Art of the First Date: Do’s and Don’ts You Should Know


You may have been on dozens of first dates already, but probably each time you feel excited and nervous. It is not surprising as you want to do your best to make things work out. Despite your age, previous experience, and dating goals – the first meeting with the woman you like, is an important event. In case you want to improve your dating skills, and make this very date special, go on reading effective pro tips that will help you a lot.

5 First Date Do’s for Men


Let’s say you have met a special woman, and now you plan your first meeting. You can check here more on Polish dating UK, as this article does not aim to reveal the tiniest details of such a romantic experience. Instead, it is better to consider things you should do to succeed with the woman you choose.

Take care of your appearance

Even though most of people keep saying that the inner world is more important than one’s appearance, it is what the woman will see first. Hence, you should mind your hygiene, and dress appropriately. Choose a casual outfit if you meet in the park, and think about a suit if you are going to have a romantic dinner at a restaurant. While trying to make a positive first impression, let your look reflect who you are. It is useless to put on clothes that make you feel uncomfortable or unconfident.

Arrive on time

Remember the time when setting up for the first meeting. It is important to be on time and not make the lady wait for you. It is even better to arrive a little bit earlier, to look around and make sure that everything is arranged well. If you are going to dine in a restaurant, you can study the menu before the woman’s arrival and recommend a few nice dishes to try. This way, you will show yourself as a reliable person, on whom she can rely. In case some urgent issue prevents you from arriving on time, let the girl know that you will be late.


Stay positive

Even though the first date may be a little bit nervous, it is not an interview. Hence, try to stay positive and cheerful. If you feel too excited or worried, then stop and take a deep breath. You’ve come to have a nice time and get to know the lady better, yeah? Then you need to create a friendly atmosphere where both of you will feel relaxed and positive. This way, you and your potential girlfriend can get closer to each other.

Practice active listening

It is the right way to get to know the woman better. Maintain eye contact, and ask open-ended questions. Show a sincere interest in everything she says. Your date should feel her own importance and attraction. Remember the things you have learned to create a full image of the woman in your head.

Compliment the woman

Every woman wants to feel special and loved. Try to find the opportunity to pay a compliment to your potential girlfriend. Just let it be honest. There is no need to say a banal phrase like “You look nice tonight” if you do not think so. Instead, find things that you really admire about your date, and let her know about them.


5 First Date Don’ts for Men

Along with things to do, there are things you shouldn’t do on the first date. Otherwise, you risk spoiling your meeting and facing a big disappointment. So, if you want your first date with the girl to be successful, remember these don’ts.

Don’t drink too much

Excessive alcohol consumption may change your behavior and make you act in a way that is not usual for you. Of course, drinking impacts every person differently. Some people may become angry, while others may become sleepy. Anyway, alcohol is not what will probably help you on the first date.

Avoid talking only about yourself

The primary goal of the first date is to get to know each other better and understand whether you want to meet again. Talking only about yourself may prevent you from learning the woman better, and will show you as a self-centered person. Avoid dominating your dialogues, and let the girl take an active part in your discussions as well.


Don’t check your phone all the time

Your phone or other devices may distract you from communicating with the lady. It is better to put it aside and focus your attention on a conversation with the girl. Otherwise, you risk missing some important details or showing your total indifference. In case you have some urgent issue, please say sorry to the girl and explain what the matter is before you take a smartphone in your hands.

Don’t speed up physical contact

If you do not want the girl to run away on the first date, then avoid speeding up physical contact. Yes, some ladies do not mind finishing the first meeting with a passionate kiss or even spending a night together. But let’s be frank, this is not the best ground for a long-term relationship. Anyway, be attentive to the girl’s signals and respect her boundaries. Also, avoid talking about sensitive topics that may make her feel uncomfortable.


Don’t place pressure on the girl

You two are having a nice date now, right? Let it be a moment of joy and pleasure. Do not ask the woman whether she wants to meet again. It is better not to make any plans on the first date. Let everything flow naturally. Instead, enjoy a given moment, reveal your personality, and get to know the girl better as well. Nobody knows what is awaiting us the next day, so it is better to focus your attention on the “here and now”.

Summing – up

The first date with the woman you like may become a starting point for your relationship or, on the contrary, a signal that you have no chance to form a connection. Please take all the above-mentioned do’s and don’ts into consideration to have a positive dating experience. Be who you are, and let the girl know your romantic goals. Do your best, and who knows, maybe this time you have met your destiny.