Are Instagram Tracker Apps Any Good For User Data Analytics

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Instagram trackers are designed for users to anonymously monitor the online activities of Instagram users. How to see what someone likes on Instagram for business purposes is now really simple, when you have a reliable Instagram tracker appplication beside you.

According to experts, the best Instagram trackers can generate extensive reports on what someone likes, follows, and even comments on Instagram. But not all apps can provide you with a user-friendly dashboard, something that businesses heavily depend on nowadays. That is what distinguishes the most trusted and popular ones from the crowd.

Instagram metrics that are useful for businesses

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Once you have integrated your marketing strategies on Instagram, how would you know about the success rate of your campaigns? If you carry out Instagram marketing without knowing what metrics to check for the efforts put in, you will be in dark.

There are a variety of performance indicators like the ones mentioned below, that are useful for businesses.

  • Follower growth – Your aim to evaluate this is to check whether you are doing everything so to deserve followers. The first criterion of analyzing an Instagram account with a growing or shrinking follower count is to look for sudden spikes. It can happen due to the launch of a particular campaign or content and therefore you will have to check your follower count almost regularly. If you find a gradual increase in the follower count then this is the indication that people like what you post and share. In case you cannot manage to track the followers’ growth or drop, simply outsource the task to an Instagram tracking app.
  • Engagement rate – You will have to assess whether this metric is as per with the number of followers you have. You might want to compare the likes and comments your post gets with that of the posts of big brands like KFC, but it is not wise to do so until you have the same number of followers. Therefore don’t lose your hope and instead evaluate your engagement while keeping in consideration the number of followers in your account. Needless to say, the more the level of engagement you notice in your posts, the better the work you have done, so kudos to you!

To find your Instagram business account’s engagement rate, compute this numerical formula:

Engagement rate percentage (total engagement/total number of followers) *100.

  • Comments received in each post – You might end up getting a few likes even if your post is not engaging because users might like it while scrolling their feed, but getting comments, in this case, is tough. If the content of your posts is unable to excite the audience, they would not bother wasting a few precious minutes of their Instagram scrolling time to comment on your posts. Comments are always welcome, if not positive then of negative nature, but comments tell you about the impact made by your posts. If you manage to trigger this type of engagement you would be ultimately successful in creating a strong community of your fanbase.
  • Reach of your posts – Although you have created an informative post that is expected to garner at least a few thousand likes you might see that the post fetches not more than 100 likes! This is because your post is not reaching to a wide user base, unfortunately. To see how many users have viewed your posts, you can check at the actual views of your images and videos and an Instagram tracker will tell you more about it.

How can Instagram tracker help businesses with data analytics?

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Using the best Instagram trackers, you get access to weekly or monthly reports in CSV format. It is with the help of the data provided in these reports that businesses can draw analytical insights for a better understanding of their customers. It can provide in-depth details like the following.

  • Date of the action- The first input you will find is the date and time of the action. With the help of this data point, you will be able to determine the interval during which a monitored user is most active.
  • Type of the action- You will be able to see whether your user has liked, commented on any posts, or followed other users and businesses.
  • Username of the user account- Even if you are following multiple accounts, the report will enlist all the names of the business accounts you monitored accounts have followed recently.
  • Full name of the followed accounts- To help you track the accounts that your potential users have recently followed, the report consists of the full name of the business or individual accounts. Once you have acquired the full name of the followed accounts, you can track them on Instagram to know them better.
  • URL of posts- So that you can easily navigate to the posts and videos that the monitored accounts have liked or commented on. In this way, you can get an overview of the likes and interests of the users.
  • Direct URL- Businesses often need to analyze media files to gain a better understanding of the products present in such media files. In the CSV report, you will also find the direct URL which will lead you to download and save such files on your system.
  • The caption of the posts- In case you don’t have time to go through every post details, then you can check the caption of the posts that your targeted users have shown interest. In this section, you will get a glimpse of the caption which will help you to identify hashtags of the posts.
  • Location information- You would also get location information of the posts if the users have added the location.
  • Like back- This data will show you whether the users have liked or commented on the post on which he is tagged. It will help you identify whether the users are interested in the content of the post.

It is worthwhile to mention here that not all Instagram trackers are effective data analysis tools. So make sure to go with only the omst trusted ones and steer clear of scams.