Looking To Meet New People? Best Dating Apps In 2024

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Over the past year, dating apps have gone to another level. The pandemic has not slowed them down. Instead, you have more features than ever. Sure, dating activities were limited or restricted, but extra features could compensate for them – such as video chats. Now, what are the best dating apps in 2024 and what should you expect from them?


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Available for both Android and iOS smartphones, Bumble allows you to make local friends or find the love of your life. The app is focused on women, meaning women are meant to make the first step and initiate a conversation once two people match. The match lasts for 24 hours, so you need to move fast or it will disappear – in other words, there is no time to waste at all.

Whether you are looking for love or friends, Bumble allows you to find BFF people who are not looking for dates. In fact, you might as well look for business contacts, yet the app is mostly aimed at those looking for hookups or more serious relationships. The app allows videos for a few years already, being one of the first apps in the segment to do it.

There are also a few upgrade options, which will unlock even more features and can help you find friends or love even faster. In our opinion, getting the premium version of Bumble is definitely worth it. You will be able to check out all the people who are interested in your profile and if you can afford paying for the subscription, you will not regret it.


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There is not much to be confused about should you go for OkCupid – the app is straightforward and intuitive. It is all about dating, so you match, communicate and meet in real life. It has an impressive user base, meaning you can always find someone available in the area.

The app is mostly appreciated for adding new features on a regular basis, so it is always one step ahead of its competition. This app comes with a flavor system, meaning users can find potential matches much faster – beard lovers, world travelers and so on. There are a few quizzes to explore your personality for better matches, as well as Instagram integration and advanced messaging.

Simply put, you can expose your whole world to those around you, finding matches even easier. According to The Absolute Dater, OkCupid app reviews show that the app works wonders for singles looking to meet new people.

Like other applications, this app also has a few upgrade options. Premium accounts benefit from better search tools and the possibility to see who likes you. However, this shouldn’t come as a surprise since most dating apps and sites use the premium subscription as their main monetization model.

Plenty of Fish

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Plenty of Fish has an incredible user base and for some good reasons. While you can also upgrade your account, it is generally free of use – find matches in your area, like them, message them for free and get replies back. In other words, this is what dating should be like – you do not have to spend anything to find a potential match and take the conversation to a real-life date.

The free profile is what makes it stand out, but also what brings in over 70 million users. However, in terms of features, you may not be able to find everything that is in other apps – such as video calling. It may not be so advanced, but a bit of patience will take you in the right direction. Profiles are simple and straightforward, while the search function is intuitive and diversified.

Small updates are added on a regular basis. For instance, you have a free live stream feature that allows video dating before going face to face. Thanks to the constant steam of updates that the developers are releasing for the app, there will always be a new thing to check out.


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Match allows a free and premium experience over most smartphones. As a free user, you can engage into winks, update your profile and have new daily matches. Premium users can see who liked them and take communication to another level. New features are added every now and then – such as a Tinder like mixer.

You can also add videos to your profile, while the pandemic has forced the developers to come up with a vibe check feature, which allows video chatting with matches. According to thedatingring.com like Tinder, Match also allows you to add a friend and alert them when you are on a date – just a matter of health and safety.

Profiles are quite complete and allow all sorts of details, including political views. This means that you can create a dating profile that completely showcases your personality, interests, and hobbies. There are no limitations.

Final Words

The great thing about online dating is that there’s a long list of apps and sites that you can use. If you can’t find someone you like on a certain app, you shouldn’t waste any time and switch to a new one that might be filled with more like-minded people that share the same interests and hobbies as you do. At Datinghelp.co.uk, you can find detailed reviews of the popular dating apps as well as convenient pros and cons sections.

If you don’t want to waste any time and go straight to the most popular app, Bumble and OkCupid are the “go to” options. They have hundreds of thousands of users who are looking to meet new people. By setting up a great profile, you will have an easy time finding a date.

Although, Match might be the better option if you don’t want to spend any money. Match does a fantastic job of offering a premium experience to all users, even those who are not paying for a monthly subscription. And if you want to find out about dozens more dating apps and site, you can always go ahead to DudeThrill.com and you’ll find everything and anything for your adult entertainment and dating needs.

Bottom line, these are some of the best dating apps over 2024. Not only have they been among the front runners for a long time, but they have been through a few major improvements over the past years, making dating more convenient than ever.