6 Best Places to Visit in Israel 2024

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Israel is one of those countries that you have to visit if you are a serious traveler. There are so many things that you can see and do, and we can’t wait to tell you all about them.

Visiting Israel might be a one-time-thing in your lifetime, but it will be well worth it. Some people that come back from their travel say that one time is not even close to what you need if you want to fully experience the traditions there, but we have to start from somewhere, right?

Today we are going to talk about some of the best places that you can visit in Israel, to make the most out of your time and create unforgettable memories that you can talk of for a long time afterward. Since there is a lot to say, let’s jump right into the content.

1. North Israel – Acre

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An acre is a location in North Israel and it offers so much for every traveler. This location has a significant historical value, and visiting it will make you feel a lot richer knowledge-wise. There are still very visible tracks of the Ottomans and Crusaders, so if you are eager to learn a bit of history the right way, you have to visit this location.

Although it sounds like a place that is visited simply for the historical lessons, it doesn’t mean that it’s not beautiful and romantic at the same time. Evening walks here are amazing and relaxing, so don’t hesitate to spend some time with your partner at this wonderful location.

2. Kinneret – The Sea of Galilee

Source: Haaretz

If you want to visit locations that are known for some of the miracles that happened right there, The Sea of Galilee is the place to be. The locals call this place The Kinneret, so if someone mentions this, they are talking about Galilee Lake. What you should know about this location is that it is the largest freshwater lake in Israel country, but wait until you hear about the best part.

In the New Testament, you can read that most of the miracles that Jesus did were at this lake, including one of the most famous miracles known to men, the water walking. It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not, this is a location that you have to visit.

Nowadays, people visit this place to have a nice chat with the locals, play games in the water, or build rafts, which is quite common at this place. If your road ever takes you to the Kinneret, you won’t regret a second being here.

3. The Golan Heights

Source: LobeLog

Another location in the north of Israel, this one is probably the most spiritual and relaxing one on the list. This is an entire region consisting of mountains and larger hills, and no matter from which angle you’re looking at it, you will be the witness of beautiful and breathtaking landscapes.

Even tourists that are not into hiking at all are eager to climb some of the heights and take amazing photographs that they can show to friends or upload on the internet. Sunrises and sunsets are stunning, but even if you visit in the middle of the daytime, you’ll have a great look around. According to Golan Exposure, this location looks the best during the springtime, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot visit during some of the other seasons.

If you are not a hiker, worry not, because there are multiple roads with different difficulties that you can take, most of them made for beginners and a few ones for professionals. At the top of these heights, you can do all sorts of activities, but most people simply want to rest and enjoy the beautiful landscapes. Feel free to visit this location, and don’t be afraid of the heights, because the energy at the top of this place is just incomparable with anything else.

4. Jerusalem

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We all know that this city has the reputation of the world’s holiest city, so if you are a religious person, there isn’t a place in this world where you will feel more accepted and touched by the energy in it. Most tourists that visited this city described their experience as time-travel, and you’ll understand what they are talking about once you see the Old City.

Jerusalem is the home of three very significant religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. No matter what religion you praise the most, you’ll find acceptance and a huge presence of holy energy at any part of this city. All four quarters are equally beautiful, so make sure to visit all of them at least once.

5. The Ramon Crater

Are you amazed by huge craters located in the desert? If the answer is yes, visiting the Ramon Crater is a must-do for you. This location is considered to be the largest erosion crater in the world, with an unbelievable length of almost thirty miles and seven miles in width. Here comes the most interesting part about the Makhtesh Ramon, as the locals like to call it.

You can choose the form of transportation for your tour if you decide to visit the crater, and although the most common methods are jeeps or helicopters, the most mind-blowing one is going by a hot-air balloon. If you decide to go with a balloon, you will be able to take some breathtaking photos and have the time of your life.

Tours are not very expensive, but they will be memorable, so make sure to visit the Makhtesh Ramon if you are ever visiting Israel.

6. The Dead Sea

Source: Lonely Planet

Last but not least, one of the most famous locations in the world, The Dead Sea. Not only that it’s amazing to look at it, and it also happens to be the lowest point on planet Earth, but it’s so healthy floating in it because of the minerals that can be found in the water. It is already well-known across the entire world that the mud found in the Dead Sea is very healthy and used for all sorts of therapies, so why not give it a try while you’re in the country?