. They will radiate it onto all objects in pretty much the same way the sun would.

Now that we explained how it works, in the further text, we give you seven reasons why you should consider using infrared panels for heating purposes.

Source: VASNER

1. Quick warming

We already explained the process of traditional and IR systems, and said that the infrared ones provide even spread of warmth.

While radiators, for example, take time to warm up a room, infrared gives almost an immediate effect so you don’t need to wait for it to reach a comfortable temperature. This happens precisely because of IR panels that have almost instant effect.

However, another side to that benefit says that, when the panels are turned off, the hotness subsides more quickly as well, unlike conventional radiators for instance.

2. Lower costs

The costs of running an IR panel are substantially less than the conventional system. It’s evidenced that an average IR panel produces the same level of warmth as a three times ‘stronger’ conventional one. This means that you can significantly lower your costs, which will affect positively on your home budget.

It’s also good to know that there’s a smaller cost difference between an IR system and a gas-powered system, mainly because of the lower gas price.

Source: TheGreenAge

3. Infrared panels reduce mold

We already explained the concept of the panels and mentioned that objects in the room are heated in addition to the air around them. Because of this, they can be directed towards damp walls and help by drying them out – and this would reduce the formation of mold.

Again, they have the same effect as the sun, so using such units feels like taking advantage of the effective power of the sun in your own home. It’s also important to mention that the cause of the mold issue should be solved first before using the units to reduce damp.

4. Ease of installation

IR boards simply run on electricity so there’s no need for additional and complex systems of pipes or boilers. They take less time to install than the conventional ones, and just because they are so convenient and easy to install and run, you can choose to place them across the entire house or only a separate room. – it’s all up to you. Some companies like futofolia.hu even produce aesthetically designed boards so they fit into furniture, or even hang from a wall like mirrors!

Source: ambulatoriobartoleschi.it

5. IR boards are healthier

Since IR waves don’t rely on air as on a transmission medium, like the conventional systems do, there’s less circulation in the air which means that allergens and dust don’t circulate around. People with breathing issues or respiratory diseases would certainly benefit from this. There are also confirmations that, since the IR heat is absorbed by the body directly, it also improves blood circulation.

6. Maximizing living space and great flexibility

IR boards can help you maximize living space and also improve heating depending on where they are placed.

Unlike radiators that need to be installed on the floor, which can take a lot of precious space, the IR ones can hang from the ceiling so you don’t lose any floor area. Placed like this, they also provide much more coverage than the ones fixed on a wall, for example. Yet, they are very thin – so even if they’re placed on a wall they won’t take too much space.

Source: Pinterest

7. High quality and low maintenance

If you decide to keep going with the IR heating panels, you can rest assured that they’ll likely last for a long time. Also, if you purchase a high-quality board, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll need any maintenance in the warranty period. And even if so, they are very easy to maintain and only need to be replaced every five to ten years. That’s the reason why most companies that sell these will provide a warranty period from 5 years (for the common ones) to 10 years (for more quality ones).

From everything that has been said so far, it’s evident that infrared heating panels are the most energy-efficient warming solution for households. If you opt for this method, you should, however, ensure that you purchase a right-sized panel, in order to make your house area more cosy and not to waste any energy. We hope our list of perks has at least made you wish to try these and that you’ll remember all these benefits while building your home!

Video Production Services: How to Create Engaging Social Media Marketing Videos

Source: Medium.com

One of the most effective ways to reach out and convert your target audience is by using social media. An average of 3 hours is spent per day on social media networks. Nowadays, most users consume video content more than any other format online. YouTube is used extensively with more than 5billion videos being watched every day and 100 million hours of Facebook videos watched per day.

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to connect with your audience, build your brand, generate your website traffic, or increase sales. With this in mind, it is essential to acquire effective video production services that will increase your social media traffic. There are various types of social media videos ranging from tutorials, events videos, product-demo, user-generated, or storytelling videos. Once you have discovered the potential audience for your goods and services, you must put together quality video strategies that suit their needs.

When producing videos for marketing purposes, you will always want them to be of high quality and professional too, but not necessarily expensive. An effective social media video should be concise and engaging as well. Here are some tips to improve your video production plan.

Tips on Creating a Successful Video Marketing Strategy

Source: Intermark Group

1. Plan Your Videos

Before you make your online video, it is very important to define your goal. You should establish what you are looking to achieve at the end of the video production. Also, you must plan carefully for your videos by researching widely and understanding your audience’s needs. Once you identify your target audience it will be easier to identify how you will write your script, shoot your video as well as convey your emotions. Often, the use of emotions in a video may lure your viewers to follow your call for action. Writing a script helps you to have an organized flow of words. If possible, you can use a teleprompter to help you deliver your words.

