5 Best Luxury Watches that are Worth Your Investment

Owning a luxury watch is something most of us can only dream of doing, and for one reason, they command some hefty price tags. However, these luxury watches are a very lucrative investment if you can afford one, especially if you understand how the market works. There are several categories of luxury watches out there costing a fortune. As a result, it can be a daunting task to decide which one gives you the best value for your money.

Even if you can afford one, it is essential to do some research before you decide on which way to go. Some watches offer you more benefits, and if you are really committed to getting one, it is a sizeable but worthy investment. Especially since this is something, you will have on you each day. In the modern day, Omega and Rolex watches have found their way into the hearts of many, and not just the white-collar professionals.

They have become a fashion statement with the ability to add that final touch to accessorize a particular outfit. These watches can go well with almost anything, which is why they have become so popular today. To help you make the right investment decision, if you decide to get a luxury watch, here are the list we made with in collaboration with this site, of a few watches that are guaranteed to make it worth your while.

1. The Rolex Explorer (2016)

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Rolex is an iconic brand with some of the most notable Rolexes being the Submarine, and Daytona makes. The Rolex Explorer is an excellent addition to this line, making it an authentic choice. The Explorer made history as being the first-ever watch at the helm of Mt. Everest. It has come a long way into becoming among the top brands, and this model takes the crown as being among the best watches of all time.

The 2016 Rolex Explorer features a sleek and impeccable design that ensures that you can use it to accessorize any outfit. It also has luminous numbers and hands that are easily visible even in poor lighting conditions. The best thing about this watch is that it has a subtle outlook besides just looking perfect. This is what gives it an edge over some of the other models that are a bit eye-catching. To get the Rolex Explorer, you will have to part with $6,000, and it is expected that this value can only go up as time passes.

2. The Rolex Submariner

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The Submariner from Rolex is among the most widely popularized luxury watches in history. The design of this remarkable watch has continued to be redefined through the years, with a lot of other brands trying their best to come close to its popularity. There have been numerous imitations of this brand that haven’t quite gotten the edge that this watch has.

The Rolex Submariner is an incredible choice for those who can afford to part with over $7,000. Among the Submariner brands that command attention is the No Date and Sea Dweller variants with various tweaks to make them stand out from the original variant. The Submariner has spare straps to allow you to switch things up if you so please.

3. The Omega Seamaster 300 Series

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The first diving watch brands were designed to be practical without much attention to aesthetics. They are usually optimized for use underwater. However, the Omega Seamaster 300 shows you that these types of watches can also have some style with them. This watch is now among the best diving watches with an authentic and remarkable design appeal in today’s market. It has a classical and artistic look that can be traced back to Omega’s incredible history in the manufacturing of watches from the Seamaster brand.

The Omega Seamaster 300 utilizes innovative technology to complement its whole aesthetic design. It features a ceramic bezel that has metallic accents. The back is made out of glass, where you can easily view the co-axial motion. For those seeking a watch that stands out from the rest, the Seamaster 300 is the perfect way to go. The 6,600-dollar price tag is well worth it since it comes with an extra metallic wristband. You could also choose to swap it out with a fabric strap to give you choices when you want to appear casual or otherwise.

4. The Tudor Black Bay Watch

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Tudor isn’t a trendy watch brand when it comes to the realm of luxury products if you compare it with the other two models. However, it is a watch that brings with it a sophisticated functionality, partly since Rolex owns the brand. The Black Bay Tudor watch is now changing how this watch commands attention thrusting it into the first-class watch category. It comes in at $3,250, which is almost half of what you pay to get a Rolex Submariner.

The Black Bay watch could be seen as a much more affordable choice if you are looking to be a part of the Luxury watch world. The best thing about this watch is the vast array of color options that you get, which is extremely rare for Rolex watches. The Tudor Black Bay has a semi-vintage variant with a gold face, complemented by the black accents.

5. Rolex Daytona

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The Rolex Daytona is the second most popular Rolex watch, only coming after the iconic Rolex Submariner. This variant was first developed in the early 60s and made its mark as a reputable motorsport watch. This is mainly because of its chronographic design that comes of as bold. Its dial gives a high level of accuracy, and as the years have passed, this watch has always managed to maintain its trademark style and sleekness.

Although its design has continued to evolve with time, the 2016 variant could quite possibly be the best Daytona model yet owing to its incredible ceramic bezel design. It ensures that this watch looks fantastic and extremely durable. The Rolex Daytona watches command quite a sizeable price tag, with offers starting from $12,500. You can expect this watch to further increase in value later in the future.

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