The Belviq Class Action Lawsuit Process: From Start to Finish


When we choose to take any medicine, no matter if it’s prescribed or over-the-counter, we are well aware that there are some potential side effects that could happen to us. Not many of us read that part and we just hope that we will not be that one in 100,000 people or one in one million.

We hope that since the medicine or the supplement was approved, and since we can find it in the pharmacy, it is completely safe for us to consume. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and sometimes drugs can end up Bing far scarier than we thought was possible.

In this article, we are going to talk about the dangers of some of the medicines and supplements we use, and we are going to talk about the Belviq class action lawsuit process, trying to explain it from start to finish.

What is Belviq?


Before we talk about the class action lawsuit process, let’s first see what this case is about and who needs to get this information. This product is something that was made for those who are interested in losing some weight without having to go through the process of dieting and exercising.

We all want to have slimmer bodies and to look like we’re in the best shape of our life without having to put so much time, money, and effort into it. When the Belviq supplement was offered to the market, it seemed like it was the answer to so many questions that people have about weight loss.

However, it turned out that this product can be the least leading cause of different types of cancer, and it was found that people who have taken it were far more likely to be diagnosed with the disease.

The supplement was recalled from the market at the beginning of 2020, but it had already made enough damage to many individuals who took it, and now we’re going to see what your options are if you were one of many using this drug.

What happens if you or someone you know used it?

The first question that people have is what happens if they have used Belviq or if someone they know or love has been one of the people who chose to try this product for weight loss.

You should first check and see if you or someone you know or love has exhibited any of the side effects of the medication. Just because you are at higher risk of getting something it does not guarantee that it is going to happen to you. There are many individuals that used this product and they are still completely safe.

Know that if you or someone you know has been diagnosed with any form of cancer after using this product, you may be eligible for a lawsuit against the company that stands behind Belviq.

Who has a case?


When it comes to being eligible for a Belviq Class Action Lawsuit, there are some criteria that an individual has to fill to be able to collaborate with attorneys and present their case in front of a judge.

These criteria may differ depending on the specific case, however, there are several things that every single person who has a case has in common. You have to be over the legal age of 18 if you want to try and build your case, and you would meet to be able to prove that you took this supplement before getting diagnosed with cancer.

Keep in mind that this lawsuit is mainly focused on cancer as a side effect of taking Belviq. If you have experienced any of the other side effects, you may be able to start the case against the company, but you will not be part of the official class action lawsuit

What can you get with the lawsuit?

There are a lot of people who are wondering why they should bother at all, and why they should worry about the class action lawsuit instead of just focusing on their recovery. If you present your case in front of a judge and if you prove the connection between your diagnosis and the supplement that you have used, you may be eligible for huge compensation.

To be able to prove this, first and foremost you would need to show evidence that you have taken the supplement. This is the easiest part to prove, and you should not have any issues providing evidence for it. You should also think about hiring an attorney who knows how to lead a case like this, and a professional that is going to help you go through this with as little stress as possible.

If you win the case and if you prove the connection between the supplement and your diagnosis, you can get compensation for all the medical bills, course of treatment of your disease, as well as compensation for any funds that you have lost because you had to miss work, or just quit.

You should know that every single case is different so just because someone was compensated for some of the side effects it does not mean that it will happen to you as well, and at the same time just because there is a current limit on how much compensation you can get with the lawsuit, it does not mean that you cannot get even more funds.

How much would you need to pay the attorney leading your case?


Finally, you cannot win a case if you don’t have the right attorney standing next to you. The great news about this class action lawsuit process is that there are a lot of professionals who are willing to offer their services for free for you to be able to see justice.

Make sure that you collaborate with the firm or a team that is going to have your best interest in mind and that is going to do their best to help you gather evidence and go through the process as quickly as possible, and as painlessly as possible.

Unfortunately, there are always going to be cases like this, and we can never know the full extent of the side effects until a drug or supplement has been used for decades. The positive note is that the law is on our side and that we can at least get some sort of compensation for the pain and suffering we’ve gone through.