2. Tell a Captivating Story

Most social media users prefer to scroll down their threads quickly, searching keenly for things that interest them. If your video doesn’t grab their attention, they will dismiss it immediately and move on to the next post. Your tone of personality should be per the emotions you want to convey in your video. Create a compelling first 5 seconds that will ignite your viewers’ attention and improve your video marketing skills. Avoid mistakes such as:

  • Repetition
  • Lack of originality
  • Lack of tone variation
  • Long stories

Telling a captivating story will no doubt boost your engagement as well as increase your followers.

Source: YouWorkForThem

3. Use a Steady Camera

According to Thrive Agency, you don’t have to pay for professional video production services to make your social media videos. You can still produce your high-quality videos with the aid of a good camera or smartphone. One important tip is to ensure that the camera is steady, this can be ensured by using a tripod stand for extra grip.

The use of multiple cameras when filming may look more professional, as the different angles increase more attention to the viewer. However, you can still achieve the best results using one camera by simply switching your camera and filming from alternative perspectives; or you can change the background settings and add transitions. The more dynamic your video is, the more interesting it will be for your viewers to watch.

4. Add Background Music to Your Story

Unless you are doing an informative video, it is necessary to add some background music to spice up your video. Music also helps in the projection of emotion towards your story. Depending on the nature of your video, you might not need to play your music through-out. However, background music generates attention and sets the mood for your video. The choice of music you chose for your video will depend on the type of video produced. It is important to match the mood accordingly.

Source: Business 2 Community

5. Use of Creative Editing Styles

Editing is a post-production process that enhances your videos. Great video editing will help your videos look more professional and look high-quality. Lack of good editing exposes your video to too long pauses, unwanted scenes, and clumsy transitions.

Video editing enables you to avoid fluff, it gives you an option to change overlay audio, add subtitles, and add graphics. The good thing about editing is that you don’t need to hire an expert to edit for you. By using professional software and effects, you can get impressive results by yourself.

6. Include a Call to Action

What do you want your viewers to do after they have finished watching your videos? You need to ensure that you include a call to action. It induces a viewer to perform a specific action after an instruction or directive; one that you may have given out on your video. There are two ways of implementing a successful CTA. They include:

  • Include an auditory request that indicates what the viewer should do next
  • Include on the screen, often at the end or during the video indicating what the viewer should do next.

Even if your video is conversation-oriented, you still need to give a call to action but mostly, one that is persuasive.

Source: Darvideo Animation Studio

Importance of Using Videos for Social Media Marketing

One of the most important things in social media marketing is capturing the viewer’s attention. The main reason a video is the best format is the fact that it gives us a real-life picture of what’s going on. It is also easy to share across multiple platforms. Most viewers prefer videos because they are easy to digest, enjoyable, and engaging. Most marketers like using videos because they can give a potentially huge return of investment (ROI) through as many channels as possible. To make an impressive video, you have to make sure your content stands out and is attractive too. Acquiring effective video production services helps you perfect your video to promote your brand and get people watching and looking out for more.

What Happens When You File a Civil Rights Complaint?

If your civil rights have been violated at work, in school, or in any other setting in the United States, the law is your side. Read on to understand your rights, where you can file a civil rights complaint, and what that process will look like.

The good news is that although your complaint may take time to process and be dealt with, the law gives you the right to seek monetary damages for what you went through and the opportunity for the government to respond, investigate the violations, and pursue justice for both the offender and the victim.

Civil Rights and The Law: Knowing Your Rights

The Constitution gives all Americans as well as all other individuals in the US the rights to freedom of speech, religion, assembly, the press, and a right to privacy. The Supreme Court has ruled in interpreting the Constitution that depriving an individual of these rights, particularly on the basis of their individual characteristics, is a civil rights violation.

Civil rights violations in the US can occur in a number of arenas, each of which often has a legal department of a federal agency available to respond to and investigate civil rights complaints.

The law permits two key areas of recourse for the victims of civil rights violations.

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Civil Rights Office Investigation

The first is an investigation by the federal government’s relevant civil rights office, of which there are numerous, which may result in punishment for the offender. Some of these offices, however, may only relate to discrimination that occurs within their direct purview or by federal employees, while others cover a wider scope, such as the civil rights arm of the Department of Education, which has a mandate to respond to civil rights violations in any school setting.

