How is Artificial Intelligence Impacting the Mobile App Industry

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Any person with a smartphone or another type of device with an internet connection is a potential victim of Artificial Intelligence. Jokes aside, but anyone who uses any sort of device connected to IoT has been in touch with an AI, whether they are aware of it or not.

Fortunately, this is not a script of a low-budget futuristic sci-fi movie where machines are about to take over the world, but an article about how big of an impact artificial intelligence has on the mobile app industry. The world as we know it has already changed to an extent that if there were not for the AI impacting the way how apps work and how we use them, we would sober up shortly after upon realizing how dependent on its presence we really are.

The most important fact about AI and Computer Vision, its influence on the mobile app industry we would like to highlight is its never-ending development. See more on APRO-Software In a nutshell, the more data you fetch to an AI entity, the more accurate results at a faster rate would it be able to deliver. Thus, the impact AI has on the industry evolves as we speak, facilitating numerous processes for the users more and more every day.


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When we think about the end-user, this is the feature we would like to pay special attention to. Namely, the AI helps you use a particular device in your own style with the assistance of certain apps. This most plastic way to picture how personalized apps work is by reminding you how text prediction works. The AI would memorize the most frequent patterns you type in and offer potential solutions you can but do not have to accept. Furthermore, the more time you spend using an app, the chances it will tailor the experience particularly according to your wants and needs are major. Surely, the better the algorithm, the better the experience.

General User Experience

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What we need to realize when general experiences are in question is the importance of data. Namely, the more data you agree to share with a certain app, the more it can facilitate it not only for personal usage but also for the others doing the same thing. What makes this approach different from the personal feature is the number of members involved. AI actually makes decisions based on the pieces of information it has gathered from numerous active users of a single app. Combined with personalized data the enlarged database gives the AI more material to work with while making the experience more user-friendly than the day before. You should visit vintaytime to find more detailed explanations on how AI really influences mobile users and in what ways the experience it potentiates makes it irreplaceable.

Precise Information and Real-Time Data Processing

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AI is a man-made program, which actually makes it less capable to randomize and wander than a human being. The way it is designed makes it function within imposed restrictions.

Some people also want to state that AI will always be stupid because it solely does what it is programmed to do. Well, we are glad to debunk those stories since the clear indicator of the quality of the AI is its algorithm and AI’s capacity to handle various types of data.

Regardless of for which purpose a particular AI has been crafted, it will always provide you with genuine and precise results based on gathered or fed pieces of data, which is both not inherent to humans and simple apps.

This is particularly important when one needs to process huge amounts of data and come up with the best possible solution within a limited time frame. AI does it almost instantly and what is amazing is that you still have the final word, once you take a look at what and why it has come up with.

Removing Language Barriers

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There are hardly any parts of the world where the usage of mobile devices has not been on the rise in the past two decades. Reasonably, the use of various apps is on the rise as well.

Although English has been recognized as one of the most frequently used languages online, the implementation of AI enables people to communicate with personas from different speaking areas from all over the world without fearing that they might be misunderstood.

Another privilege enabled by AI is that the translation happens instantly, with a written or audio response, depending on the wants and needs of the user. Even though speaking different languages is a positive thing and always will be, sometimes you cannot anticipate situations where your oral skills are simply not enough. On the other hand, you can always download an app and use AI to help you within seconds.


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Your phone probably knows more about you and your habits than you are aware of it. Also, there are probably certain things you use your phone for that you would like to keep as private as possible. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and you might either lose your mobile device or someone could steal it from you when you least expect it, while all the data from the phone passes to the hand of another. Lucky for you, some apps enable you to keep your stuff away from curious looks at all costs thanks to AI and technological advancements promoted by phone manufacturers. Namely, there are numerous ways to make your phone unusable by others, whether it is by using face recognition or fingerprint lock apps. The choice remains on you, but make sure you make one since walking around with a lock-free mobile device is not the smartest thing to do when privacy is at stake.
We hope that the aforementioned pieces of data have made you more familiar with the impact artificial intelligence has on nowadays phone app industry. Although the whole concept of AI is still evolving, the opportunities this idea has bestowed us upon are too good not to grab on. What we cannot say is how the future will look, but we assure you that artificial intelligence will have a major role in it.