Personal Asset and Liability Management To Boost Net Worth


Today, companies use asset and liability management (ALM) to mitigate risk. This term refers to managing assets to reduce the risk of loss from not paying a liability. The practice involves many factors, including strategic asset allocation.

But individuals can also use ALM to manage their personal finances. You can even use it to increase your net worth if done correctly. Read on and discover how ALM can help you save money in the long term.

Defining Assets and Liabilities

Assets and liabilities are two crucial components of your net worth. You have to know what you own and owe to determine the total value of your assets.



This term refers to all financial instruments and other property you own. Items you can add in the assets column of your net worth tabulation include:

  • Money in the bank, including those in your checking and savings accounts
  • Investment account balances, which have your retirement account balances
  • Valuable properties, such as artwork, jewelry, or collectibles
  • The cash you could get if you sell your car
  • Your home equity


Meanwhile, liabilities are what you owe to other people or organizations. They represent cash that isn’t truly yours.

Your liabilities can increase your purchasing power but cut down your net worth. They include:

  • Any cash owed on loans
  • Unpaid home mortgages
  • Credit card balances
  • Outstanding student loans or other debts
  • Other financial obligations, like alimony or child support

Asset and liability management is crucial since it tells you how much you have and how much you owe. The practice can help you understand where your money is at any given time.

Read on to learn more about the advantages of managing your assets and liabilities.


Why Should You Manage Your Assets and Liabilities

ALM frameworks provide a lot of benefits for many financial institutions. The practice helps organizations get a clear picture of their assets and liabilities.

One benefit of using ALM is it enables an enterprise to manage its liabilities smarter. This way, managers can better prepare for future uncertainties.

This advantage can also translate into personal financial management. If you manage your assets and liabilities, you can be more strategic when handling your debts. You can plan payments, which gives you confidence about the state of your finances in the future.

Risk mitigation is another advantage of ALM. For entrepreneurs, it allows them to detect the risks on their balance sheets. This advantage enables them to address the problems resulting from a mismatch of assets and liabilities.

By matching the two components, companies can be more efficient while reducing risk.

You can also enjoy this benefit if you manage your assets and liabilities. If you use your assets correctly, you can mitigate financial risks before they worsen.

5 Tips To Increase Your Net Worth

Knowing your net worth allows you to gauge your financial success. It is easy to calculate your net worth, but improving it can be challenging. Here are five pointers to help you manage your assets and liabilities.


1. Cut Down Expenses

Although cutting down your expenses isn’t fun, it can help increase your net worth.

One way to lower expenses is to focus your spending on housing, food, and transportation. Although saving on housing can be tricky if you have a family, you can still save on fuel costs and food.

You can buy food in bulk and eat at home instead of in restaurants. Eating out frequently can cause a dent in your budget, so just cook for yourself.

You can also use budgeting software to help you allocate your money better.

2. Pay Debts

High-interest debt can hinder your efforts to boost your net worth. That is the issue for many Canadians today. In the first quarter of 2024, Canadian residents owed $1.83 in debt for each dollar they made in a year.

For most people, applying for loans remains a popular solution to their financial problems. Many online lenders have convenient loan application processes to make it easier for borrowers to get cash.

Some lenders even promise to get them the money within a couple of hours after the application approval. According to GoDay, an online payday lender, they can give borrowers their cash one hour after their loan has been approved.

With more convenient loan application processes available today, it is no surprise that most people are still in debt. Unfortunately, this option is a short-term solution and can lead to cash flow difficulties and poor credit ratings.

Source: Financial Planning

3. Save Money for Emergencies

When you have an emergency fund, you are indirectly growing your net worth.

For example, you have saved over $6,000 for an emergency fund. This $6,000 increase to your net worth is not the money that makes the difference.

The biggest advantage is that you do not have to dip into your current savings in a financial emergency. You never know when you will have to get your computer or refrigerator fixed. You will also have money in case of an unexpected visit to the emergency room.

Saving for emergencies also ensures you do not have to take on any form of high-interest debt. This problem can lead to a never-ending cycle of interest payments. This cycle can put a significant drag on your net worth.

4. Increase Retirement Contributions

Many employers offer retirement plans with desirable tax characteristics. You can take advantage of these programs to help you grow your contributions faster. Missing out on the programs means you are leaving money on the table.

Retirement contributions increase your generative assets. They also help you address one of the biggest hindrances to your net worth growth: taxes.


5. Talk to an expert

Consulting a professional is a crucial part of growing your net worth. Unfortunately, some people still overlook this step. They believe it can be a waste of money. Meanwhile, some are too shy to discuss their finances with other people.

But talking to a financial advisor can give you valuable tips about tax breaks or budgeting. So, when it comes to increasing your finances, ask the help of a professional.

Increase Your Net Worth Through Effective ALM

Asset and liability management can be a challenging but rewarding feat. Understanding the factors that affect your finances can help you address financial problems.

Asset allocation also contributes to growth and addresses the nature of your liabilities. This advantage makes it easier for you to save more because you know where your money should go.