7 Design Tips To Attract More Visitors to Your Exhibition Stand

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Anyone who is serious about business, regardless of the type of activity, knows that participation in fairs and exhibitions is of great importance. Absolutely every type of business nowadays has its own exhibition. Cars, books, tools, fashion, tourism, construction, cooking, marketing, film…everyone has their period in the year when they participate and present what they have achieved in the previous year. There company meets the competition and gets an idea of ​​where it is at the moment, in relation to them. It is coming out with its best projects, and he is also facing his mistakes, wrong steps and possible lag in the business race.

Big business fairs have their regular term in the year and the determined places where they are held. It is often in several locations in one season, so the exhibition program is moved and presented in the best light in several cities. With a regular annual work commitment, every company that keeps to itself and wants to progress knows that it is imperative to show up and exhibit exhibits or projects for that year. Any withdrawal or non-participation is inadmissible in the business world, where competition is fierce and relentless. This is considered a certain weakness of the company and a downward line in their business.

So, it is prepared for fairs and exhibitions throughout the year, a stand is designed, designers are hired, if there are none in the company, the performance is improved and modernized, compared to last year.

Some of the following steps can do a lot for your presentation and make it attractive and noticeable:

1. Prepare a marketing campaign before the start of the fair

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This strategy is mostly related to social networks, nowadays. Although those interested know the date of the fair, you can still send an e-mail to your clients, friendly inviting them to the upcoming event. Then you can create a short video, a few shots of one of your employees or managers, which remind you of the fair and hint at what is interesting about your company to exhibit and post it on social networks.

2. Engage designers

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Depending on the type of your business, your needs and the direction you are going, it is very likely that you already have hired designers, web designers and a creative team working under the auspices of marketing. If you don’t have one, be sure to hire a professional designer, send him to your business on time and agree on the next steps. Listen to his suggestions, and he will come up with the best and most effective solution to your needs and requirements and through dialogue.

3. Design a topic

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Suppose you have been on the market for some time and you are known. Your program is known, your way of working, your eminent clients… A general story about you will not make much sense. Of course, there should be some of that, to remind you of your past work and attract new clients. However, it is important to make your stand original and interesting and different from others, as well as to you from the previous year. Emphasize a particular product, campaign, business success and work out the topic in detail and meticulously. Base your performance at the fair on that.

4. Visual moment

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Each fair or exhibition will be packed with a variety of stands. Colors, light effects, advertising material on video beams, design solutions of all kinds… it is difficult to cope with the competition and in this regard and attract attention. For starters, find out next to what you will be positioned. If it is a successful, huge company, which will present itself with the latest technology and a brilliant stand, the point is that you are different. If they have an explosion of intense colors, you will be elegant and reduced. If they are futuristic, you play the map of family environment and warmth of home, the old vibe, which attracts with its calmness and relaxation… So, be different, be original and you will see that many visitors to the fair will visit you just stand. If you often appear at exhibitions and you found out one design you want to have all the time, then you should consider portable stands.

Where portable stand can be used, how to transport it and answers to other important questions regarding this topic you can find at  https://plus-exhibitionstands.com/portable-exhibition-stands/

5. Hospitable hosts

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Whether one of your employees will be at the stand or you will hire special people, they must be kind, accommodating and approachable people. It is necessary that they approach everyone in the same way, relaxed and cordial, that they instruct everyone interested in what you are doing and that they have the patience to answer every question asked. Of course, there will be members of the professional team from your company nearby, who will talk to old clients and answer questions in more detail about your program, those who meet you for the first time. Nurture a friendly and open style of communication, no matter how highly ranked you are in the business world.

6. Gifts and giveways

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This is an indispensable part that every company must have at its exhibition stand. Promotional material, small gifts, free samples, and even some types of lotteries with prize trips, free airline tickets, vouchers for spa centers, tickets for sporting events are inexhaustible possibilities of what you can give as a gift, and in return expect future cooperation. With such an attitude, you act as open and generous business people who, in the first place, are not exclusively profit, but also the expansion of the company and good relations with future associates and clients.

7. Provide a place to rest

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Each stand has a room where you can sit, take a break, talk, drink coffee… Try to make that space as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Ambient music, coffee, juices, snacks, canapés, comfortable sofas and armchairs, adequate lighting… all this will present you in the light of good hosts, who care about how people feel in their environment and in their field.


It may seem to you that investing so much in fairs and exhibitions is too much, financially and in every other way. Over time, you will find that this is not the case. Everything you have tried and engaged in will have an effect and give results. The work around fairs and exhibitions is never easy, but share the responsibilities with competent associates and together make your company shine among customers and competition. Your satisfaction will be great, especially if you hear positive impressions from credible people. A good voice that will accompany you, makes the company grow and develop, and it is always nice to witness and participate in such a process.