Compensation by Court Order

Second, individuals who have been subject to a violation of their civil rights may also sue for damages in court and be compensated by court order or in a settlement by the offending party.

Civil rights amendments were first passed in the years immediately following the end of slavery, with the second wave of amendments in the 1960s specifically addressing equal opportunity and treatment based on race, religion, sex, and national origin.

Since then, additional federal law has been passed by Congress outlawing discrimination in schools, the workplace, and within federal agencies based on gender, race, and disabilities, among others.

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What Constitutes a Civil Rights Violation?

Any type of discrimination that a person is subjected to on the basis of their gender, race, sexual orientation religion, ethnic identiy, or national origins may be considered a civil rights violation

Types of civil rights complaints that may qualify for a successful lawsuit include:

  • Racial discrimination in the hiring process;
  • Being denied federal loans or grants based on religious or ethnic identity or gender;
  • Rejection from a university on the basis of sexual orientation;
  • Getting fired from work as a result of a physical handicap;
  • Not being provided equal access to sports facilities at school on the basis of gender.

How to File

In order to file a civil rights complaint, you first must find the right agency by finding which federal civil rights office is appropriate given the nature and location of the civil rights violation.

Some examples of areas where discrimination may occur and the right agencies to respond to civil rights complaints in those areas include:

  • Education – The Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights;
  • Healthcare – The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights;
  • The workplace – The US Equal Opportunity Commission;
  • Residential – The Housing and Urban Development’s Office of Civil Rights;
  • Farming and agriculture – The Department of Agriculture’s Office of Civil Rights.

You can find more relevant agency offices and file general complaints through the Justice Department at their civil rights website here.

In general, civil rights complaints need to be filed within 180 days of the discrimination taking place. If the violation occurred more than six months ago, you may also be able to request a waiver in some cases.

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File a Suit for Damages

The best outcome for a complainant in a civil rights case is often the settlement or court ordered payments for damages incurred or suffered as a result of the discrimination.

In discrimination cases, an opportunity has often been denied to the victim prior in the course of the civil rights violation. Monetizing that opportunity can yield big compensatory damages from a judge or jury.

Take housing as an example. If a plaintiff can prove in court that their rent was raised unfairly because of their ethnic identity, and not for, say, other white tenants, a judge may award the equivalent back pay amount that they were overcharged since the time the rent was raised.

The same could apply for a work discrimination case. If you were deliberately passed over for a raise because of your gender or sexual identity, you may be entitled in the eyes of the court to receive the equivalent pay in compensation that you should have been owed.

What are My Chances of Success in Court?

In theory, the more evidence you have that a civil rights violation did occur and proof that you suffered harm as a result, the more successful your case should be. In reality, whether or not one see’s a successful outcome usually depends on the abilities of their attorney.

While civil right rights attorneys are often highly practiced and, predictably, expensive to retain, there are a number of high profile civil rights lawyers who routinely take on clients for free. This is referred to as pro bono work.

Mr. Crump dedicates a large part of his practice to taking pro bono civil rights cases. Click here to learn more.

If you or someone you care about has suffered any level of harmful discrimination on the basis of individual identity, justice needs to be served.

Source: Forbes

Luckily, the legal framework exists in this country for you to a) see that a federal agency investigates the case thoroughly and punishes any guilty party to prevent such discrimination from happening again, and b) have the opportunity to bring your case to court to be potentially awarded money damages to, in part, right the wrongs of discrimination.

Make-up Games and Femininity: Why Gender Roles Aren’t Cancelled

While just the words “gender roles” often brings up some mixed- and contentious- feelings, femininity is timeless and here to stay.

Makeup is a part of our culture, and it has been since pre-biblical times. From ancient Egypt and Greece to modern Milan and New York- Makeup has been a recurring theme throughout history. Take a quick peek at any social platform, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, or Facebook- and you’ll surely find the bright face of some brilliant person teaching you the best ways to blend, blush, and plump.

Men and women, boys and girls, perhaps the single greatest thing about makeup is that it’s actually gender fluid- and has been throughout even our history. Elvis wore makeup. The likes of David Bowie and Kiss built entire personas on makeup. In modern society, we have so many male makeup influencers, their numbers almost begin to match those of female makeup influencers. And for good reason- these boys know their makeup.

It’s funny how men are so afraid of the idea of wearing makeup, because literally every single man you see on Television, social media or Youtube, wear tons of makeup. It just gives that professional “finished look” that makes you look way more professional than other people. I swear, if all men would show up to do their business deals with makeup on, they would get more respect and be seen as higher value men, and would probably close more deals and make more money. So guys, would you be willing to wear makeup if it would give you a $50 000 salary raise each year? Probably right?

