11 Best Promotional Items for Your Business

With the stiff competition that startups and large companies are facing today, every brand is looking for the most effective way to stand out from the rest of the park.

Companies are willing to go the extra mile to gain a competitive advantage and stay ahead of the competition. Among the various activities that a business may engage in to create awareness, advertise, and promote itself, using brand products is one of the most effective strategies.

In this post, we explain some 11 promotional items that you can use in your business to build and promote your brand to a broader audience.

Keep reading to find out how you can use some of the most popular promotional products to the advantage of your business.

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1. Tote Bags

When customers come to shop for some groceries at your store, the best gift you can give them a tote bag to carry their shopping. Print your brand logo on the tote bags and offer them for free to any customer that comes to shop.

Also, when you attend trade shows, you can carry some tote bags and give them as free logo gifts to attendees. They can help you to market your business because your brand logo will always be on display whenever they walk around. Also, when you attend trade shows, you can carry some tote bags and give them as free logo gifts to attendees. They can help you to market your business because your brand logo will always be on display whenever they walk around. You can visit logo.ee. and check some of the gifts available on their website.

When you produce tote bags, always go for those made of canvas because they are reusable and easy to dispose. With canvas tote bags, you will be helping to reduce the carbon footprint and conserving the environment.

2. Drinkware

Everyone wants to stay hydrated the whole day, especially if they are working on a tight schedule.  In most cases, you will find someone in the office with a bottle of water or caffeine beside their desk to keep them hydrated.

You can provide promotional drinkware such as coffee mugs and water bottles to your customers, but first, ensure you print your business logo on the items.

Most people use logoed drinkware at least 2-3 times on a typical day. Additionally, drinkware is an essential item in most office and household. By giving free drinkware to your customers, you are directly promoting your business to everyone who’ll be using these items for drinking water or carrying some snacks around.

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3. Earbuds and Headphones

Today, almost every adult has a phone they can use to stream videos and listen to music and podcasts anywhere.  In this day and age, most folks are always in the company of a headphone.

You can be part of the entertainment industry by providing your customer with free headphones and earbuds. Come up with high-quality earbuds and headphones with your brand logo attached on them, and then offer them to your customers.

You can target millennials because they like listening to music or watching video on earphones. With your customers using headphones having your brand on them, they will be promoting your business as long as the items last. This way, you are staying one step ahead of the competition.

4. Power Banks

Tailored power banks are some of the latest promotional products that you should look forward to having for your brand. Judging by the number of people with mobile devices like smartphone, music plays, and laptops, everyone is always looking for somewhere to charge their devices.

Everyone that has experienced their phones dying in the middle of an urgent call will always be eager to have a power bank in their bags. Ideally, power banks help you move out with your phone without fear of being offline when your battery runs low.

When you provide free power banks to your customers, you are simply giving them a reason to think about your brand every day. In fact, nobody expects a company to provide this type of items to their customers for free, and being one of those few companies, earns you a place in your customers’ hearts.

Ensure the power bank you offer your customers is heavy duty and made to last longer if you want them to promote your brand for long.

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5. Branded Office Accessories

Issuing branded office accessories such as paperweights, calendars, notebooks, staplers, business card holders, folders, and desk fans, is another effective way of promoting your brand to many people.

Apart from promoting your brand, branded office accessories will also give your business a professional look. It makes it easier to deck your business with your logo and establish that brand cohesion within the office or business premise.

Most people actually need office accessories like calendars, but only a few will spend money on them. When you offer free office accessories to your customers, you are helping them save money and keep your brand name fresh in their memory. Offering free office accessories should be part of your marketing strategy if you intend to grow your brand.

6. Custom Hats

Did you know that at least 41% of U.S consumers put on hats with branded logos? Most people love to wear branded hats because they are of high quality, affordable, and last longer.

Everybody who receives a branded hat is a walking billboard. That means your customers will be promoting your business if they wear your giveaway hats whenever they go. Most people love to wear branded custom hats.

