4 Simple Ways to Add Extra Flavor to Your Ice Cream

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Enjoying food is one of life’s great pleasures and most people agree that eating is one of the best experiences that we get to enjoy every day. When someone likes to try out new food they can never run out of things to make them happy and fulfilled. Foodies are not that hard to please either because they find comfort in something that is generally thought of as widely present and necessary. The astonishing amount of recipes and meals that can be made from all sorts of ingredients is also a great way to show imagination and creativity as it is not too far-fetched to refer to cooking and serving food as an art form. However, there is even more to it, because after food comes something even better. After we are done with the main dish, it is usually time for dessert.

Whether desserts should be considered the same as regular food is up for debate since many people who like food do not eat that many sweets. On the other hand, those with a sweet tooth usually leave enough room after lunch or dinner to accommodate the obligatory treat that comes next. Whatever the case may be, desserts have a special place in the hearts of every foodie, even those who generally do not care much about eating. Among all desserts available throughout the world, it is probably ice cream that is the most universal. Popular and widely available no matter where you find yourself, this treat is very versatile and it can come in dozens of flavors.

From the usual ones like chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry to more special flavors like cookie dough, rum punch, or bubblegum, there really appears to be an infinite amount of things to do with ice cream. If you want, you can even add extra flavor to your bowl of ice cream goodness. Would you like to know how? Well, lucky for you, this is exactly the topic of the article you are reading so stick with us as we explore the simplest ways you can add some extra flavors to your ice creams. Read on to learn more and be sure to check out ColdRock for a wide variety of ice cream products.

1. Pour the Syrup

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Since we are talking about simplicity and doing the least while having the tastiest results, let us turn to syrup to start things off. Syrups are very handy whenever you are in need of a flavor boost because you need a small amount and all it takes is a simple bottle squeeze. There are numerous types of syrup to try out, from artificial flavors that are not that healthy but taste amazing to more natural, fruity, and organic varieties that are good for you. Using syrups is a certified way to elevate the ice cream experience because they mesh well together especially when the ice creams tarts melting. It absorbs the syrup and makes it a part of itself, combining the textures alongside the flavors. You can either use syrups that are vastly different flavor from the ice cream, or enhance the ice cream with the same one. Do you prefer pouring some fruity flavors over your vanilla ice cream, or going double chocolate?

2. Cut Up Some Fruit

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Combining fruit with desserts that are on the comfort side more than they are on the side of healthy and nutritious eating is always a win-win situation. Not only are you eating your favorite dessert, but there is also some fruit inside to make it slightly tastier and healthier. It can be argued that not all fruit pairs well with ice cream, and it is technically true. But certain fruits are a match made in heaven with ice cream in the picture. This is particularly true for berries, especially strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Bananas are a no-brainer and so are juicy peaches and apricots. Melons and honeydews are a nice pairing too since they have a stronger, more dominant flavor that can offset the sweetness of some ice creams. Fruits rich in water content like watermelon and citrus fruits require care because they can turn your bowl of ice cream into mush, but the flavor will always be there. A cherry on top, literally, or some lemon and orange zest is enough to completely change the flavor with minimal effort. And who can forget about pineapple?

3. Protein Powders

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If you are a fitness aficionado or a gym rat, or just somebody looking to take in some more protein as a part of your diet, protein powder products are the way to go. They can be added in and mixed with so many other foods. From making protein shakes with only water or milk to combining them with all sorts of other ingredients and using them in cookies, cakes, pancakes, or oatmeal, there are always new ways protein can be used. Its best application is as a substitute for a certain ingredient, like flour for example. In terms of ice cream, it can make your comfort bowl more worthy of your current diet and help you reach your daily protein goal. Enjoying something sweet after a meal or as an afternoon snack will feel less of a cheat day thing if you mix in some protein. Best of all, they usually come in many flavors that are similar to ice cream companies use. Fruity, milky, chocolaty, or nutty, the choice is yours. You can even turn things around and put some ice cream in the blender to elevate your protein shake. Be creative!

4. Use Other Desserts and Sweets

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Last but not least, you can always use other sweets you have around to make your ice cream a tad bit different and enjoy something new and unique. Do you have a chocolate bar in your home? How about some fruit yoghurt? Perhaps some sweet crackers or biscuits that will not only make the serving more appealing to the eye but change the way you eat ice cream? Have you ever thought of pouring some honey over the ice cream, or mixing a scoop of peanut butter in? Use what you have in the pantry or in the fridge and you will see how much you were missing on all these years.