2 Best Electric Standing Desks for Your New Workstation

A lot of people may not realize that sitting for prolonged periods may be very dangerous for your health. And a recent study that involved upwards of 200,000 people said that sitting for six hours or more per day is very risky for your physical health as well mental health. It’s also the main cause of back pain and muscle problems.

You can utilize a standing desk for a sound life that assists you with working quickly and feeling comfortable. In this article, we discuss the best standing desk and the advantages of it on your wellbeing. So here are the best standing desks that give you a thought dependent on the advantages and highlights of everything, which one may be appropriate for you.

1. Modish Standing Desk

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Frame Color: White/Black/Grey

stacking limit:275lbs

height adjustment up-to: “23.6 – 49.2″

Desktop shape: Rectangular / Curved

Lock Type: Smart

Desktop size: 48″ x 24″


Excellent adaptability

Set the time in advance and the desk will tell you when to sit and stand. There are multiple memory settings to store the desired height adjustment. A counterbalance framework gives the Float Table a smooth change.

Low noise level

This modern desk is Stable and quiet. It prevents interrupting the working environment. Though noise affects mood swings so by taking care of one’s mood patterns it has been designed

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Set and save your desired height

Motor electric standing desk 48×24 required height adjustable. which is going to accommodate nearly everyone now if you happen to be very tall over 6 feet.Easy leveling feet. Customization alternatives and height change range

Many sizes and shading decisions

Can be customized and has many shades including White/Black/Grey which looks nice and decent.

Loads of mounting focuses for embellishments

Smartly designed desk systems made Overload protected. Strong lifting power up to 275lbswhich is the maximum weight capacity.

Source: techbullion.com

Shrewd/smart lock

Flexispot offers a new range of smart locks which protect you from danger or any other trap.

Collision avoidance technology

Dual motor desk system Prevents pinching. It is a safety system designed to prevent a collision or decrease its severity in a few seconds before causing danger.

The Modish Standing Desk is remarkable among other standing work areas that benefit from the top-notch exclusive expectation quality values of steadiness. An issue that can be found for certain standing workspaces is that they might be somewhat flimsy, especially when reached out to more elevated levels. The Modish standing Desk is nicely stable and easily adjustable. There are so many options to choose from for Modish Standing Desk in sizes and colors and surely outline tones, you get underlying cable management and there are Rectangle or curved desktop models. The Modish and trendy Standing Desk is accessible in standard and business standing workspace structures.

2. Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

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Type: Motorized

Frame Color: EC3-Black/EC3-Grey

Height Range without Top Capacity: Pro: 2-stage Frame/Customization

Desktop shape: Rectangular / Curved

Desktop size: 48″ x 24″

Casters: No Casters/four Casters


Top-notch quality build

Ultra-responsive controls. It has a digital display. Commercial quality elevates your space. warranty over 7 years the overload protection and anti-collusion protection will also ensure that

High-quality cable designing

The under desk cable management makes cable management discreet and easy to maintain. The controller will shut down automatically to save energy Smart work healthy life

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Powerful electric motor

the motor is protected and nothing gets crushed or smashed if maybe your kids or someone happens to the sound of the motor it’s super quiet on top of that it’s pretty easy to put together

Luxurious style

T-style legs assemble in minutes.It is a water resistance desk and sets up most standing desks and it’s not overly complicated because it has just a few pieces.

Progressed Control Panel

With the energy-productive LED display, the smart desk system has a high-level keypad with 3 memory height presets, and a programmable sit/stand update system. You can change positions quickly at whatever point you need and get well-disposed alarms whenever it’s an optimal potential for success to have for you.

Exquisite Bamboo Surface

Because Bamboo is more grounded than any other wood. It climates well. Bamboo is more impervious to decay and distorting because of dampness when contrasted with most different woods. Rich materials, More oxygen for the planet, No synthetic substances required, It requires less water, It’s products are Better in any environment. Bamboo is monetarily viable. Lightweight furniture has gotten progressively well known and become a standard. It’s not difficult to ship your bamboo desk anywhere

Adequately stable to be utilized with walking treadmills, these two-legged desks offer outstanding ergonomics, stylistic theme choices, and cost viability. By a wide margin the most crowded class of sit-to-stand items, electric standing work areas are fueled by accuracy, direct engine drives, and effect change in height

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Standing Desks and some Psychological Health

  • Improve your mindset and mood-swings
  • You tackle problems sharply
  • Increase mind’s performance
  • Boost-up psychological power
  • Improve your inventiveness and creativity
  • Help you in pressure/stress management
  • Help you to manage your work smartly and sharply without delay

They work on your posture and assist you with staying away from the medical conditions related to unreasonable sitting. A height flexible desk has an association with your mind. It diminishes your anxiety, keeps you vigorous, and further develops your focus power.

While the demand for better quality and height-adjustable desks goes high, Flexispot presents the most progressive standing desks to people. These standing desks have best-in-class limits that permit you to accomplish a bigger number of things than simply sitting or staying in your workspaces. Additionally can be customized according to your style-will. Numerous studies have demonstrated that standing desks increase your mind’s presence and improve your energy level. We should talk about the mental advantages of standing work areas. Balance your better working involvement with the best office seat and best under-work area treadmill.