10 Best Honeymoon Destinations for Adventurous Couples

While getting married is only the beginning of a long and incredible journey, there is no reason not to make the first step on this road a memorable one. A honeymoon is something special. Maybe you visit some unusual destination for every holiday, but that only makes it even more important to have a truly exceptional honeymoon. That is why it is essential to select a good place for a trip that will forever be a part of your love story. If we have a couple of adventurous spirits on our hands, where should two of them go if they want to commemorate their love in the best possible way?

So once you have reached a decision, check out honeymoongoals.com, and find the perfect destination and resort. Until then, allow us to give some suggestions. So let’s continue and find out more about the ten best Honeymoon Destinations for Adventurous Couples.

1. Galapagos Islands

Source: Steppes Travel

Choosing some island is never a bad choice. Galapagos Islands should ring a bell to anyone who paid attention in school. And if you are fascinated by stories of Charles Darwin and his voyage, this could be a good choice for the two of you. Encounter with amazing animals from nearby is just part of this particular adventure. But it should still be mentioned that there are some incredibly precious and rare animals there. So how do giant tortoises, marine iguanas, and blue-footed boobies sound? If it makes you feel the excitement, there is even more good news. There is also an option to swim or kayak with equally astonishing sea wildlife.

2. Hawaii

Source: Audley Travel

Allow us to continue with a classic. Just because we are craving adventure doesn’t mean we can’t also unwind and enjoy ourselves. So for anyone trying to have a balanced honeymoon, Hawaii is the way to go. Breathtaking views will be a feast for the eyes, at least as much as your partner is to you. But venture out from the hotel and have some more excitement while hiking. The beauty of Hawaii is that one doesn’t have to spend their entire time on the beach or in the hotel.

3. Las Vegas

Source: Fodors Travel Guide

The next destination is maybe not for everyone, or more precisely, it is the best for those who want to get “wild.” But we are sure that when some of us hear adventure, we hear some dices rolling. Las Vegas is a Mecca for people who value this type of exhilaration. There is no need to explain how remarkable the hotels are there or what they offer to tourists. If this sounds like a way to spend the honeymoon, why not give Las Vegas a shot? Maybe your partner is not the only jackpot that you can win.

4. Marrakech

Source: Forbes

Some people are looking for something more exotic, and exactly that is what this city in Morocco offers to visitors. Found on a very foothill of the famous Atlas Mountains, there are beautiful scenes to be seen, music to be listened to, and excellent cuisine that will surprise you with its flavors. Ever wanted to ride a mule or a camel in a desert? Or maybe look upon sunsets from an air balloon? It is hard to imagine that anyone could run out of things to do in Marrakech.

5. Golden Triangle

Source: Thailand South Africa

Thailand has become a must-visit destination. There are more than one locations to go there on a honeymoon, but one place that stands out is the Golden Triangle.  It is found on the borders of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. So you know there is something magical there. Want to befriend some elephants? Go on a jungle walk? It is all possible, and there are Four Seasons accommodations available. Therefore we know that we can also rest properly.

6. Paris

Source: ArchDaily

No matter what kind of spirit we have, no honeymoons list is complete without Paris. It is called a city of love for a reason, so don’t doubt there will be something to do and see while visiting the French capital. For the best possible experience, make sure to visit those places that made Paris this famous. The Seine River, the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, there truly are many places a couple should visit, and Paris will leave you craving for more.

7. Fiji

Source: Budget Your Trip

Maybe you already visited Hawaii, and now, you are looking for something as beautiful, but don’t want to repeat yourself and go there again. Well, some islands can give Hawaii a run for their money, and Fiji is a prime example. Want to go windsurfing or perhaps traverse the rainforest? These are just some of the things that can make your visit to Fiji unforgettable.

8. Machu Picchu

If fresh air, charming nature, and a bit of physical challenge are what we are craving, then Machu Picchu is the answer to all of our dreams. Inca ruins will make sure this will also be a bit of an educational trip, and there will be tales to share with your dear friends. When speaking of holidays that will be remembered forever, Machu Picchu will always be on top of the list.

9. Queenstown

Source: Wikipedia

When it comes to beautiful landscapes that can stun any of us, let us remember what moviemakers taught us. Just go to New Zeeland. Queenstown is a good starting point, and there will definitely be plenty of activities for you even there. But don’t put limits on the honeymoon, as there are many places to explore in New Zeeland that will make that special holiday simply perfect.

10. Cape Town

Source: The Star

How about we finish with South Africa? So many marvelous possibilities await you there, only if you dare. Want to try swimming with great white sharks? There are cages involved, no reason to be afraid, and one should only be excited about opportunities. If we prefer land, safari is our answer. There are so many things to see and try in Africa, and no better place to start than here.

Summing up

As we saw, the world is clearly a spectacular place. When picking an ideal accommodation for your honeymoon, options are numerous, so go with your gut feeling and just go with what looks like a match made in heaven for the two of you.