5 Best 360 Photo Booth Apps For Your Next Event In 2024

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The photo booth app is similar in function to the real one. It provides you with all the features to make your photos look amazing and dazzling. You will get control over your hardware, which is the screen and camera and also editing. Thus, you will be able to take beautiful and edited pictures automatically. Furthermore, you can also print your photos.

So you will have everything under your control. There won’t be a need to have a professional photo studio or camera and setup. The things and features that you will have in the digital photo studio app include;

  1. You will be able to configure the timer. Furthermore, you will be able to set the intervals after which the trigger of the camera will be activated.
  2. If you like to add image borders, there will be templates for that too.
  3. And of course, there will be multiple filters to choose from.
  4. You will also be able to customize the overlays for your photos.
  5. Most amazingly, you will be able to set up your printer and take prints of the photos. Furthermore, you can also share and upload those photos.

So here is a list of some of the best photo booth apps that you can use;

1. Touchpix (Best 360 Photo Booth App)

Source: appadvice.com

The first app that we are going to share with you is the Touchpix 360 photo booth app. It is available at the App store and you can download it from there or go to their website to learn more about it.

Along with all the other interesting features, you will also be able to generate a QR code. This feature makes it quite an interesting and convenient app to use. In addition to this, it is available to be used on an iPhone. Moreover, it will work amazingly with all the lenses of your iPad and iPhone. So you won’t need to work on the lenses of your phone.

Additionally, you can also connect your GoPro or even your DSLR camera with the app. This will reduce your workload and you won’t need to do editing after taking the photos. So whether you are new to DSLR or you want to take quick and beautiful photos, this is the best option for that.

2. Banuba AR Photo Booth Software Kit

Source: banuba.com

The next photo booth app that we have here for you is the Banuba AR photo booth software kit. It provides you with custom AR filters that will work instantly. You won’t need to work on the editing as the filter will do that in an instant. So whether you need to make your face look small or fair, you will be able to do so.

In addition to this, this app also allows multi-face tracking, live emojis and also engaging games that you can enjoy only with your facial gestures. So if you are getting bored and you don’t have anything fun to do, this will be a good time pass for you.

Banuba also has advanced technology that can do hand tracking and gesture recognition. Thus, you will get to enjoy touchless interfaces. Because of these interesting features, it is the best app for your coming parties and fairs.

3. La Photo Party (Photo Booth Upload)

Source: laphotoparty.com

The next app we have for you is the La Photo Party. This is one of the best software tools that is specially designed for professional use. It provides you with light paints, morphs, multi-frame photos, boomerangs and of course, dozens of beauty filters.

In addition to this, there is also the 3D feature that will insert the person into a 3D environment. So if you want your models to feel the difference with the least effort, you are going to love it.

However, this software is not available for free use. Therefore, you will need to buy it. If you are a professional photographer, you can get a monthly subscription. But you won’t have to pay for a monthly subscription before trying out the features. So you will get a free trial period. Also, you will get updates for free if you have the license.

4. Simple Booth

Source: simplebooth.com

This software app is designed for businesses. Therefore, you will get to experience all the very best and technologically advanced features here. It will allow you to use popular formats like GIFs, Still Images, video clips in boomerang style, and even photo strips.

In addition to this, you will have your customizable online gallery. Thus, you will be able to access your photos from anywhere and anytime. You won’t need to have your phone or your laptop with you, because even without them, you will have access to all of your captured photos.

This feature is especially useful for professional photographers because they might lose their important data in case of theft or damage to their laptops. However, with the option of inline saving, you won’t lose your data.

5. Sparkbooth

Source: sparkbooth.en.softonic.com

This one is a relatively simple and easy software tool that you can have for taking interesting photos. This one is best for beginners and new users and the reason behind it is its simple and user-friendly interface.

Despite being simple and easy to use, this app will provide you with a number of interesting features.

This app will allow you to take photos and edit them. Or you can take perfect pictures with the available beauty filters. Furthermore, you can take photos and upload them on your social media accounts. If the internet is not working, the app won’t discard your uploads. Instead, it will keep them in the queue and will upload them when the connection is stable.

When it comes to preserving memories captured by a 360 photo booth, there are various ways to showcase them beyond social media sharing. For instance, printing them out as custom wall art is a popular option. Nowadays, many online services like web site here can turn your favorite photos into removable wall decals, allowing you to easily apply and remove them without causing any damage to your walls. This provides a unique and personalized keepsake that you can enjoy for years to come. Whether it’s for a special event or a personal collection, printing your pictures as wall art is a great way to bring your memories to life.

In addition to this, you will be able to change the background of your photos and also the layouts. But this is a premium feature so if you are using the free app, you won’t get to use it. Another interesting premium feature is applying brand logos to the shots.