3 Best Honeywell Scanner Holsters 2024

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The scanner is one of the more important pieces of equipment for large shops. Walking back and forth to check an item for customers can be very exhausting and ineffective. While prices are supposed to give the information themselves, it’s not uncommon for them to get dislocated or damaged, leading to scanners being the best solution. However, these devices are a bit too clumsy to carry around, which is why we need a holster for them.

1. Squids 5540 Barcode Scanner Holster with Belt Loop

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Next up, we have a proper industrial grade choice. Squids 5540 barcode scanner holster is well-equipped to handle the toughest of environments. Abrasion is no problem for this item, and the polyester that it’s composed out of will give us very formidable prevention of any rips and tears in the holster.

The formidable durability of the item is one of its most important traits and an important component of its quality. The added benefit is the versatility of the holster. It can close and secure around belt loops and any other form of clothing or equipment you have on. This makes the item especially useful to those who have a few varied engagements in a workplace and may need to juggle the equipment around. Without any worry in mind, you can strap this holster on.

With Squids 5540 holster, you get additional storage too. This comes in the form of two pockets found on the holster, which can be used for any type of tool or utility that comes to mind. The pockets are deep enough to accommodate a variety of items. With the two size options, this spacious nature of the item can be enhanced. Additionally, the holster contains two elastic loops that can be used for further equipment storage.

This holster is rather comfortable too, so you can rest easy knowing it won’t end up causing pain or bother you throughout the day. Even if you wear it around the waist, it won’t sink into your skin and cause irritation.

2. Agoz Honeywell Scanner Holster

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The first holster on our list comes from Agoz. This manufacturer is known for their durable and versatile holsters that can accommodate any style of carrying you’d like. With Azog’s holsters, you get military-grade holsters with heavy-duty fabrics utilized in its creation.

This material composition makes it so no amount of weight that the scanner puts on the holster is too much for it to handle. It will prevent tears and damage from occurring no matter which of the supported scanners we end up carrying about.

As far as supported handheld barcode scanners go, this holster can easily accommodate quite a few of them. Among these are Honeywell Dolphin CT40, CT50, CT50h, CT60, CN51, CN75, and CN75e. Keep in mind this is specifically in relation to Honeywell products and the item may be compatible with some other items of similar form.

The item will provide ample comfort and the ability to grip the scanner straight out of the holster. In addition, the handheld grip design allows you to quickly engage in scanning items without having to spend too much time fiddling with the holster.

Agoz also provides quick access to plentiful models in their catalog. All of the items can be found on www.agoztech.com. With the durability and effectiveness counted in, you’ll quickly find yourself with a comfortable holster that won’t get quickly worn out.

It’s possible to mount this holster both vertically and horizontally. Allowing you to carry it over the shoulder, around the waist, or in any other way you see fit.

3. Honeywell 815-087-001 – Holster

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Now for a rather simple handheld scanner holster, we have Honeywell’s own holster. Again, the make of it is simple and the options for its use aren’t quite as varied as others, but it does the job well.

This simple holster can be used to slot in the handheld scanner with no problems. A single scanner slot is all it provides, but that may be all you need. After all, if quick access to a handheld scanner is all you require, there’s no need to get other features associated with these items. It’s decently resilient too, with the ability to handle the rough effects of the environment. Physical damage is also easy to prevent with the built-in resilience of the item.

The simplicity has its boons, the belts found on this item will be quite handy in adjusting the way you wear the item around. Whether you are carrying around your waist or your shoulder doesn’t matter. There’s enough length to choose your own carrying style without losing on the comfort of the item.

Comfort is quite important to us because the frequent use of the item and the entire day of carrying it around can end up negatively impacting us. The damage induced by uncomfortable belts is quite a troublesome factor from slight irritation to outright friction burns. Thankfully, this item will allow you to avoid it entirely.

The size should accommodate most standard-issue handheld scanners. However, it’s always fruitful to check what sort of model you have.


The overall impact we’ll feel with the right holster is quite large. When we carry the handheld scanner around for a long time, the first thing we’ll notice is the comfort of the holster. We should never feel burdened or strained by the holster, it should always provide us with ample support and neglect the weight of the handheld scanner.

The scanner itself should slot into the holster easily and be easy to deploy from the holster. It’ll cut down the time we spend on deploying it significantly and allow us to offer quick service to whoever may need it.

Lastly, being able to endure different sources of stress is wildly important. This not only means our handheld scanner will be firmly stored in the holster but protected from potential damage as well. With all those details filled out, you’ll find the optimal scanner.