9 Styling Tips On How to Wear a Lehenga

A Lehenga is a classic clothing item that every Indian woman needs to have in her wardrobe. Although it is typical apparel among most brides and bridesmaids, it is also worn in parties, festivals, and other special functions. It has had many dramatic changes on how to style it, and it keeps on evolving to better looks.

This traditional bridal wear can now be worn in various forms to favor your fashion taste and to look more stylish. This beautiful skirt ensemble can be worn anywhere and by anyone. Below are some styling tips on how you can wear a Lehenga that you can try for your next event.

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1. High-waist Lehenga and contrast top

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That is a perfect styling option for millennials. It is a look that accentuates your curves. You can wear it as a casual outing, at bridal parties or baby showers to give you an Indian look with a twist. Try this contemporary look with simple pieces in your wardrobe like a plain long skirt, and pair it with a contrasting floral choli. Choose it for a beautiful, effortless outfit.


2. Anarkali Lehenga

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That is a mix of the beautiful Anarkali and the timeless Lehenga. Although most women fear trying out and mixing different styles, this way of styling is effortless – like paring Lehenga with a long Kurtis as most women love. When mixed correctly, a long Anarkali style kurta with a Lehenga skirt is what makes head turn. It is an elegant combination that you can wear in contrasting colors. Plus, a center or side slit kurta gives the ensemble a new edge to avoid making it look too time-consuming.

3. Saree style Lehenga hybrid

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Don’t you love the way Indian outfits blend well with one another? The saree is one of the oldest that has several perfect blends, just like the saree and dhoti pants. Get this beautiful ensemble by using your saree pieces and drape a Lehenga saree style. This combination gives you the best of both worlds by tying the dupatta in a south Indian inspired style. It`s tummy conscious, and it hides the stomach bulge while you remain flawless.



4. Lehenga choli for the bride

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This style is the epitome of them all since every bride has one or two Lehenga pieces for her wedding events. This style is worth a mention since it is a unique, heavily embroidered Lehenga choli look that you can drape as a saree and have a dupatta over your head. You can choose two dupattas to match this look, depending on how you plan to look on your big day. Also, gold and black Lehenga pieces for the bride to wear to other functions like the pre-weddings or the post-wedding ceremonies.


5. The floral Lehenga

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A floral couture Lehenga can be used to create a balance of modern and ethnic elements. Pair this with a one-sided sleeve choli or a princess cut choli. It is an ideal piece to wear to a Sangeet party or a destination wedding. Get breezy with this look during the Indian summer and accessorize it right with a chunky necklace or pendant and wear some bangles. Then you are all set with an ideal outfit that looks splendid.


6. Anarkali style full blouse Lehenga

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That is another styling tip for your Lehenga look that comes out into perfect Anarkali style with a full blouse since most Lehenga looks come in cropped cholis styles. To achieve the above look, choose a choli or blouse that goes below your belly button, and it has full sleeves. You can attach it at the waist and add a metallic belt to make it an Anarkali attire. A beautiful bodice with a full embroidered skirt is the best to create this look.


7. Raw silk couture Lehenga

Source: Shree Designer Saree


That is one of the couture styling tips of a Lehenga. It is one way to get back the Lehenga skirt and short choli. An embroidered raw silk skirt and a saree choli are what make this look what it is. It is a simple look that you can accessorize with a Maang tikka, big earrings, and you can get knotty with the dupatta that is of a net or sheer dupatta that covers from the neck to the belly button area. Knot the dupatta to show off your creative side, and if you do it well, it leaves an excellent impression altogether.



8. Backless Lehenga choli

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You can also decide to style your Lehenga with matching it with a backless choli. That is an ideal look for a bride to be or the bride’s sister. Choose a bold color and beautiful fabric that both attract attention. Choose this backless choli to complete your traditional closet outfits. This choli is as good for a look and also to style a saree as well. Pleated or a plain silk Lehenga skirt are good examples to pair with. Plus, you can drape an everyday dupatta saree style to accentuate the look.


9. Off-shoulder blouse

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This look is for the petite women who find lehengas too overpowering for them to dress. Hence, with an off-shoulder choli, the look is less consuming, and since your shoulders are exposed, you tend to look tall. It is a choli look that you can style with an embroidered tulle skirt or a long flowy one. Also, you can go for a gharga if you want a more traditional option that fully encompasses you. Choose mild colors for both the choli and skirt to give it a modern look.