4 Best Place to Live in Texas Near Water in 2024

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Living on the northern side of the United States has its benefits, but a lot of people get tired of the constant cold, long winters, and short summers. Sure, snowy days can be a delight and can even make the darkest series shine bright throughout the day. But, I think it is safe to say that snow is not enough to convince someone to stay on that side of the US. So, if you are one of those people that wants to move to a more Southern location where it is warmer, Texas might be your best option.

However, you should never forget that there is also a downside to living in the southern part of the US. The summers can be very hard and even dangerous in mid-July or August. The temperatures can easily reach up to 110 during August and even September. So, if you are coming from colder parts of the world, I would recommend searching for a place in Texas that is near somebody of water.

Why is this important? Well, having a place where you can quickly dip into the water to cool off and relax under the shade next to the water is something essential for states like Texas. I would not recommend buying a property that is too far from any kind of river or lake.

So, if you truly want to move to this beautiful state, I am going to help you find the best place to live near water while in Texas.

1. Austin

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Who knew that one of the best places to live in Texas is actually the state capital known as Austin? I find this city quite remarkable because of the fact that it is quite affordable considering that it is the state capital. You get to live in a full-grown city with all kinds of cultures, restaurants, skyscrapers and everything else you would find in a place such as New York City or San Francisco, you will not have to pay that metropolitan tax. Even most residents there claim that it is quite affordable.

Of course, you have to consider the fact that it is still a city and it will be more expensive than other nearby locations and suburban neighborhoods.

Another thing I have to admire about Austin is just how well-developed people’s culture is. It has quite a cultural heritage from Latino roots and has dozens of different festivals every year. It truly is an amazing place and most importantly, you have a body of water nearby to call yourself off or to go on a boat trip. It may not be the best option for this, but Lake Water E. Long does have a boat ramp and the Colorado River is also a nice option.

2. San Antonio

Most people probably think that Texas is a dry place and full of deserts, but that is far from the truth. So many of Texas’ cities are surrounded and full of rivers or lakes. A great example of that is San Antonio. It goes even more to the south than Austin, Dallas or Houston, but it still has several lakes surrounding it.

If you do decide to live in San Antonio, I would suggest checking out the Medina, Mitchell, Victor Braunig, and Calaveras lakes. Most of these have small parks and beaches which you can check out. I would also recommend checking out the RV campground at Medina, especially if you have an RV. Here you can relax and forget about all of your troubles.

If you have checked out San Antonio and the options about living there, I can assume that you are probably interested in making the move. However, you will still need a fair bit of cash to move there which means you have to sell your house as quickly as possible. Your best option would be to consider house buyers which can provide you with a good cash offer and a fast closing date as suggested by Four 19 Properties. A lot of people who are moving out of Granbury, for instance, and selling the house there has never been easier.

3. Houston

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Now we are getting into the expensive part of Texas. Honestly, I do not exactly understand why Houston and Austin are so close to each other, but the difference in price between these two is huge. Houston is definitely not affordable and is more similar in pricing with other major cities. You have to prepare your budget for expensive living.

However, for those that do not mind the larger expenses, it is a great place for culture and for finding a job. Houston is a great opportunity for anyone that is looking for a new start, new education, and a career with big potential. Houston is also a great attraction for music, famous artists, and all kinds of other events.

But, the best thing about Houston is the fact that the Gulf of Mexico is not that far away. Sure, 50 miles might not seem like the most optimal distance, but driving to the Gulf of Mexico will not take you any more than half an hour. You also have the option of driving down to Trinity Bay and Galveston Bay which are located much nearer to Houston.

4. Texas City

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For those that want to live close to a big city, but not in it, Texas City is the perfect option. It is located just 30 or 40 miles away from Houston and it is right there next to Galveston Bay. Getting out in the Gulf of Mexico is just a five-minute drive or maybe even less. Getting out to the Gulf with a boat will probably take you even less than five minutes. That is just how close to the water you will be if you decide to live in Texas City.

Of course, here you will not have those same benefits as you would while living in a city like Austin or San Antonio, but Houston is right there, so I do not think there will be a huge difference.

There are dozens of other cities and locations in Texas that are much closer to a sea or to the ocean, but I believe it is better to talk about the most beautiful places that are nearest to any kind of body of water, including the sea.