7 Essential Amazon Selling Tips for New Sellers

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People around the world realized that the “9-5” job takes their precious time. Because of that, they are desperate to find certain alternatives for making money. Fortunately for today’s generations, we live in the world of Internet technology. Earning money from the comfort of our room is the best possible opportunity we got.

Amazon is a great selling platform that can potentially bring you profit. However, this doesn’t mean it is magical. There are certain steps you need to go through to become a successful seller. Its popularity made Amazon selling a competitive industry field. Being a step ahead of your direct competitors is tough and this especially counts when we talk about beginners. The entire system may seem confusing to them.

Fortunately, you came to the right place to improve your knowledge. In this article, we will share essential Amazon selling tips for new sellers.

1. Use Online Tools for Help!


Amazon FBA is not the only option that can make things easier. You may have heard about Amazon sales eliminators. It is a freemium tool that helps sellers estimate the number of monthly sales in a specific category. The entire process is based on the product’s sales rank (BSR). In this way, you can easily track certain categories and niches and see which one can potentially bring you profit. We recommend you visit ioscout.io and get familiar more familiar with the program.

2. You Need to Optimize Product Details for Search

We are not going to talk about statistics in this part. When you go to Amazon’s website, you will see that there are millions of products. An average visitor needs to do detailed research to find the perfect one for his needs. Indeed, the website itself makes the entire process easier for people. There are certain product attributes that will allow them to continually drill down the search.

Let’s imagine that a person is looking for Men T-Shirts. This item is extremely popular among suppliers. Because of that, you need to ensure that your products show up at the top of the search. Achieving that without optimization of product details is not possible.

The product details include every single element of the product. Before everything, you will need to optimize product title and description. However, you also need to share features like size, color, etc. Do not hesitate to invest days to accomplish this part of the job. We understand that managing all information will be overwhelming in some moment. You can use certain programs that will make the entire process easier.

3. Be Objective with the Price

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People that visit Amazon actively try to find the lowest prices. Because of that, the price of your products needs to be competitive. This requires additional research of your direct competitors. Be sure that someone will offer the same products with identical features as you. If the price of your competitor is lower, be sure that a potential buyer will gladly collaborate with him.

Still, this doesn’t mean that you should underestimate the value of your products. By lowering the product price too much, you won’t get the chance to make a profit. Every new seller needs to remain objective in this case.

4. Use a Professional Camera

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It doesn’t truly matter which type of product you plan to work with. The images you publish on Amazon need to feature quality. As you know, customers can’t see your products in-person. Because of that, they require the get the best possible image of the product they want to purchase. This especially counts if you are working with fashion products.

A mobile camera might finish the job if your mobile truly is good. Without any intention to advertise, advanced iPhone models might be a good option. However, the professional camera surely is the best possible option you have.

Your job does not stop when you take a phone. You should also use different photo editing programs to boost its quality. For instance, you will need to adjust colors and contrasts, fix the background, etc.

5. Improve Your Marketing Skills

Selling and marketing are two connected categories. Logically, the quality of your product is the most important for the customer. However, you need to find the best possible way to represent that quality. Despite the optimization of product details, you should also use social media networks. More precisely, there are two different ways of how you can advertise there.

Some people decide on running a paid ad campaign. In this way, you can reach your target audience more easily. Logically, you will have to analyze who your target audience is before deciding on this move. The second option is to start collaborating with influencers. You need to find individuals or groups of people that are operating in the same niche as you. For example, if you are selling clothes, you need to find influencers that work in the fashion industry. They already interact with your target audience which is an opportunity you have to use.

6. Analyze the Rules of Amazon

Amazon is a selling platform with a good reputation and credibility. Each year, millions of third-party sellers manage to make money there. The entire system is complex which means that certain rules exist. They help all sides to remain safe. Because of that, you should carefully analyze and follow all of Amazon’s rules.

Some people believe they can “take advantage of Amazon”. Because of that, it often happens that their account becomes penalized. In the worst case, you could be permanently suspended. Always keep up to date with policies and try to avoid mistakes as much as possible.

7. Make Customer Service Perfect

The influence of customer service on the client’s satisfaction is perfect. More precisely, the interaction with all your customers needs to be on a high level. This especially counts when we talk about first-time buyers. They will always have certain questions about the product they want to purchase.

Answering all their concerns needs to be in a professional manner. This means that you are willing to answer all their questions and provide solutions promptly. We don’t want to say this is an easy task. Many companies decide on using Amazon FBA services. In this way, they won’t be responsible for customer service and product returns at all. It is something that Amazon needs to deal with.