Are Electric Scooters the Future of Commuting

The year is 2024 and global pollution is a huge issue. Some would say things aren’t as serious as we say they are, but just take a look at the statistics and you’ll learn a thing or two. Kudos to those who understand the issue and are slowly making the transition towards using eco-friendlier materials.

The most significant gift we as a human race have is the ability to produce energy by using renewable sources. The sun, the wind and the water are all elements given to us for free, but instead we choose to pollute by burning gas, plastic and oils. We know it’s not as black and white as we just described it, but it’s almost the beginning of 2024, and we feel like a lot of things need to start changing very soon.

In the past few years electric scooters appeared on the market and made a huge “boom” in many different countries across the world. Experts suspect that as countries keep advancing and people become more aware of pollution, these will become the future of commuting. Let’s talk about this slightly more in-depth.

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When did electric scooters first appear?

Back in 1996 the first electric scooter appeared on the market for commercial use, but that’s not exactly when they managed to achieve all the fame and hype. 2018 was when the modern commercial models first made a boom on the scene and ever since then they’ve become a very valuable asset in the world of commuting. But, it all had to start from somewhere, so we have to give credit to the first “Autoped” brought to life back in 1915. Not everyone had the chance to try it, but a few mailmen sure did enjoy the ride and their feet were thankful for it.

However, those models weren’t nearly as sophisticated as the ones we have today. Not to mention that we’ll only keep getting better and better at making them. So, why are these things to popular? Before we get into that, take a look at if you’re interested in seeing a few well-reviewed models affordable for a cheap price.

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Why they’re a better choice than cars in terms of pollution

One of the reasons why electric scooters are so popular nowadays is because they are cheap, convenient, they don’t require any skill or previous knowledge to use them, and last but not least, the eco-friendliness factor.

Obviously, these things are powered by electricity, which means that you’re not polluting the environment when getting from point A to point B. This is already pretty obvious but people don’t take it very seriously. Thankfully, in most modern countries diesel engines and other high-polluting inventions are slowly being put out of service, and the governments are encouraging others to buy eco-friendly devices such as electric scooters. We feel like every country will start doing this in the next five years, and although there may be a bit of community outrage, it’s still the right thing to do.


You can save your time getting to places faster

When you need to get somewhere on time on a daily basis, such as school or work, it’s so much better to go by an electric scooter rather than going with your car. You pollute less, spend less and you don’t get stuck in traffic.

You also don’t have to worry about your scooter being stolen because in most modern workplaces nowadays you can easily get it inside, nobody will say a thing about it. Most employers are even encouraging their employees to use these instead of cars because of many reasons. First of all the eco-friendliness, and second they won’t take up any parking lot space or cause any jams in front of the main entrance of the corporate building. Some companies purchase electric scooters for their employees as well.

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The best solution for tourists in foreign countries

It’s quite rare to see a tourist visiting a country with their main vehicle, especially if they are visiting a place that’s overseas. When they end up getting to their destination most of them don’t really find paying for a taxi all the time a budget-friendly option. Renting an electric scooter however, is a total game-changer. Since nowadays we have modern and easy ways of accessing scooters, such as by unlocking them via a QR code scanner on your smartphone, it’s a very easy thing to find and use one for as long as you’re planning to stay. This isn’t the main reason why these are so popular but it plays a huge role in the entire thing.

Great choice if you are on a budget or a student

Last but not least, if you are on a budget, or simply a student that’s currently in another country for education purposes, one of the most cost-efficient ways to move around the city is either by bike or by an electric scooter. With the scooter you can arrive at your destination without beings tired or sweaty if it’s summer outside, which is a huge plus if you have an important meeting or class. Because all of these reasons we listed above, we believe that electric scooters are indeed the future of commuting.

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It’s not a secret that electric scooters offer tons of benefits to those willing to give them a chance. Although it doesn’t seem like the safest way of moving at first, the more people start using them, the faster cities will adapt and create the perfect circumstances for these helpful electricity-powered devices. Many governments are already trying to implement this idea by investing in projects and various campaigns meant for raising awareness about eco-friendliness, so we can already see huge progress being made in the upcoming years.

As our final word, we advise you to reconsider your choices for short-distance traveling if you live in a city. Remember that the only planet we have is this one. Stay safe and eco-friendly.