Buying Tips, Reviews & FAQs to Find the Best GPS Tracker for Cars in 2024


When it is about the safety of your vehicle, your loved ones, and employees while commuting or traveling, the installation of a GPS tracker for car is the best way to monitor and track at any time.  It is indeed an excellent choice for families with young kids, new drivers, as well as experienced ones, and for families to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing precisely where their children are when they take the car out.

If you have a number of cars or even just one that your staff members take out for business, GPS tracker for car is a good way to protect your equipment and obtain real-time info on your car’s location. Also, you can use this info to estimate delivery or pick-up times and reroute your drivers if needed for efficient travel times if there is a traffic jam.

A GPS tracker for a car is a useful protective measure that can help you deter car theft and quickly track and recover it in the case of a car stolen. This guide will help you answer any questions you may have about a GPS tracker for car and what features you need to consider to get the best one as per your requirements. For more detailed guidelines and to see a variety of GPS trackers for cars and pricing, you can visit

Things to Consider to Find the Best GPS Tracker for Car


When you shop for a GPS tracker, you will need to consider the following points to have the best bargain:

Delayed Real-Time or

Do you wish to see the precise location of your car at the moment? Alternatively, is it acceptable for you to see where it was a few minutes ago? In simpler words, would you like to have real-time monitoring or delayed monitoring? The real-time monitoring is precise, but it is more expensive.


Generally, these devices are compact, but the smallest is around the size of a cigarette lighter.

Life of the Battery

How frequently do you wish to charge your GPS device? A little one will have a small battery and will require charging on a weekly basis. A large one can stay active for months, but it is more difficult to conceal. Alternatively, you can eliminate the issue entirely by using a device that is connected to the car’s battery to ensure that it can get power constantly.



The presence of concealed features indicates that the device you select should not be excessively large and heavy.

Capabilities for Monitoring

Generally speaking, GPS trackers for car can be monitored via mobile applications or GPS.


We recommend GPS devices that are simple to install and conceal.


The cost of a car tracker varies according to model, brand, and overall functionalities. Thus, a high-quality and pricey device will be more functional and durable. On average, you will find the prices range between £50 and £250.

Coverage Area

You need to ascertain that the tracker you purchase is capable of covering the areas you frequently travel.

Technical Assistance

A GPS for cars is not a straightforward technical device; it requires a certain level of technical expertise. So, ensure that the company offers after-sales support.


They are divided into two types, i.e., active and passive. Both come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Active GPS Tracker


The active GPS tracker, as featured on, operates by continuously transmitting data through a satellite uplink. This functionality grants users immediate access to real-time information via websites or mobile apps. It empowers individuals to monitor their car’s live location at any given moment, enabling route retracing to verify traveled paths and ensure adherence to speed limits and authorized areas. However, while this active tracking offers compelling benefits, many car-centric solutions necessitate a subscription for accessing satellite networks. This trade-off is driven by the need for ongoing satellite communication services, potentially adding to the operational cost of maintaining comprehensive and up-to-the-minute vehicle surveillance.

Passive GPS Tracker

Passive GPS trackers offer an inconspicuous and cost-effective solution for car tracking, enabling the monitoring of vehicle movements. By silently recording GPS data without any active transmission, they ensure covert tracking without alerting the subject. This discreet approach makes them valuable for monitoring driving behaviors in cases like teen driving or employee fleet management, as well as for tracking personal trips for mileage records.

However, the absence of real-time tracking limits their application in recovering stolen vehicles or tracking live events. Their reliance on manual data retrieval through physical access and computer connection might also be seen as a drawback in scenarios where instant access to location data is crucial. Despite these limitations, passive GPS trackers provide an efficient way to analyze historical route data without incurring recurring expenses.

Important FAQs

The following FAQS will also help you understand GPS trackers for cars better.

How do these tackers work?

They function similarly to a satellite navigation device, i.e., by communicating with satellites orbiting the earth and downloading the precise location. Once the tracker has determined the location, it sends the info to your smartphone or laptop via mobile data networks.

How accurate are they?

They are amazingly accurate. A high-end tracker can locate a car within 8 feet of its precise location.

Where should a tracker be placed?


You can place it outside the car or inside a glove box, or under the seats.

Does it work in rural areas?

If the cellular service is blotchy in the rural area, it is possible that you experience spotty GPS coverage. It means that GPS is functional, but it is unable to send precise location info to your smartphone due to weak cellular signals.

Is it legal to install a GPS car tracker?

Yes, with a few exceptions. If you don’t legally own the car, you have no right to track it; it is also not legal to track another person’s car without letting them know. These are general guidelines that will vary by state, so we advise that you contact your local law enforcement if you need to ask more questions regarding the legality of using a GPS tracker for a car.

Now, whenever you are out to buy a GPS tracker for car, consider the info presented above, and you will surely find a great bargain for yourself. Please, do share your experience in the comments section.