So, what is it about makeup that is just so darn exciting? What do makeup games so quickly picks our interest? Check out Prinxy for an example. What is it that draws young and old, male and female, superstar and pauper to this incredible medium? Well, that’s actually a pretty difficult question to answer.

Source: EllePeri

Why We Wear Makeup

Whether it is war paint or the “full face” glam look, makeup has become a part of our social and cultural identity. In India, on her wedding day a bride is adorned with beautiful henna drawings, in the Chou dynasty of ancient China, makeup was an indicator of social class. Globally, almost every culture has some relationship with makeup- and that relationship has transpired into the makeup culture of today. Becoming the icon of artistic expression that is accessible to nearly anyone.

While there are still many that contend makeup is merely a ploy of big business, or the ever-present specter of the patriarchy, to force an unreasonable standard of beauty onto women. However, this sentiment is easily dismissed when looking at the incredible creations for both men and women- that cosmetics can create. Feathered eyelashes, shocking colors, and exaggerated angles aren’t necessarily a function of traditional beauty- but instead a true expression of art. An artistic medium that even those that have been left without the inborn skills necessary to draw, paint, or sculpt, can easily explore their creativity in. So, the question of “why we wear makeup” sorely misses the mark. As it’s something more individual than that. Something better suited to the query “why do you wear makeup”.

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What Makeup Games Can Teach Our Children

Make-up games can teach your child- whether girl or boy- how to freely express artistic creativity. Learning how to hone things like spatial reasoning skills, and organizational talents by using makeup to match an outfit, or fit the appropriateness of the imagined social situation. The greatest things that make-up games can offer our children isn’t a simple tutorial on how to apply eyeliner- but instead a way to explore their relationship with colors, shapes, and people, with absolutely no boundaries.

Building an identity early, and helping to refine personal tastes and preferences. Creating a bonding experience between parents and children, as well as children and children. Make-up games also often offer simple storylines with engaging characters and plots, helping to further entice your little one to practice their reading skills, and put their reading comprehension to use. They also offer something few other children’s games do- a non-violent way to play, that has all the skill-building tools available, without the overt pressures of a staunchly educational game.

Of course, what I recommend here is to keep it in moderation. We’ve all seen those underage beauty pageants in the USA where girls are almost sexualized by wearing makeup and sexy outfits… I’m not talking about that here, I’m talking about using makeup in moderation to enhance your look and face.

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Imagination Without Borders

So often, particularly now as the covid-19 outbreak has firmly shaken our standard methods of education and we’ve seen tons of parenting apps come out too, and challenged our base feelings toward screen time; we want to ensure that whatever games our children are playing are filled with the learning fundamentals we so desperately want them to have. However, strictly educational games are often boring or confining. Rarely presenting much real-world application, and instead of having you perform mathematics in order to build a caterpillar- or some other type of useful- but lifeless and perfunctory skill.

Makeup games and other types of games for girls and boys in mind offer similar skill-building exercises but encased the unexpected paradigm of relatable “real life” scenarios. Letting your child instead decorate their virtual room, or run a digital cafe, or paint a princess with makeup to gain a firmer grip on these fundamentals. Improving computer literacy, hand-eye coordination, reading skills, and social skills in imagined situations with a context they can actually relate to.

In summary, makeup has been here for centuries, and both males, females, and kids have been using it and still use it today. It’s fun, it can teach you about art, precision, motor skills, and make you look more handsome or pretty!

Thanks for reading this article and write your comments related to make up in the comment boxes below.

Have a nice day!

10 Greatest Technological Advancements of the Last 10 Years

img source: telecommute.org

Technology has evolved at a rapid rate over the past decade, and it is expected to keep advancing for the foreseeable future.

The current landscape looks a lot different than back in 2010, so read on as we look at ten of the most significant technological developments of the last ten years.

1. Digital Payments

img source: rapyd.net

Digital payments have undergone a seismic shift in recent years and are now the ‘go-to’ method for millions of people and businesses around the world.

The advancements have been driven by increased demand for safe and secure payment methods, and this trend is unlikely to slow down any time soon.

PayPal was one of the earliest electronic money transfer services to launch back in 1999, but there are now dozens of different options to choose from.

According to ComputingNews.com, the likes of Amazon Pay, Google Pay, TransferWise, Payoneer and Skrill are amongst a plethora of platforms worth considering.

