2000 Honda Civic Hatchback Owner’s Manuals

Your car owner’s manual may sound like a boring book to read but actually this manual carries all the information about your vehicle. With this valuable information, you can know various tips and tricks that can potentially save you time and money. These manuals are given to customers when they purchase their vehicle and have all the information about the vehicle. The information stored in these manuals is from basic information and instructions to the vehicle’s maintenance and service needs. By following the service and maintenance guidelines that are given in these manuals can enhance the life and reliability of your vehicle.

You can either get these manual in hardcopies from the vehicle companies or you can download them online from the company’s website too. Usually, companies do not charge anything for these manual if you download them as softcopies but if you purchase the hardcopies then you may have to pay for them. Here in this article, you can find 2000 Honda Civic Hatchback owner’s manuals at Ownermanual.co.

If you are looking for a Honda Civic owner’s manuals then reading it is always the best way to enhance the enjoyment of driving.  This manual helps you with driving controls and convenience items. If you are driving your Honda civic then you must always carry this manual in your car as it is your best friend when you drive. It has all the necessary information about your vehicle that you may need in an emergency situation. It includes the warranty booklet of your vehicles too that will help you understand the warranty coverage of your vehicle. You can gather information about the services and its maintenance. Maintaining your Honda Civic according to schedules given in this manual helps to keep your driving trouble-free.

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2000 Honda Civic Hatchback Owner’s Manual has the following data in it:

General Introduction

From the general information page you will get to know about the basic information about your and how to set up its settings. This information will make you much familiar with your vehicle.

Few Words about Safety

The second chapter in this manual covers the safety tips for passengers and driver. To help you make informed decisions about safety you will know several operating procedures and other information in it. The car is equipped with several safety features and this manual has all the information about them. You must be aware about them as they all work together to protect driver and passengers during a crash. Safety features gives you information about how you can take full benefit of them unless you remain sitting in a proper position and always wear your seat belts correctly. Other safety information includes features such as SRS light, AIR BAGS, Carbon monoxide hazards etc.

Instruments and Controls

This section of manual gives you information about the controls and displays that contribute to the daily operation of your Honda. Through this information you get to know about dashboard light indicators such as information about Charging System Indicator, Low Oil Pressure Indicator, Supplemental Restraint System Indicator (SRS), Parking Brake and Brake System Indicator, Malfunction Indicator Lamp, High Beam Indicator, Washer Level Indicator, Hatch-open Indicator, etc.

Comfort and Convenience Features

This chapter will provide you the valuable information about the comfort and convenience features that your Honda car has. These features include heating and optional air conditioning systems in your Honda, audio system, and seat adjustment etc.

Before Driving

This section of your manual will provide you information about what engine oil to use, what gasoline to use, how to check the levels of important fluids etc. You will also get to know how to properly store luggage or packages in your Honda. If you wish to add any accessories to your car then this section of manual will certainly help you.


This section of manual is really important and it will give you tips on starting the engine, how to drive your 5 speed manual Honda, how to operate you automatic transmission, about parking your car and its braking system. This section is really very important and you should not miss to read it in detail.

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Through this section of your car’s manual you will get to know why you should keep your car well maintained and how to follow the basic maintenance precautions. You will know about the service interval through section and it will also give you information about the maintenance schedules for normal driving and severe driving conditions. This part will also give you information about how to perform any check with your engine oil level, engine coolant level, windshield washer fluid, automatic transmission fluid, brakes oil, tires pressure, lights, battery points, spark plugs, air cleaner elements, drive belts and timing belts etc.

So here we have discussed about few important points that your car’s owner manual has. We have not written everything in detail but when you will go through the manual then you will surely get lots of information through it. The manual has covered information about each and every part of your vehicle in detail and this information will surely enhance your driving experience.

Here are a few tips on how to reduce car maintenance costs

Use the Manufacturer’s Recommended Oil Type

Vehicles face many problems when the car’s engine oil is not maintained to a proper level or when low quality engine oil is used. To know what engine oil level you should maintain or which oil to use you should turn towards your car’s owner manual. This is the first basic step towards regular maintenance of your vehicle.

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Change Oil and Oil Filter Regularly

Both engine oil and oil filter should be changed in a timely manner. New and clean oil is essential to a healthy engine. Engine oil absorbs heat and allows the internal parts of your vehicle’s engine to work together effectively without overheating. The reason for an engine oil change is that these engine oils have a lifespan. After sometime engine oil lose its lubricating quality and it breaks down and wears out.

Fix basic things of your own

You should always have basic car maintenance knowledge. Just open the car’s manual and read it once to know how to fix things like, changing the flat tires, ideal tires pressure, how to change engine oil yourself, identify the problems, change the headlamps, change the filters etc. The car’s manual is full of basic information and you can use this knowledge to properly maintain your vehicle.