Amazing Flower Centerpiece Ideas That You Will Love

Celebrations have something magical about them. Be it a birthday bash, wedding, an intimate gathering for Christmas, flower centerpieces add up to the décor of the venue. On such occasions, you have guests of all ages talking to each other. You hear the joyous chatter of family, relatives, and friends. Friendly atmosphere aside, these moments are what make our life beautiful, with memories that one can cherish for a lifetime. Alongside this, these celebrations trigger memories of the past and the good times that you had spent together. Flowers add a typical brightness that other decorative fails to accomplish on such parties.

The good thing about flowers is that they add a gleam to every kind of occasion. A little bit of smart thinking, and with just a few flowers, you can create a floral décor that will increase the joy of your celebrations. Therefore, you can add that magical touch to your occasion with Floraqueen. Please give them your ideas, share a little bit about the purpose of the party, and you are done. The florists will create such impressive centerpieces that will bring charm to the occasion and appreciation from the guests. Check out some of the ideas for different events.


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When it comes to weddings, a popular misconception that emerges is that floral décor is going to cost a lot, and if flower centerpieces are included, then the budget is bound to hit the ceiling. However, the truth is entirely different. You can easily manage to save a lot with good organization. For instance, the bouquet of the bridesmaid at the wedding can be easily used for the centerpiece at the reception. Gather a few vases, mason jars, or anything else that you can think of, and an out-of-the-box style will emerge at the reception space. FlowerChix Calgary is a trusted wedding florist that can help you create stunning arrangements while working within your budget.

Wedding Shower

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For the wedding shower arrangements, the flowers need to be on a happier and brighter side. It will add vigor to the feel of the occasion. The floral centerpieces at the wedding shower need not be elaborate. With a little bit of planning, you need to aim for impressive floral décor here. You can have an intricate arrangement of flowers without stretching your budget when you spend a little bit of time in planning. Empty bottles of different shapes and sizes with a bit of glittery coloring and a cluster of flowers look attractive.

Floral wedding backdrops


According to Jess, floral backdrops are massively trending at weddings and sites like Pinterest are helping couples achieve incredible pieces at affordable prices.

Adorning hula hoops, large picture frames, mirrors and even chicken wire can create really striking results.

Tea Party

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You can have plain and simple or plan for a tea party that has a theme and delights the guests. Think, and you will surely come up with a beautiful theme. Creating centerpieces for a tea party is quite easy. Creative ideas are all you need here. For example, you can collect a few teacups. Borrow them from friends or neighbors, and they won’t mind. You can add single blooms or a bunch of smaller flowers to create beautiful and elegant centerpieces. You can create the same effect with teapots or similar vessels.

Baby Shower

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Baby showers, in some way, symbolize purity, innocence, and a new beginning. That’s precisely what your floral centerpieces should look like. Fresh and modern, go for bright flowers that are clean and on the lighter side. You can go for a few stuffed animals, baby shoes, and other similar toys with flowers in between. Furthermore, glass baby bottles, baby food jars will look equally cute and attractive.


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For an occasion as unique as this, you need to need to go for flowers and arrangements that shout out ‘celebration.’ Go for the traditional flowers and arrangements, and don’t be hesitant to try some modern and offbeat style for your centerpiece. The red, green, icy white and blue color flowers will ideally represent the holiday season. For Christmas, you may opt to go for flowers along with some add-ins. Add fragrance to your centerpieces with incense sticks, scented candles, or even dried orange peels. With pine cones and similar items, you can bring that chilly and frosty winter vibes. Add a few ornaments and other related stuff to give the feel of the holiday décor.


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For thanksgiving, choose a bundle of flowers with a country feel and a tinge of glaze. Your floral centerpiece necessarily needs to convey your thoughts and emotions. Orange, yellow, red, and other shades that are warm and rustic. Remember, here, having a color theme is the key. Add a few plants from the kitchen garden in nice and clean pots. Incorporate ornamental corn, wheat, apples, colorful leaves, and even pumpkins, and it will make your centerpiece look unique and impressive. Hollow pumpkins with a bunch of flowers peeping out will look equally good.

Garden Party


Casual, free, and friendly, that’s the way the garden parties are meant to be for everyone. Let the easy-going v prevail in your party. With this intention, you can do something cool with your floral centerpiece. Floral decoration for your garden party will leave your guests impressed. Get a few jars and decorate those with ribbons and other craft items and then add flower buds to these. Remember, you need not choose fancy stuff here.

Pick up mundane things and work around those thoughtfully. Say, for instance, paper bags. These will add a sweet and rustic look. Put a few bright blooms of different flowers, and it will just look awesome. At the top of the bag, a red or blue ribbon will be just right. Even tin cans can be worked upon and turned into unique party vases. Paint or decorate, you can derive several looks for your centerpieces.

I hope you understood that there could be countless ways in which you can pep up your celebration with some unique and creative floral centerpiece ideas. We gave you a few concepts suitable for different occasions, sufficient for you to add your creativity and come up with a stunning centerpiece that adds up to the event.