2. Instagram

img source: insider.com

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the biggest tech success stories of recent years, ending the decade as the fourth most downloaded mobile app of the decade.

First launched in 2010, the photo and video sharing service was acquired by Facebook for approximately $1 billion in cash and stock just two years later.

Instagram passed one billion registered users in June 2018 and is firmly established as one of the big guns on the social networking scene.

The photo-editing and sharing app has turned people into amateur photographers and transformed the way we share our experiences with the world.

3. Twitch

img source: futurecdn.net

Twitch was initially an off-shoot of general-interest streaming platform Justin.tv, but it has since grown into a global phenomenon in its own right.

It focuses on video game live streaming and has been the driving force behind the emergence of eSports as a mainstream entertainment activity.

The service was acquired by Amazon for $970 million in 2014 and has since gone on to attract around three million broadcasters monthly.

Twitch ended the decade by signing exclusivity deals with high-profile streamers such as DrLupo, TimTheTatman and Lirik, who had a combined 10.36m followers at the time.

4. Slack

img source: cloudfront.net

Team messaging service Slack has helped to facilitate a significant shift towards remote working since its launch back in August 2013.

Its intuitive interface, custom channels and integrations have transformed the way that we interact with colleagues, making businesses much more efficient.

The service has also been adopted as a community platform, largely replacing message boards or social media groups.

Slack went public without an initial public offering during April 2019 and saw its shares soar to a valuation of $21bn.

5. Oculus VR

img source: notebookcheck.ne

The launch of the Oculus Virtual Reality (VR) headset in 2012 created a buzz in the tech industry that continued throughout the rest of the decade.

Oculus was subsequently acquired by Facebook for $2.3bn in 2014, and its products have continued to generate plenty of excitement.

VR has been tipped to impact numerous sectors, including video gaming, online gaming, real estate and construction, highlighting the scope of its possibilities.

According to a study by Statista, the AR (augmented reality) and VR market will boom over the next few years, from $16.8bn in 2019 to $160bn by 2024.

6. Apple Watch

img source: 9to5mac.com

The Apple Watch wasn’t the first smartwatch to arrive on the scene when first launched in 2015, but it redefined the way subsequent products were made.

It quickly became the best-selling wearable device in the world, with more than four million sold during the second quarter of that year.

The company has often been coy about releasing sales figures, but analysts estimated that Apple Watch was already a $10bn business inside 12 months.

The tech advanced swiftly during the rest of the decade, with the sixth-generation model including features such as measuring the sound around you in decibels and menstrual tracking.

7. PlayStation 4 & Xbox One

img source: hearstapps.com

The launch of the next-generation game consoles towards the end of 2024 brought back memories of an epic battle from seven years ago.

Sony and Microsoft went head-to-head for supremacy in the market in 2013 as they launched the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

The fight was expected to be a close one, but the PS4 blew its rival out of the water by shifting more than double in units by the end of 2019.

However, both consoles revolutionized the gaming sector, and it would be no surprise to see the latest incarnations achieve the same feat.

8. Amazon Echo

img source: shopify.com

If you had shouted ‘Alexa’ at a speaker in your home before November 2014, the rest of your family might well have thought you were losing the plot.
The impact made by Amazon Echo since then has been staggering, with the device now a permanent feature in households across the world.

From playing music to streaming podcasts or searching for real-time information, Echo devices have almost become a part of the family.

While Google Assistant, Cortana and Siri all provide some stiff competition, Alexa is the cream of the crop when it comes to voice assistants.

9. Machine Learning

img source: digitaltransformationtrends.com

Machine learning (ML) is the study of computer algorithms that improve automatically through experience and has links with numerous other tech advancements.
These include AI, data mining, optimisation and statistics, each of which can make specified tasks run far more smoothly.

However, one of the most exciting ML developments of the past decade was the discovery that it could be used to fight cyberattacks.

It operates on real-time data to immediately identify new and emerging dangers to industrial control systems and the Internet of Things.

10. Health Trackers

img source: cloudfront.net

Increased awareness of the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle has led to the development of thousands of associated tech products.

One of the best products was the HeartGuide wristwatch – a wearable oscillometric wrist blood pressure monitor that was the first to receive FDA clearance.

Its key feature is a flexible synthetic band that is designed to inflate and maintain its shape when taking a blood pressure reading while remaining comfortable on the wrist.

The HeartGuide also tracks other metrics of health, including daily steps and sleep quality, all of which are supported by an educational mobile app.

