8 Best Destinations For A Weekend Getaway From NY

New York City is a place of love, wonder, and joy. Having traveled and explored NY all I can say is that ‘a person bored in New York, is someone that is bored of life’. This city has so much to offer anyone who loves to relish every bit of a new place, from its superlative night clubs to expansive arts and culture. A quick fact, New York is the fourth most populous state in America. This fact is immediately evident, as you travel around the city and experience life in the Big Apple.

Anyone visiting New York, no matter the reason, whether it is for work, to tour, or simply in search of a romantic getaway, ends up making oodles of memories. A weekend is not enough to travel to all heavenly destinations in New York. The best way to see all of them is by choosing and selecting a few places out of all the wonderful options to visit.  And if you need to leave your luggage somewhere for a few hours before hopping on your flight back on Sunday,  you can leave it with LuggageHero at Penn Station and other major stations throughout London.

Apart from renowned famous places, New York is full of smaller popular places that only the locals know about. These low-key places are amazing for weekends or for the last day of your tour.

As there are an unlimited number of destinations to visit, which of the few would be appropriate for a weekend getaway? To make a choice, here are eight enthralling and ideal places to spend a Saturday and Sunday.

1. Bear Mountain State Park

Are you someone who loves to go hiking on the weekend? Bear Mountain is a fantastic place to visit for the weekend. It has a beautiful zoo, a large swimming pool, and is surrounded by heavenly landscapes. There is a lot of history here. The hiking routes are a good combination of simple to very difficult. Make sure you wear solid shoes, as the terrain can be complicated in some areas. Climb on the top of the mountain to experience beautiful views.

Bear Mountain state park is a popular picnic destination for families. The park also has a spot that becomes an ice rink in winters where public skating sessions are organized.

2. The Hamptons

Source: bakerhouse1650.com

The Hamptons are a few hours’ drive from New York, in the far north of Long Island. The group of picturesque coastal towns includes Southampton, East Hampton, Amagansett, and Montauk.

You may have heard about the amazing East Hampton’s nightlife, but it is even more amazing when you actually experience it by yourself.

If you visit the Hamptons, especially the village of East Hampton, one of the most desirable places to stay at The Baker House 1650. It is what they call a Bed & Breakfast, speaking from my own experience at this hotel, I can add it as one of the best places to stay at while in The Hamptons.

3. Montauk

Source: Wikipedia

A perfect summer getaway – is how I define Montauk. This place has the best beaches you would ever find anywhere else in New York. The food options may shock you, the restaurants may vibrate you, but all the apprehension is worth the wait when you taste their finger-licking foods.

I was never a fan of beer but once I tasted the beer in Montauk, I doubt myself. More or less, one place will not harm your pocket too much and will give you a great pleasurable time.

4. Shelter Island

Source: The New York Times

Is Shelter Island the most underrated island? No, it is not. Rather, this island is a compilation of beaches, calming natural beauty, shopping centers, and restaurants.

If you want to propose to your girlfriend, I would highly recommend this place. It feels like you are in the lap of nature. For working professionals, this place helps to rejuvenate and build up energy to forge on.

5. Kingston

Source: Fine Art America

From History to farms, and music to murals, this place offers a vivid variety of charms to look forward to during the weekend. Kingston is located midway between New York and Albany, in the heart of the Hudson Valley.

The reserves in Kingston promote and always celebrate the culture and heritage of the area. One can book events for the weekends and probably enjoy a bewitching date here.

6. Saranac Lake

Source: TripAdvisor

Saranac Lab Museum is not a typical small-town museum; instead, it is a library of many local souvenirs. Of course, it offers a breathtaking view of the city’s past as a place for the research and healing of tuberculosis.

For camping with your friends, do make a getaway plan to Saranac Lake. To enjoy fully, pack your bags with all camping essentials.

7. Catskill

Source: Pixels

A visit to Catskill New York offers the opportunity to see the most spectacular views of the tallest waterfall in New York State.

I specifically want to mention Windham Mountain and the valley museum. The Windham Mountain because of its year-round entertainment with a guesthouse, night skiing, a golf course, an adventure park, an alpine spa, restaurants, and a mountain bike park that one can reach by lift; the Time and valley museum for its great effort to educate people about water. Here, you will learn about things that we often neglect in our daily lives.

8. New Paltz

Source: events.cornell.edu

It is important to choose the right destination to wind down your weekend trip since after the trip you are most likely to return to work for the rest of the month. To end this getaway, roam around New Paltz once.

If you have 2 hours on your hand, New Paltz is a lively town to visit. Book a hotel nearby to reduce the need to hop in and out of a taxi frequently. There are places where you can easily find a place to attain absolute relaxation.

Mohonk Nature Reserve, which houses the beautiful Shawangunk Mountains, protects 8,000 hectares of land and is the largest private nature reserve in New York. Tourists enjoy their weekends here by climbing, walking in nature and riding their bikes.

Ready to travel

Having too many places entangled in mind will not help. You need to choose a few but fabulous places to savor your weekend.

New York City has a lot to offer. However, my personal finding is that when you learn how to make the most of your travels, you will find that the destinations in and around New York will not only be fun but also useful. A trip to the area can turn into something more amazing than you expected. The changes you see in yourself after such a trip would be different and exciting.