10 Best Logo Templates for Photoshop

Nowadays, everyone understands the meaning of a logo in the normal functioning and development of any company. It is an identification mark, a kind of brand marking. That is why well-known companies don’t mind spending money for the logo development. They just know that all of this money will more than pay off in the future.

Logo development is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Some of them are designed by entire studios and teams of professional designers and marketers. However, even the best design studios use specialized programs that are available in the public domain to create logos. One of these programs is Photoshop. It is perfect for you if you need to make a simple logo on your own. You can, of course, make a more complex logo in it, but this will require a very good knowledge and ability to work with the program.

It is also worth noting that Photoshop was not originally developed for drawing illustrations, logos, and other branding elements. However, the latest versions have all the necessary tools for this – the ability to draw freely, edit shapes, and add ready-made raster elements. Due to the fact that the work process is strongly tied to layers, you can interact simultaneously with a large number of graphic elements and quickly make any adjustments to them, if necessary during the work.

As an example, we can cite the famous Apple logo. Before the release of each new apple smartphone model, customers take a few weeks to queue in front of the company’s brand store. They just want to be the first to buy a gadget on the backside of which is a recognizable bite of an apple. And it’s not about the best features of the smartphone, but only the brand!

Are you creating a new logo for your company or personal brand? And looking for fresh original icons that could be the basis for it? Then let us make your search easier. In this article, we present a selection of the 10 most famous and popular logo templates for Photoshop, such as Template.net.

So, they include:

1. Free Floral Logo Templates in PSD, AI, EPS

Source: free-psd-templates.com

These logos are often used by beauty salons, florist shops, cosmetic brands, and companies that provide floral services. Such an image is also suitable for other organizations that try to give the emblem sensuality and tenderness if it concerns their occupation. An interesting fact is that floral logo templates are chosen by many owners of photo studios and coffee bars. They are completely compatible with Adobe Photoshop.

Enjoy these templates from Free-Psd-Templates!

2. Animal Series – A to Z

Source: behance.net

Look at these logo templates of animals and birds designed in a modern and minimalist style to convey a certain mood and character. Such images convey an emotion that is inherent to a particular animal, attract attention, and often help reflect the company’s occupation. Pets, birds, and other animals are often used by pet shops. Shelters use images of the animals they worked with, security companies bear the image of predators, animal activists – any animal.

3. 15 Free Minimal Logo Template

Source: behance.net

These minimal logos templates help companies cut off everything superfluous and focus on the most important thing. Today, many brands are beginning to use minimalism. It leaves things simple to understand and directs them in the right direction. In this case, the purpose of branding is to make someone think and feel the same way as you do. The simple design makes it easy to remember.

4. 12 Nature Logo Templates

Source: dribbble.com

Would you like to make a logo for a florist? It is so easy to use greenery and flowers depicted in these logos. This collection consists of 12 beautiful images of plants for florist companies or beauty salons. It is so obvious to use the image of your product in the corporate identity of the company.

5. Delightful – Logos Pack

Source: dribbble.com

These logos templates for women emphasize beauty, elegance, harmony of images, smooth curves of the silhouette. They can be both minimalistic, with just a few strokes, and more complex, combining several techniques, for example, the image along with the lettering.

6. 12 Floral Logo Templates

Source: dribbble.com

Look at these floral logo templates. Flowers are always a joy and a feeling of a holiday, a feeling of the moment. Each flower in its own way gives a special world of fragrance and beauty so that a person begins to feel loved. That is why people decorate their lives and the lives of loved ones with flowers. With the help of flowers, your company can convey to a person the most intimate thoughts and feelings.

7. 25 Delicate Feminine Logos

Source: dribbble.com

These templates are used by companies with features associated with “traditional” femininity, such as grace, softness, warmth, elegance. If you want to emphasize these features in your branding, choose a classic feminine logo. Use calligraphic, handwritten fonts, intricate lines, curved shapes as well as pink or other pastel colors.

8. 8 Free Logo Templates & 3 Photoshop Styles

Source: Photoshop Styles

You can use these logo templates whatever your company is: a restaurant, store, beauty salon, or bakery. They are not just pictures but important aesthetic elements in the design of the goods or services. You can use it for personal or commercial use.

9. 200 Minimal Logos Template

Source: behance.net

These logos, crafted with refined elegance, embody the art of simplicity, making them perfect for companies aiming to communicate their essence in the clearest way possible. Designed in Photoshop, each logo ensures clarity and immediate recognition, effectively telling the story of the brand it represents. This collection emphasizes minimalism, using Photoshop’s sophisticated tools to strip away unnecessary elements, focusing solely on what is essential. For businesses striving to make a sophisticated statement without overwhelming their audience, this array of logos offers discreet yet distinctive options. Ideal for those looking to convey their brand identity with a touch of class, these templates leverage Photoshop’s capabilities to create logos that resonate with elegance and simplicity.

10. 20 Hands & Logo Templates

Source: behance.net

It is a large collection of logos, the authors of which decided to take stylized images of human hands as a basis. These templates depicting hands express friendliness and kindliness. The image of the hand as an important means of human communication is used in logos of many organizations, public and charitable foundations, medical and social institutions.

Company logos play an important role in its promotion and development. The purpose of the logo is to convey its idea to the target audience of the company. Qualitative logos distinguish the product and the company from a competitive environment. In the eyes of attentive consumers, the corporate identity of the company solves a lot, if not all. At different stages in their history, companies use different variations of their emblems which emphasize its values, loyalty to traditions, community, and other qualities. This article will help you choose a successful logo for your organization.