4 Reasons to Buy an Aquarium for Your Kids

Source: pixabay.com

People are different, but despite the differences, many people decide to do the same. Here we’re talking about buying an aquarium. There are numerous reasons why an individual would want to have one inside of his house. For one, it is a great way to solve the interiors design issues on one part of your home. It also could be for a hobby you love and one you’ll be willing to dedicate time and money to. Taking care of fish inside an aquarium is a favorite pastime for many.

Another great reason why you should pursue this idea is that it is a great way to bring your child into the animal kingdom – make a fish their first pet. Taking care of a fish tank isn’t too complicated, and it could have a significant effect on your child growing up. If they’re at an age when having a pet is their main preoccupation, buying them a goldfish could be the best thing you could do to make your loved ones happy. If you still have doubts about this idea, please see our four reasons to buy an aquarium for your kids. Check out some great fish equipment and care tips on PureGoldfish.

Source: unsplash.com

1. Health

If you haven’t thought about this, you probably can’t figure out how precisely an aquarium and a fish inside make anyone happy. Well, for once, you have allergies. People who are allergic to animal hair can hardly have a furry pet – it is out of the question. Having a pet they can love without causing sneezing, or even worse allergic reactions could be ideal for your child if it suffers from similar conditions. Even if you’re doubtful, trust us, a fish tank and a couple of beautiful fish can be a replacement for cats and dogs.

Furthermore, it can also have a psychological effect. It is known that watching fish inside their artificial home can have a relaxing effect. It merely makes all people calm regardless of their age. If you didn’t know, it not only reduces stress, but it also can regulate blood pressure and keep it in check. The speed at which the world around our children evolves affects even them, and it is not uncommon to have children suffering from stress and anxiety. Having a fish tank inside your house can help you deal with these issues when they arise and prevent them.

Source: unsplash.com

2. A Chance to Learn

Children, unlike their grown selves, love to learn and explore. New things can easily captivate their attention. We’re not lying when we say that aquariums have precisely this effect on the young ones. It would be an excellent experience for them to observe the fish and learn as much as they can about the fish and how they can take care of them, and what responsibility is. Unfortunately, children, these days spend too much time on computers, smartphones, tablets, TV, and other electronic devices. This way, their brains become numb to nature as they get too used to computer-generated images. Having such a small piece of nature inside your house can be truly beneficial for their growing up. Nature is fascinating, and they can learn this first hand inside their homes. This is why it is crucial to position your tank in a place where it’s going to be able to attract a child’s attention. Children are curious, and we’re sure they’ll love to learn about water, fish, and underwater plants. Once they grasp the hold of the fish and naval flora and fauna, they could turn their attention towards biology, which could be their future calling.

Source: unsplash.com

5. Learning Responsibility

Once you have the fish inside your tank, you are officially a fishkeeper. If you make your children one, you will also be teaching them a valuable lesson in responsibility. Fish are just like any other pet you might have; they need care – food and clean water above all. First-time owners often forget about their new pets, and this is lethal for fish. There are people who get bored, and fish pays it with their lives. This is why it is essential to introduce your child to all the chores that having fish brings with itself. The good news is that fish are easy to maintain, unlike cats, dogs, or squirrels. Despite this, you need to have time for them, and habits of taking care of them need to be installed on your loved one early on. You’ll love to hear that children can do most things regarding fish. This is what makes them such reliable pets. With your children learning about fish and how to care for them, you’ll set them up for future challenges in life.

Source: unsplash.com

4. Bonding Time

If you have children, you probably encountered the difficult task of being a parent and having a steady full-time job. This is the main reason why so many parents spend too much time away from their children. At the end of the day, money needs to be earned. Even if you spend long hours away from home, quality time can still be spent together. Having an aquarium inside the house, as a place where you’ll spend time with your loved one, is a fantastic idea. As we said, this is a great hobby, but a relaxing one, which can animate both of you. If you make it a tradition to clear out the water from the tank and feed the fish together, you can bond more than ever. Together you can talk about what you did during your day, have was their day, and learn about the fish and the marine world. When you deeply think about it, there isn’t a reason in the world you shouldn’t get yourself an aquarium.

Now that you know all of this, all that is left is to pick a proper aquarium for yourself and your family. This isn’t hard if you know where to look. If you don’t have an idea, you can read more if you click the previous link and get educated on the subject.

How Do You Obtain the Excitement of Playing Online Slots?

In online gambling, one game has consistently captured the hearts of players worldwide – online slots. These virtual one-armed bandits offer a myriad of...