How to Choose the Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Turkey?

Hair transplant is much easier to achieve today than it was years ago, mostly thanks to the advances in medicine and technology in general. Furthermore, more are also interested in the procedure than ever, inspired by the positive experiences of the previous patients.

However, it can still be challenging and intimidating to choose the right hair transplant doctor for your upcoming procedure. It is a serious thing to undergo and patients naturally want everything to go well, without any complications or problems. Therefore, they take a long time to narrow down the right doctor.

In the country of Turkey, there are many quality places where once can have a hair transplant, but not all of them are of equal expertise and experience. In this article, we will help you determine how to choose the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey. Many satisfied patients are thankful for Dr. Emrah Cinik, so make sure to check him out as well.

Choosing your Hair Transplant Doctor

As you may have guessed, choosing any kind of doctor no matter your desired procedure or operation is an important decision. As such, you have to approach it with great care and perform a lot of research beforehand. While you are deciding on a doctor for your hair transplant, it would be a smart idea to consider the following things:

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1. Experience

Experience is crucial in the world of medicine as experienced doctors have seen a lot more cases and performed numerous procedures during their decades in the business. A young doctor can never seem as trustworthy as their experienced colleague with between five to ten years in the field. It does not have to mean that new doctors are bad, on the contrary. They could be more proficient in the modern medicinal practices that their older peers, but people generally dislike the idea of someone fresh out of med school treating them.

If experience is what you value in your doctor, go ahead and visit their website in search of proof of their prior success. Most doctors offer their resumes for anyone willing to review them, where you can check their studies, specializations, expertise, and their whole work history. Judging by this information alone, you will be able to determine if that particular doctor is the right candidate you perform your hair transplant.

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2. Patient Satisfaction

Directly in line with the experience of a hair transplant practitioner is the satisfaction of the patients they have treated in the past. Like you would navigate the web in search of the doctor’s experience, you can look for reviews and recommendations by the patients who have had the same procedure you are looking to undergo. If you have already narrowed down a few doctors you deemed worthy of transplanting hair onto your head, make sure to read what other patients have to say about them.

In the reviews, look for anything and everything that will potentially make you like the doctor and their way of doing things. This ranges from the doctor’s behavior towards patients, the staff that helps him, the look, feel, hygiene, and state of their office, as well as the price of the procedure. If something feels off for you, you can always move on and look for another doctor. Similarly to this, if the doctor has largely negative reviews, and if their previous patients were not satisfied with the service, do not risk it as the same uncomfortable experience may be in store for you.

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3. Contribution to Science and Research

The best doctors in their respective fields are also among the best scientists and researchers in their fields of study. Medicine, science, and research go hand in hand, as there is no one without the other two. There is no person to study the overall field and contribute to it with their expertise than the actual specialists working in it. This is why all the best doctors in the world also do a lot of science work on the side, contributing to the general improvement of their area of medicine with every case and every patient they treat.

If you wish to locate the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey, do some more research and ask around for the one who is a well-known scientist or researcher too. If a doctor has worked tirelessly to make his techniques and methods more successful and comfortable and less invasive, it is obvious they care much more about their job and the well-being of their patients that doctors who simply perform the same procedure all the time. You deserve the best doctor there is, so try to find some research and scientific papers with the name of your chosen doctor attached to them. Evidence as clear as this is enough to guarantee that the doctor is the real deal and that they are going to approach your case with full attention, care, and professionalism.

Final Advice

As you can see, once it is dissected like this, it does not seem very hard to pick the right hair transplant doctor in Turkey. From what you read it could be said that it all comes down to the right amount of research, with three key things in mind: the experience of the doctor, their track record and patient satisfaction, and their general contribution to the field. You may realize that if a doctor has a strong presence in one of these, chances are they will excel in the other two. And you should not settle for anything else.

Finally, it goes without saying that other factors may influence your decision, some of which include the amount of time you might have to wait for the procedure, the total cost of the procedure with all the checkups, tests, and consultations, and the distance in Turkey you are willing to cover to get to your doctor’s office. However, the first three factors are far more important in choosing any kind of doctor, and they, therefore, apply to hair transplantations as well. All that is left for you is to hop online and look for the best hair transplant office that employs the best available doctor to treat you!