5 Best Messaging Platforms for Laptop and PC in 2024

The popularity of messaging applications and programs on Windows, Linux or Mac is not as big as on Android or Apple phones. You probably have noticed that when you open up the Play Store or the App Store, you are met with hundreds of different messaging apps that you didn’t even ask for. They are filled with all kinds of features that are attractive enough to bait you into downloading it. You have a number of options available and you easily pick the one that suits your needs the best.

However, you will be surprised to know that there are several such applications on computers too. You do not have to limit your texting experience just to your tablets or phones. And no, we are not talking just about Skype, there are several other much more polished and effective programs. Here are some of the best ones in 2024.

1. Discord

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This might not be the most professional option on the list since it has quite a modern and “gamer” look, but Discord is packed with so many features that you simply cannot ignore it. It would be nice to give up on all those other professional looking messaging platforms and discover something more unique and casual.

The creation of an account is easy and you won’t need a telephone number which is a benefit for some and a disadvantage for others. It depends on your taste. Once you have made your account, choose your nickname or just use your name and you are set. With the click of one button, you will have access to millions of different channels. You can find channels related to gaming, movies, TV series, business, cryptocurrency, basically, anything you can think of, you will find it.

If you do not like any of the channels you found, you can easily create your own. If you value your privacy, you can make it invite-only and no one will be able to enter without a link provided by the admin (in this case, you).

Once you start using Discord, you will discover hundreds of different features. You are able to send photos and videos as high as 8MB/s, you are able to live stream anything on your screen to your friends, coworkers or family with just the click of a button. What’s great about the stream is that the delay is almost one second, which is useful when you trying to show something on your computer.

If you want a higher quality stream (1080p at 60FPS), you will either need to upgrade your account to the Nitro level. You also have the option to boost your server, but everyone can chip in this boost, you won’t have to pay everything out of your wallet. If ten people do a $5 boost per month, you will have much better audio quality, highest quality streams, you can add your own custom animated logo and you will be able to upload bigger files.

2. WhatsApp

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We could make the argument that WhatsApp is objectively the best app for messaging right now on every platform and no one would be able to counter argument because it is a fact. When it comes to phones, it is lightweight, it’s easy to use, it has a dark mode (which is great for your eyes) and the chat is pretty straightforward. What’s not to love?

Fortunately, you do not have to be stuck to your phone throughout the entire day to chat with your friends or your coworkers, because WhatsApp is also available on PCs and laptops. If you do not want to bother with complicated servers like Discord or TeamSpeak, you will just need to add your phone number and you are set.

It is a cross-platform messaging application which means you will be able to call and text anyone you want. It won’t matter whether they are on a Mac, on an iPhone or on a Galaxy phone. The messages you send from your computer will reach them.

The account you create on your PC can be used on your phone too. What’s great about this cross-platform account is that you can log in on two or more devices and the messages will always be synchronized. If you are connected to the internet, of course. If you can’t find a way to install this application on your PC, all you need is WhatsApp Web and you can read more about it here.

3. Skype

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It might not be the feature-rich or interesting app on the market, but it still deserves a mention on this list. If you have Windows 10 then you probably already have Skype on your computer, so if you do not want to bother about installing new programs and creating new accounts, just type Skype in your Windows Search Bar.

Skype is mostly used by businesses to communicate, but if you have no intention to use it as a way to contact your coworkers, it is still a great way to message your friends or family members. It allows you to chat, calls and video call individuals and you also have the option to video call in a group too. Believe it or not, but on Skype, you can actually host a video call with 50 people at the same time. So, if you have a wider group of close friends, you should definitely start using it.

4. Slack

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The interface on Slack is attractive enough to convince you to delete every other communication application you have on your computer and all of your other devices. It is very clean, easy to understand and soft enough to keep your eyes from hurting. Just the right amount of information is shown in front of you.

Slack is also a favorite for businesses and teams to use because it has a bunch of features that can help people coordinate. You can even use the app’s bot (Slackbot) to schedule online meetings, notifications, alarms and a delayed message to a certain individual. The bot is like an online assistant which is one of the main reasons why people find Slack so attractive.

5. Troop

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Troop Messenger is well-known for offering excellent services as an office chat app to a wide range of industries or domains, such as software, healthcare, banking, and additionally defense organizations, political parties, government agencies, and others. So, you can guess how secure this defense-validated tool must be.

Troop Messenger has a strategy of offering a safe and secure platform for its clients, which is why it highly recommends being on-premise chat, while it can also be offered via chat APIs and SDKs, SaaS, and other models.

Troop Messenger’s key advantage is that users don’t have to rely on several tools to carry out their regular tasks or daily operations. Apart from texting, file sharing, HD audio/ video calls, and other capabilities, it is a complete team collaboration tool that includes screen sharing, remote access, video/ audio conference, and other features that make office and remote teams’ work life easier. Hence, you’ll save time, and teams won’t have to disperse their priorities from tool to tool because everything is accessible through the same UI, increasing business productivity.