How to Become a Truck Driver With No Experience?


Truckers are really paid and sought after because all transportation around the world depends on them. Many ordinary people are not even aware of the important and responsible jobs that truck drivers have. Because of this, there are people who want to get involved in that profession. Of course, this is not an overnight decision. The truck is a very heavy vehicle, and its driving requires an appropriate license. Therefore, before you do anything, you must find out how to get that permission.

If you’ve never ridden a truck, landing a job like this can be really difficult and complicated. Companies often look for experienced drivers who do their job responsibly. But this does not mean that there is no place for beginners. The difference is that while you gain experience, you may drive smaller distances, or earn less money than you planned. However, this is a stage you need to go through to be able to build yourself as a professional truck driver.

What you really need to get started are good lessons, for example, TransportDriverTraining, so you can build as a professional, and learn the rules. Of course, it is best if you have a driver’s license for a car. In this case, you can easily adapt to other vehicles. But do not forget that trucks are specific and that it takes a lot of time and effort to become good at them.

What are your duties as a truck driver?


In general, you need to transport goods and items from one place to another. Sometimes, you will have to pack the things up in the truck. But, what you have to do is to take care that the truck is always safe and locked, and arrives on time, as planned.

People who drive trucks usually travel far away, sometimes overseas, using cargo boats to arrive where they need to be.

What we are trying to say is that even though it seems like an easy job, driving from one point to another, brings huge responsibilities to the driver.

Can I land a job as a truck driver with no previous experience?

In some cases, it’s simple enough to have the qualifications and licenses to drive a truck. That means you need to be trained. For some companies that are simple enough, never mind your previous experience. But, having a commercial driver’s license is a must.

You need to take lessons, so you can take your license later. There are specialized schools for truck drivers. Also, you may need additional training, especially if you go on long trips. There are so many safety protocols you need to know, and without proper training, you can’t really do anything.

But, you can still land a job, even though you don’t have much experience. As we said, many employers are ready to give a chance to beginners, as long as they have the proper license, certification, and medical documentation.

What do you have to do?


The job won’t come alone to you, nor will employers come to your home, to invite you. Surely, you have to apply to different trucking companies, and explain your professional background to them. Many of them are ready to train you for better performance. Mega carriers are also hiring young and inexperienced beginners, so they can cover larger areas.

Also, you can focus on local truck driving jobs, because that’s how you gain enough experience. Keep in mind that this profession is in high demand and that there will always be enough space for beginners to learn how to be good truck drivers.

Probably the best chances are somewhere around you, and you only have to find the right job posting. Bigger companies will look for experienced drivers, as they have huge responsibilities. And as you know, you will have a chance to work with them once you learn how to be good at truck driving.

Can I trust the truck driving schools

Truck training centers are licensed to provide training and classes for beginners. Even if you already have a truck driver’s license, you can take extra hours to be confident in your skills. Training is usually not very expensive, but for non-earning candidates, payment options are offered later, once they are hired. This is, in a way, a loan, when the candidate owes it to the training center.

So, yes, you can trust the truck driving schools. They are licensed to train candidates, so they can obtain their license, and apply for trucking jobs after that.

Keep in mind that you have different options too. Not every truck is equal. They can be of different sizes and weights, and sometimes your license has limits. But, in general, you have to learn how to drive first, and then see what options you have.

Many drivers find a great option for a summer job, and they earn more money during the warm days, transporting goods from one place to another. Also, it’s a great option for a career, even though it means you will spend most of the time on the roads. It’s not the best option if you want to spend more time with your family, but it’s maybe the most profitable one if you have a truck driving license.



Landing a job as a truck driver requires a lot of training, effort, and a high level of professionalism in general. Sometimes it’s not enough just to provide a driving license, so you can get that job. You must be ready for long trips, sometimes outside your country. That has good sides too. You will meet a lot of people who are working the same job. Maybe you will have more options to get hired by a better company. If you are looking for better living conditions, driving a truck may let you discover many places all around the world, where you can move together with your family.

As a beginner, you have to start with smaller steps and watch how you grow every day.