How Do You Get the Best Hit Out of a Dab?


The effect of cannabis and its use has been known since ancient times. Cannabis is a plant that originates from Central Asia, and due to its great popularity, it has a large number of different names and nicknames. Cannabis belongs to the group of hemp that has different useful properties. Textiles can be made from it, and various forms of intoxicants are obtained by processing. Lately, there has been talking of its medical uses for treatment and pain relief. In most countries, this plant is still illegal, but it is changing at an incredible speed. More and more countries allow its consumption or at least the consumption of forms without THC. Although the disadvantages of consuming this plant are known, it is still the most popular among young people. Some research shows incredible data: marijuana is in the second place when we talk about the popularity and use, just after the alcohol. So young people use marijuana more than cigarettes.

As the popularity of marijuana and its “experience” among young people increases, so do the different ways in which it can be taken and used. Therefore, the classic weed wrapping is almost an obsolete technique. By consuming marijuana in this way, you are consuming only 15-20% of THC. Consuming wax or oil is becoming increasingly popular. The wax and oil are heated to evaporation and by consuming this you can ingest 60-90% THC. You will admit it is really fascinating.


These new ways of using it and all the information we can hear on the street about this product inspired us to ask ourselves how we can get the most out of it in the best possible way when it comes to marijuana. All roads led to one and the same thing: dubbing. You may already have experience with dubbing, and you may not have heard of it, so we have asked our experienced friend Dr. Dabber a series of questions and we’re happy to share their answers with you. Let’s go in order, first to find out what dubbing really is.

Dubbing is an advanced technique of marijuana consumption. In this way, much more concentrated content is introduced. It used to be quite difficult to find dubbing equipment, while today it is no longer a problem. With our friend Dr Dabber, you have a whole collection of different apparatus.

So, if you are tired of classic marijuana smoking and want something really new, then try dubbing. So, for a good dub, you need dubbing equipment, but also wax or oil. As you already know, wax and oil are heated to a high temperature until they begin to evaporate. This is how the most concentrated THC is consumed. Temperature is key here. If it is too high, you can burn yourself and you will most likely be overwhelmed by a wave of strong coughing. If the temperature is too low, then the substance will burn without too much smoke and you have done nothing. Therefore, if you are using dubbing for the first time, let it be with someone experienced.


Although there are several different devices for silencing the dub, they mostly work on the same principle. They are most often reminiscent of bongs, but instead of hotspots where marijuana flowers are printed and burned, these braces have a heat-dissipating option. Like the bong, it has a steam cooling chamber as well as an inhalation tube.

There is also a banger that looks like an ordinary bucket. It is usually made of quartz and is able to withstand very high temperatures. Therefore, evaporation is much better and much greater.

Increasingly popular and relatively new on the market are dub pens. There are many of these pens; however, each works the same way. Its use may not seem easy at first glance. However, nothing is too complicated, and you can find help on Dr. Dabber’s website. We have already mentioned how important temperature is for proper consumption. The temperature of the lead should be somewhere between 450 and 550 F. Right after the first dub you will feel the delicate taste, and very quickly the maximum when it comes to the effect. If you are buying a pen like this, our suggestion is one that has a temperature regulator, to make sure it works perfectly. If you still do not have a pen with a temperature regulator, if you feel a too sharp taste of steam, you know that the temperature is higher than necessary.

For your dub equipment to function perfectly and provide you with the best, then you must take into account the conditions and manner of storage and maintenance of these devices. Wax and oil, when heated, dissolve and can leak out. If this procedure is repeated several times and is not maintained, it can seriously damage and clog the appliance. When it comes to the pen, it is very important to keep it upright during immersion and after use. Cleaning these gadgets is very simple so don’t run away from them. Simply wipe the product with a damp cloth or slightly damp cloth. We are careful not to reach for electrical components with damp cloths. Anything left over after consumption can be scraped off and reused. However, do not be too harsh so as not to damage parts of the device.

What else do you need to know to make the weed as strong as possible


It is not enough just to have quality equipment. It is also important to know which type of concentrate is right for you. For now, there are 5 most popular types of concentrates or 5 different extracting methods.

Butane Oil (Butane Hash Oil, BHO) Extraction. This is a well-known method in various industries including pharmaceutical and food. It is environmentally friendly and safe; this resulted in a shatter that somewhat resembled glass. The rest is popular and is extremely clean. This method can also be used to make the crumble, which is really the easiest to use and it is very easy to measure the amount. Wax was also obtained by this method. However, it is quite sticky and can leave a lot of clutter behind.

Ethanol Extract is one of the most popular and easiest ways to make a concentrate. THC is extracted with the help of ethanol, after which it is refined to release ethanol.

Water Extraction, as its name suggests, uses cold water to extract THC. It is true that water is not known as a solvent, but this method still works and is very effective. This method obtained an aqueous hash. It is not as solid as wax and not as liquid as oil, somewhere between the two.

Isopropyl Oil Extraction uses alcohol as a method of extracting THC. Dried flowers are soaked in alcohol, and alcohol is evaporated by squeezing the mixture.

Each concentrate differs in consistency and THC content. It will also bring a different dub experience. Either way, once you take a great blow to the oak you forget about classic marijuana consumption.