Tips On Choosing The Best Baby Gift Basket For A Mom-To-Be


Baby showers are fun! They give friends a chance to celebrate the arrival of a new child. Excited parents want to share their joy with their loved ones. They may also feel anxious about imminent changes, so they lean on the strength of others. If you’re invited, then you must be special to the mom-to-be. Show your support by giving her a thoughtful gift. It could be anything. Think about the recipient and the circumstances to get a few ideas. Instead of a single item, you could carry multiple things in a gift basket. If you want a few tips, read more at this article.

Buy or Make

Before anything else, decide whether you would rather buy a ready-made gift basket or make one yourself. Anyone can do both with varying results. It all depends on your circumstances. There is no right or wrong answer. Both approaches have their pros and cons. If you are not sure how to proceed, go through the following list. You should gain clarity by the end.

If you do decide to make it, you can lessen the cost by adding some of the items to your best baby registry.


1. Time

How much time do you have before the baby shower? Is it happening tomorrow or next week? If you are in a rush, it is difficult to come up with a gift basket on your own. You may end up stressed out and late for the party. Unless you have quick access to possible contents and a clear vision of what to get, you might want to much faster route of buying a packaged basket. Look online for the fastest delivery service. Browse catalogs and check ratings to see what’s popular.

2. Cost

How much is your budget for the gift? Set aside your funds and see whether any of the gift baskets online fall within the limit. You have plenty of options, so you will probably find something no matter what bracket you are aiming for. Cast a wide net to see great options. You can also use the money to purchase items individually. If you can find all of them within the same retail store at a lower price, that would be a steal. If not, consider the cost of your time as you gather the products left and right.


3. Convenience

Showing up for your friends is important. However, you also have a ton of other stuff to do. Perhaps you are trying to beat a work deadline. Maybe you have prior commitments with family during your free time. It is hard to make your own gift if you cannot focus on it. If you want great results without much effort, buy a gift basket from a store. Specialists do all the work for you: searching for items, checking their quality, and putting everything together. Just pick it up and go.

4. Idea

What did you think about when you received the invitation? If you are a mom yourself, you may have ideas on what your friend might need soon. You can anticipate these and put all of them in a basket. Let her experience the products that helped you manage motherhood for the first time. Perhaps she will find them useful as well. Others might not have such a clear vision because they are young and inexperienced, or simply uninterested in the subject. They can still bring an awesome gift with the help of specialty stores.


5. Assistance

The last thing to consider is the amount of assistance that you can get from those around you. If you lack time, energy, or ideas, you can always reach out to friends, relatives, and coworkers for help. You don’t have to do everything alone. If they know the mom-to-be, they might be eager to give you a hand.

Choosing a Baby Gift Basket for Expecting Moms

If you are set on buying a gift basket, all that is left to do is to choose a suitable package. Consider the following before you take out your card:

1. Theme

Do they know if the baby is a girl or a boy? A lot of parents undergo an ultrasound scan or similar procedures to find out their gender in advance. Others are not keen on knowing before birth because it doesn’t matter much to them. You could get baskets that are specifically dedicated to one or the other. Other themes may revolve around cute animals, heavenly bodies, floral patterns, sports, and so forth. As for the mom, you can include products for personal care so that she doesn’t forget her own well-being.


2. Style

All stores provide photos of their products. Which of these appeal to you? Do you like a gift pack that is contained in a traditional wicker basket? Would you prefer a more modern packaging solution? The contents are the most important, but you cannot deny the impact of the first impression. Check the reviews to see whether the photos are accurate or not. The reality might be different from the expectation. If there is consensus about the quality and styling of the options, don’t hesitate to buy them.

3. Personality

Of course, you must think about the recipient and what her needs are. There are practical considerations after birth. She might also have distinct preferences when it comes to colors, flavors, textures, prints, and brands. Use all of these to guide you to the best gifts. Don’t be afraid to ask around among common friends for inputs but be decisive when it is time to make the purchase.



Being pregnant for the first time can bring overwhelming emotions. Women need all the support they can get from those around them. The baby shower is the perfect opportunity for you to be there for your friend, listen to their stories, calm them down, laugh at their jokes, and give them an awesome gift basket. It may look like it’s filled with products, but it is actually filled with love – whether you bought it or made it yourself. Just do the best that you can with what you have. You friend will appreciate the gesture.