4 Best Adele Songs That Prove She Is Already A Musical Legend

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There may be several pop bands, singers, songwriters, musicians, and performers in general that are leading the music industry today, and one of them is most certainly Adele. Her singing voice is outstanding, her music videos are done with great passion, and it is indeed a blessing to go to one of her live concerts.

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Since she is already a mega pop music star, it is more than evident that Adele can be considered a musical legend even though she is still a young performer. Singers like her don’t often come along in the worldwide music industry, and that is why here we will see the four songs that definitely confirm her legendary status, so let’s get into it right away.

First of All, Rolling in the Deep

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Of course, this fantastic hit single was number one on the Billboard Hot 100, which was not a surprise at all, considering how great this song is. “Rolling in the Deep” is a song with fantastic drum sound effects, which helped this hit to win the Grammy Award for Song of the Year, and Adele also won Record of the Year, one of the most prestigious awards in the music industry today.

Adele gives thanks to the producer Paul Epworth for “bringing her voice out,” which helped her to reach some fantastic singing levels and perform as well as possible. This hit song is one of those that make a perfect combination of music that needs beautiful lyrics and some impressive singing, and Adele most certainly gave precisely what it was required. Since this song came out, there is almost not a single person in the entire world that doesn’t know who Adele is, and rightfully so since she is arguably the best pop singer of her generation.

Someone Like You

Yet another mega-hit song that millions of people adore all over the globe is the popular hit “Someone Like You.” This fantastic song has become a perfect track for Adele’s live performances, and she proves over and over again how great of a singer she is when she performs “Someone Like You” at her live concerts everywhere. Audiences from every country barely wait for this song to come upon the setlist, and they make a fantastic atmosphere singing together with the English pop star.

The best part about this song is that it is so authentic, and it seems like no one except Adele can sing it, so it is better when people don’t even try to imitate her since that is almost impossible. The actual meaning of this song may be known among audiences, or as for every song, we may not know 100% what it is about, but that does not matter that much since every art piece is great if it can be interpreted in various ways. That is the magic of art, and that is also the magic of “Someone Like You.”

Rumor Has It

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This also fantastic hit song was part of Adele’s second studio album titled “21” that was released back in 2011. She wrote it together with Ryan Tedder, who was also the producer of this beautiful song. It had more than two million certified units sold only in the United States, and it peaked at number one on some charts around the globe.

Even though everyone first thought that this song was exactly about the media in general and how they create rumors that are not true, that was not precisely the case. It is actually about all her friends who believe in some of the things they hear or read in the tabloids about her. Once again, a mega-hit song by the fantastic Adele, and this is a song that is also still extremely popular among fans all over the world. Rumors always attract audiences, and Adele found a perfect way to address these issues and talk about it in a more private way through her friends.

Last But Not Least, Set Fire to the Rain

“Set fire to the Rain” reached the top ten positions in almost all foreign markets and was the number one hit single in the United States as well. Also, the Billboard readers voted it as their favorite and best number one hit that year, and Adele won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance for her live concert called “Live at the Royal Albert Hall,” which was an amazing live show.

Source: rollingstone.com

Furthermore, this amazing song was certified four times platinum by the RIAA in the United States and has sold more than 5.2 million certified sales. Also, it sold more than 2 million certified sales all over the world, which makes this song definitely one of Adele’s best ever.

Another reason why the amazing “Set Fire to the Rain” is on this list is that it is a delightful and fantastic experience to listen to Adele performing this hit song. It allows her to express her high-quality voice to the maximum of her capabilities, and that is why her fans also cherish this song even more.

So, it is more than obvious why you should not waste any more time and buy some Adele concert tickets as soon as possible. You will for sure have the chance to create some of the best memories in your life together with your beloved friends.