Taking Flight In Style: The Timeless Allure Of Aviator Sunglasses

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Aviator sunglasses are classic and are considered to last for decades. These sunshades look elegant, fashionable and come in various shades, sizes, and shapes. Besides looking stylish, they protect the eyeball from UV rays. Due to its elegant style, it became the accepted choice for famous and common people alike.

Prescription Aviator sunglasses give the wearer a wide range of personalized choices. While selecting them, the wearer can choose a colored lens with a customizable tint level percentage. Aviator sunglasses should be considered when planning to make a statement with style.

These lenses can sync with everyday outfits, whether workwear or casual. These outstanding adaptable shades are suitable for almost every occasion and complement any costume.

Design Of Aviator Sunshades

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These shades are different from other sunglasses. These shades should be worn with metal helmets, hoods, or even hats. Therefore, their body frame structure was mainly made of titanium-metal, steel, or monel-metal.

These shades are turned outwards more readily than the usual flat shades. The curve safeguards the eye’s view from excess sunlight that enters through the sides of the sunshade. These sunshades are usually dark and reflect when worn in shadows. They have a double bridge design and elastic-type cable temples, making them suitably secure over the wearer’s ears.

History Of Aviator Sunshades

These shades have a long military history. In 1935, the oldest visual company in America, American Optical, got a contract from the United States armed forces to produce the first pilot sunglasses. These shades were called US Army Air Corps D-1 sunglasses.

This popular eyewear left a heritage from that period wherein military people, even astronauts and presidents of various countries, opted to wear it publicly.

In the year 1941, a new iconic style of glass was manufactured by this firm, especially for military pilots and sailors. In this unique lot, both Navy and US Army flying grades were given thought during its production, and these lenses were known as AN6531 military grade sunglasses, where AN stood for the Army/Navy. These were also known as teardrop lenses due to their tear-like shape.

AN6531 lenses were manufactured for airmen flying fighter jets, as they must keep their eyeballs safe without hindering navigating instruments. These glasses were manufactured in green color, but then to get more protection from the sunlight, the shades’ color got swapped to rose smoke. The frames of this popular sunshade were made of nickel-plated material.

After the second world war, the sunglass AN6531 were accessible to ordinary civilians too, and it quickly became well-liked among them as uniforms had become a passion after the Second War of the Nations.

Commercial History Of Pilot Shades

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Even though Aviator sunshades existed before the second world war, these shades became popular only after the war ended and were later sold to civilians. The company Bausch & Lomb manufactured their first sunshades in the year 1937 commercially. They then patented these sunglasses as the Ray-Ban Aviators in 1939.

But only after the second world war, the pilot brand became a sensation worldwide. General Douglas MacArthur, wearing this sunglasses brand, flew to the country of the Philippines. Many stylish photos of the General wearing these shades became viral and iconic during the second world war.

Aviator Sunshades Becomes A Trend

After the second world war, Hollywood got inspiration from different styles of these shades and introduced them in their classic “The Wild One,” a Marlon Brando movie released in 1951.

After that, these glasses got immense popularity from the 1986 Hollywood movie “Top Gun,” wherein Tom Cruise was the main lead, and he fascinated billions of people worldwide with his unforgetful iconic style of wearing aviator eyewear.

Women Wearing Aviator

Aviator glasses were worn by women too, which made them look cool & stylish. The glasses came in various colors of shades and frames, which looked stylish. Due to its lightweight and comfortable wearable frames, these glasses became famous among women too.

Wearing Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses have adjusted and advanced in quality, shape, color, and size. Due to this, various aviator sunglasses styles and variants are available to match everyday outfits. Wearing aviator sunglass,

  • Adds attractiveness to the daily attire worn.
  • It gives a bold style statement when meeting a client during office work hours, elevating the wearer’s look.
  • It gives a simple and elegant look to the wearer.

Prescription Aviator Sunglasses Benefits

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It is always advisable to wear sunglasses as it protects the eyes from the sun’s UV rays. Apart from sunglasses, Aviator also supplies prescription sunglasses for those requiring corrective lenses for the eye. A few of the benefits of prescription glasses are,

Vision Is Improved

Prescription sunglasses are worn to improve weak vision, one of the most important benefits. These glasses allow the wearer to see everything clearly, even in sunlight. It enhances the contrast and, at the same time, reduces glare too.

Ease & Comfort

People having eyesight weakness don’t have to remove regular glasses and wear sunglasses when going out in the sun. Wear Aviator prescription sunglasses. It is useful, especially when playing sports or even while driving.

UV Rays Protection

These glasses protect the eyes from harmful UV rays that could cause damage to the eyes, which may lead to cataracts and macular deterioration.

Customizable Glasses

The prescription glasses are easily customizable according to the customer’s tastes. It allows customers to choose between various tint levels, polarized lenses, select from different lens colors, and many more.


Prescription sunglasses provide comfort, protection from harmful UV rays, along with the availability of various customizable options that help maintain better eye health in the long run. It protects the eye from dust and other particles that may irritate the eyes.

Aviator glasses are classic and come in different shapes and sizes that suit people’s tastes and facial conditions. They became famous mainly because of their timeless appeal, better artistry, and UV protection. These glasses’ longevity, utility, and iconic style have made them a world-renowned brand.

This sunglass brand is one of the oldest timeless styles that showcase fashionable sunglasses. They make a bold statement when worn by both men and women and help the wearer look stylish and graceful simultaneously. These glasses can be styled to suit every day, work or casual outfits.