How to Become a Casino Affiliate – 2024 Guide


Online gambling is one of the ways to have fun and potentially earn additional money to pay all the bills and cover all the costs. However, no one says that you need to play roulette, blackjack, and other games. On the other hand, you don’t have to become an owner of the gambling site either. One of the interesting ways to make a profit in the gambling industry is to become a casino affiliate.

We know that a lot of people here are not even sure what casino affiliate is. Because of that, we would like to explain what it is and provide you with some helpful tips. Let’s go!


So, What Is Casino Affiliate?

We are sure that you have already seen casino affiliate websites, but you probably didn’t know that. Have you ever entered websites such as where you could see more information about different casinos? For instance, you gout gain more info about bonuses, a number of games you can enjoy, payment methods, and other stuff. After you read all these details, there is a button that will lead you to a casino home page. Well, if you have experienced this at least once so far, then you already know what a casino affiliate is.

The way how these websites function is easy to understand. They partner with a couple of casinos and try to promote them on their website in the way we previously mentioned. Whenever someone enters the gambling site that a casino affiliate owner promotes, he or she gets a certain commission. The profit is even better in cases when players deposit their money.

So, how are you going to measure your success? Every casino affiliate website owner gets a unique URL where you can see how many people clicked on the links that you attached. That’s the way how both sides (you and the casino) will determine the amount of money you need to get.

Anyway, as you can see, if you are a good marketer, and familiar with the latest digital marketing trends, there is a big chance you will ensure some profit. However, don’t expect to get a lot of money for a couple of days. The path to success in this case depends only on the steps that you make. Because of that, we would like to share some tips on how to become a casino affiliate.


Learn How to Build a Website

We will start from the very beginning. If you want to become a casino affiliate, you need to know how to create a website. The good news is that you do not have to be familiar with coding to complete this part of the job.

Before everything, you need to find a good hosting service and domain. It is going to be a bit difficult to think of a creative domain because a lot of them are already used by different casino affiliate websites. However, we recommend you do not use the first one that is free because the name of your website matters a lot. You should use phrases or words that people can easily remember.

A good hosting, on the other hand, will ensure that your website functions properly. Imagine that the visitor has to wait for a minute or two to enter the website. We are sure he would leave it after a couple of seconds (yes, human patience is not on your side).

After you get these two things, the next thing is to find a good CMS platform. Without any intention to promote any of the platforms, you may want to check out the features that WordPress offers. There are a lot of plugins that you can use to make your casino affiliate website functional. However, you may need some corrections of the themes or plugins (free and paid version) that you use, and that is the moment when you may need to hire a web to develop to help. There are also drag and drop platforms such as Wix that will allow you to design your website for a few seconds.

Bonus Tip: Ensure a Proper Design of the Website

First of all, don’t copy other affiliate websites. Their designs can serve as an inspiration, but copy/pasting their creativity will only make you look silly. On the other hand, try to be as simple as possible. Add some basic elements and avoid dark colors. Imagine that your website is completely black; You would look more like a fishing website than the one that is responsible for promoting casinos.


Now Boost Your SEO Rankings

It is not going to be enough to make a table of casinos on your website and expect thousands of people will come. That’s only possible if you are willing to invest in paid ad campaigns on social media. However, if you are not a social media manager, no one guarantees you will boost web traffic.

An alternative to paid ads is SEO advertising. The content you share on your website needs to be optimized with keywords, backlinks, and other stuff. In case you are not a good SEO writer, it is always better to hire someone that will complete this part of the job instead of you.

Another option you have is the so-called off-page SEO. This means that you can contact other websites and ask them to publish an article on their website that includes a link to your website. When a lot of websites are using your website for backlinking, the Google rankings improve. Because of that, we suggest you carefully choose who you will collaborate with. The websites where you plan to publish an article need to have a lot of visits on monthly basis.


Ensure Your Partners Are Legit

Unfortunately, there are a lot of gambling sites in the world that are scams. Even if they have the license, that doesn’t mean they will offer good bonuses and a wide range of games. Promoting these casinos will not bring you profit because people will easily notice they are bad. Despite that, you will also ruin the reputation and people will stop trusting your reviews.

Final Thought

Generally speaking, promotion is the most difficult task here. Try to improve your SEO writing if you are not a good writer or hire someone who will handle these tasks. On the other hand, promote on social media as well. Be present on all social media and use paid ads on those platforms where you have followers the most. It is always good to use all the methods to boost your online presence.