5 Steps to Becoming an IT Freelancer

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There are many jobs in the world, and most of them are hourly based ones. Every person is no likely to work under a boss, and some are likely to be their own bosses. We called them freelancers, and the person who does it with IT-related work is an IT freelancer.

Freelancers are doing their works by themselves, and their works are home-based. IT freelancers are using their IT related knowledge to do works, and their jobs are going with information technology-based works.

Who is an IT freelancer, and how can you be a one? Let’s begin to understand them briefly. and if you want just check this website.

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What is a freelancer?

Freelancer is a type of work that they engage with themselves, and it is a type of job. They are working for companies with a contract and never becomes employees in those companies. They work for many organizations at the same time and they are only the contractors.

Works of freelancers go on contract base. They have many bosses and earn money from several jobs. Freelance works they engage will depend on the capacity, and clearly, these people are self-employed ones.

Freelancer works are depending on the rates, and they are short term ones. They will have their payments according to their hours or the rates they charge.

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How does freelancing work?

All of the works related to freelancing are goes with projects or the contents. A person is eligible to post one of them on a freelance platform, and when it is done, this person can expect competitive strategies from those works.

Freelance works are fixed with a time, and it has to be done on time. These people have to be responsible enough for everything they face, like work hours, tracking the time, client billing and business taxes.

They are not situations related to traditional jobs, and freelancers have to engage with these things individually.

If someone needs to get work done by a freelancer, he needs to search for the profiles of them. They have to know whether these workers are competitive enough for their jobs and search for their feedbacks. The feedback will give you the best impression on these workers.

After selecting the exact person, you need you can post the project to start the work. We can pay freelancers after they finish the job and do it only if you are satisfied.

There is a promised charge for every one regarding their works, and you need to pay them after work gets done. Using a secure payment system will do this task finely, and clients can decide to release the charge o not depending on their satisfaction.

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How do you become an IT freelancer?

IT freelancer can use his IT knowledge to start his career in freelancing. There are many categories an IT person deals with, such as web developing, graphic designing, data administration and you can use this knowledge to become specifically an IT freelancer.

An IT freelancer can earn more than a usual freelancer as his knowledge is widely used in freelancing. You can search a category from a freelancing platform from your IT-related knowledge and choose it to start the career.

First, start to decide what category you are most fluent in technology and engage within it to freelance.

There are steps to start this career, and those are as follows.

5 Steps to Becoming an IT Freelancer

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1. Get in touch with everyone you know

Starting a career as an IT freelancer has to begin with your known ones. So you have to talk to everyone and mention your field of working to them for having a good recognition.

When there are more recogntions from people, you will get more projects. You will get works by your known ones contacts, experiences and by their references as well. Try to contact friends of friends of yours and every relative you know.

With everyone’s recognition, you can start your freelancing career with a great base.

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2. Make yourself a brand

You need to make yourself a personal brand as you are selling your works to others in freelancing. In here, you become your own brand, and you need to come across online to represent your brand.

Try to create many profiles on social media to have better recognition. You can put every detail, and every skill you have in those and the ones who are interesting in them will try to get contact you.

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3. Have a good plan

Before starting your very first work, you need to have better planning on what you do. You need to identify what you are capable of and have a portfolio of employment for a step by step work done.

First, decide the charges and rates of your work. And then, you need to find ways to get your clients, and you can do it by registering on a platform like Fiverr. Decide the difficulties of closing a deal and know whether you want pitch templates or new ones.

These methods are creating opportunities for you to learn and it improves your skills with growing power.

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4. Research the competitions

There is always a current market for specific categories, and they come as marketing trends for an IT job. You need to absorb as many as details you can and build a strong personality through them.

The jobs in IT freelancing have some categories, and those are the highest pitch ones in the industry. As an example, take graphic designing. Graphic designing has a huge advantage in the current market, and it comes under the knowledge of the IT field.

So you need to specifically find out the ongoing trends that deal with your IT skills. Always make sure to differentiate yourself from others as it creates a competitive advantage for your works.

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5. Find a Mentor

Find someone you can follow up with you when starting your work as a freelancer. They are mentors, and they are the people who have high-end knowledge through experience. Experience is something you can take full benefits for ongoing works, and those can help you build success.

If you have a boss who knows everything about this field, it will be a good chance for you to grow in this field as an IT master. He knows every up and down in the industry, and he can get help with the problems you face.

Should I be one?

IT Freelancing is something you can do with your passion and knowledge to do o is making your works so much interest. It is no doubt for being an IT freelancer as it always sharpens your IT field skills.

If you need to be an IT freelancer, then you should. Because it is the field you related to, that Is the best place to grow up with the business world.

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What are the drawbacks of freelancing?

It may feel isolate and have no freedom with the workflow as you might need to jug with several clients simultaneously. There are no day-offs. No company provides your health benefits or leaves, and you have to work with different bosses’ mindsets.

Which skill is best for freelancing?

Accounting, Data Entry, web designing, web development, graphic designing, social media management, and internet research are the most demanding freelancing skills.

Is it worth it to be a freelancer?

In here you can do what you most love. So there is mind satisfaction through it to a great side earning. So indeed, this is a worthy task to be.


Freelancing is not a job that everyone can do. It has to be with time management and a lot of patience. On the other hand, an this job is so helpful as you interact with online technological platforms. So it is worthy in every aspect.