Top 3 Best Mobile Tracker Apps for Android Devices in 2024

Mobile tracker apps are in numbers on the web, but it is a tough job for a layman to choose one out of hundreds. Most of the aspirants used to of visiting the first page of Google once they search to get their hands the tool that empowers them to track android devices. The rise and the rise of marketing strategies have created serious issues for the buyers to choose worth buying tracking software for android cellphones.

It is not necessary that the product that ranks higher on Google be the ultimate one. However, products that are well built, packed with features that follow the needs of the users, reasonable price, and user –friendly interface, would decide the striking ability of a cellphone tracking app for android.

Today, I am going to a short review of the top 3 best mobile tracker apps that are worth your time. Without further ado, let’s take a look at it.

1. OgyMogy


OgyMogy cell phone spy app is an application that enables you to track person cellphone activities. Worried parents, employers, and individuals usually use it on their target mobile devices. Parents can get to know what kids are up to in cyberspace using a mobile phone. A business owner can keep checking employee’s activities on business provided phones in work time, and individuals can use it for many activities. Phone tracker software can let you track live calls, read messages, track GPS location, and social media logs. Furthermore, it is capable of recording the live screen of an android device and monitor emails.

The activities performed on a cellphone get recorded and delivered to the dashboard that you can access it from any time and any place.

OS support:

It supports the mobile phone devices running with Android operating systems and works secretly on the target cellphone running up to OS version 10 and above.

Basic Features:

Live online control panel:

You can use an online control panel to use all of its features and to upload the data into it remotely after the installation.

Live screen recording:

It records short videos of the screen when the target mobile user is up the cellphone and delivers recorded videos to the dashboard.

Read Messages:

You can read the logs of sent and received text messages by using the text messages tracker tool.

Record Live phone calls:

Users can record android phone calls, incoming and outgoing, and you can save and send the data on the dashboard.


Remote captures screenshots when the target person is using a cellphone device.


Users can record and capture password keystrokes, messenger, messages, and email keystrokes used on the target phone.

IM’s call recording & logs:

You can read the instant messaging apps logs by tracking a phone and you can record live IM’s VoIP calls and save the data on the dashboard.

As with most android tacking apps, OgyMogy is easy to install and configure. You can get subscription and get physical access on the target cellphone to configure the application settings.

2. TheOneSpy


TheOneSpy is one of the feature-rich phone tracker apps that I have ever tested over the years. It is the only one of its kind that offers IM’s call recording, live surround listening, and live camera streaming on Android phones. Most of its features do not require rooting the target cellphone, and users can get instant results by using its most advanced and powerful tools. It is best for digital parenting and arguably well-built for the surveillance of employee mobile devices.

It further enables users to read messages, record live calls, capture screenshots, and remotely prevents activities, block incoming calls, internet access, and text messaging activities.

OS support

It is compatible with mobile and tablet devices of Android OS, and you can use it on the contemporary OS version 10 and above. It works under complete secrecy and remains undetected.

Basic features:

Call recording:

Users can record mobile incoming and outbound calls and save the recorded calls data on the dashboard.

IM’s VoIP calls:

It empowers you to record instant messaging apps (one-sided) Voice calls of Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, and Google Hangouts without rooting.

Social media messenger tracker:

Users can read the logs of social messaging apps running on target handset, messages, conversations, voice messages, voice, and video call logs.

Live surround listening:

It enables you to control a cellphone microphone remotely to record and listen to the surrounding sounds and voices in real-time.

Text messages tracker:

You can track sent and received text messages on the mobile device and text conversations.

Unlikely typical phone trackers, TheOneSpy is worth buying because of exclusive features, easy to configure, and because of its dashboard application.

3. Mspy


Do you want to track someone’s android phone? The easiest way to get the job done is to use Mspy on the target android phone. Download the mobile tracker software on the target device, and then you are good to go after having access to the web control panel. It does not require rooting the mobile device. It has all the features that most people likely to have. Once it is activated, you can use the dashboard to access the information collected from the android phone as phone calls, messages, browsing history, and GPS location. It also has advanced features, social media logs, keylogger, and many more.

It is not a typical mobile tracking app that claims to be the best in the business, but because of features, installation, and easy to configure has made it one of the best in phone trackers.

OS support:

The mobile tracker app is compatible with the cellphone devices of Android without root, and you can use it up to OS version 9.

Basic Features:

Record calls:

Users can record calls on the android cellphone device and save the data via an online dashboard.

Text messages:

You can read the messages sent/received on the cellphone device and conversation logs.

Internet history:

You can track visited websites and bookmarking activities on installed web browsers.

GPS location:

Users can track the pinpoint location of a cellphone and monitor location history virtually on Google Maps.

Mspy is my pick for the top 3 cellphone tracker apps, and without the shadow of the doubt, I would rate this application among the top brats.