How Adult Toys Form a Bridge Between Fantasy and Reality

Fantasy is a very important aspect of intimate life. It is a sublime dream world where you have a whole dream sequence of what you want to do with your partner and what you want to be done unto you. But there have been many research pieces in the field connecting intimate relationships and psychology, which gave the result that out of 5 couples, there is only one who has tried out the fantasies in their intimate sessions. The rest four have thought about it, but they haven’t tried to bring their fantasies to life. This somewhere goes to prove that these four couples are not fully satisfied in their intimate relations, and there are somethings that they would like to try out. This absence of full satisfaction may have adverse effects on their relationship.

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Why is Fantasy Important in Intimate Relationships?

The world views fantasy in a very narrow perspective, and they do not understand the whole concept of it and play an important part in negating its importance. What young couples need to understand is that fantasy is there in every intimate act. You think, hence you act and what you don’t realise is that the thinking part is the fantasy. It has the power to change the dynamics of intimate acts and bring about wonderful changes in your relationship and help to have new experiences.

Many prominent researchers and psychologists believe that fantasy plays an important role in fat tracking emotions and arousal, which leads to reaching orgasm at a faster pace. The brain is the seat of imagination and the control to the whole body, and what the young couples don’t realise that they can think their way to climax. The issue is that people usually do not think along the same lines, and thus fantasy is a tool that gets their thoughts in sync towards the benefit of each other.

Fantasies let you explore and push the envelope in your relationship and safely experiment. What it does is that it stretches our understanding of the world and helps us develop emotionally as well. It makes you realise that intimate acts are not mere physical acts but deep emotional ones. A naughty thought can lead to better performance and enhance your experience with your partner, all the while helping you develop a deep bond with him/her because he/she is with you in your fantasy.

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Research on the Importance of Fantasy

Research done by the Department of Personality, Evaluation and Psychological Treatment at the University of Granada revealed that a comprehensive education with an emphasis on fantasies is important to have a better result during intimate acts and relationships that experience low chances of dysfunction. The study also revealed the use of fantasies in therapy to reduce anxiety levels to restore the natural flow of intimate acts. The therapy is quite helpful, provided there is no organic shortcoming with regard to the hormonal or endocrinal disorder.

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How do Fantasies help with Issue like Anxiety?

Fantasies are better than drugs to fight issues like internal conflict, anxiety, irritation and a general feeling of dejection. People usually take drugs like valium because they want to stop feeling anxious, yet they want to remain upset or feel sad. It doesn’t happen that way. If you want out of the state of anxiety, you would have to address the problem itself, not the symptom. Fantasy is the best tool that helps you achieve it. A good fantasy brings a smile to your face and releases a concoction of endorphins which reduce anxiety or stress-causing hormones. Fantasies also release a considerable amount of adrenaline which causes changes in anxiety and stress into excitement and an increase in the heartbeat, which shifts your thought away from the stressors. The most positive aspect of fantasies is that they put you into a driving seat and the whole world of your fantasy is yours to control.

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Do fantasies enhance our connection with others?

Fantasies do deepen our connections during intimate acts, but prior to that, fantasies play an important role in bringing people together. For example, if a person wants a dominating partner, then he/she is more likely to find out a company with confident people who have dominating personalities and work towards a similar partner, or if a person has a fantasy of a charming prince rescuing her, then she would most likely fall for someone who had supported her in arguments or stood by her. These are small cues that inexplicably bring people close. Apart from this, fantasies during or relating to an intimate act, when realised, executed or explored, releases oxytocin, and it develops a strong emotional bond towards the person with whom you had shared those moments.

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How are Adult Toys Crucial in Bringing These Fantasies into Reality?

Bridging the gap between fantasy and reality all depends upon communication as it the first and the most important part where you convey your thoughts and dreamworld to your partner and get them aboard the idea of trying it out and exploring it further. However, talking about the fantasy and executing it, in reality, are totally different things. Here in this context, adult toys play an essential role because of their versatility and flexibility. Among the various adult toys available on websites like, you will notice this benefit.

Many people have the fantasy of getting new experiences, and these adult toys help you explore your bodies better and get those new experiences, new sensations. With your partner’s help, these toys help you figure out new combinations that you and your patner find exciting. These toys greatly diversify your intimate life and add a lot more excitement, a lot more spice to it. Various people have the fantasy of reaching the climax together, and various toys help you and your partner with stimulation which aid greatly in reaching the target together.  Apart from these, various toys can be moulded to serve your fantasy and help you bring that fantasy to life.