You can choose to offer plastic visors, baseball caps, or even knit beanies. Whichever style of hats you opt for, most customers will be willing to wear one, and in so doing they help to showcase your company to many people.

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7.  Company Apparel

You can spice up your office or business premise by printing your brand logo staff t-shirts, jackets, and polos. Provide free attire to your staff with your company brand logo printed on them. As long as the design on these clothes is outstanding, your employees will be willing to wear them when they are at work. This gives your company a professional look.

You can also make promotional t-shirts and give them out to your customers in one of your advertising events. When people wear and move around with clothes having your brand logo, they will be advertising your business everywhere they go.

Aside from trade shows, you can give promotional shirts during sporting events to reach a large number of people interested in your brand. By giving away promotional shirts, you can show your support for the team and create a positive association with your brand. Moreover, you can give away promotional shirts during concerts and festivals to create a fun and festive atmosphere and promote your brand to a broader audience.

When printing company apparel to promote your business, quality is very important. While aesthetic appeal attracts more interested prospects about your business, you want people to feel comfortable for them to wear them repeatedly. So, choose a reputable t-shirt printing provider in the UK or your area to ensure excellent quality.

8. Sunglasses

A typical tropical vacation is never complete without wearing a sunglass. Most people are always looking for the best value and stylish sunglasses in the market.

You can come to their rescue and offer them some free sunglasses with your brand logo printed somewhere. When your customers rock the sunglasses outdoors, they will be marketing your business to many people.

Sunglasses are always in high demand in the summer when everyone wants to shield their skin from the strong UV rays. This is the right time to make some sunglasses and offer them for free to every customer visiting your business premises.

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9. Writing Accessories

People use pens and pencils almost every day. Whether it’s coming up with a shopping list or keeping some notes, everyone needs a good pen to write something down. You should have some quality writing instruments like marker pens, pencils, and biro pens in the office to give your new customers.

A significant number of people are using a branded pen every day. Therefore, having your business logo printed on a pen means that most consumers will be promoting your business around.  Also, you can move a step further and offer some branded pens to a nearby school or college.

Aside from pens, notebooks are also great promotional items. People can use notebooks for different purposes, such as taking notes, jotting down ideas, or writing in a journal. Recipients can use your promotional notebook for a long time, which will help to increase brand awareness.

Furthermore, notebooks are customizable. You can print your logo, branding, or message on the notebook covers, unique to your brand and will stand out from the competition. Ensure to choose high-quality paper to entice customers to use it and keep them for good.

10. Hand Sanitizers

With so many communicable diseases in the air and surfaces, most people are careful with their health. By using a hand sanitizer, you can keep a lot of germs away from your body and ensure you remain healthy always. Despite being that important, only a few people can afford to have a hand sanitizer whenever they are outdoors.

You can offer free hand sanitizers to people during events, conferences, and exhibitions. People are likely to use hand sanitizers where there are more shaking hands like a wedding ceremony or church sermon.

Also, during the winter, when most people are likely to catch a flue, hand sanitizers are always in high demand. This should be the right time to help your customers maintain good hygiene by offering them free hand sanitizers.

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11. Reusable Straws

Reusable straws are some of the most used promotional products of late. In fact, Advertising Specialty Institute named reusable straws the best promotional product in 2019.

Following public awareness that plastic straws are polluting our water bodies and the environment, most people are now shifting their focus to reusable straws.

You can help people to get some quality branded straws for free. Apart from helping your customers adhere to the changing rules of using plastics straws, you will be promoting your brand as environmentally conscious.

Making custom business merch for your employees is a great way of promoting your business. Dressing your employees in branded t-shirts will endorse your company and elevate the working spirit among the employees. There are many printing companies to work with, but some of them have advantages like high quality materials, fast printing, dropshipping service, sustainable packaging, etc. For example, Printify, Printbest, Wix can help you find the most affordable option for you.

Final Thoughts

There are many promotional products that your business can offer to customers. When choosing a promotional product for your brand, you should focus on what most of your customers will like to use.

With the best promotional products at your disposal, you can be certain of staying ahead of stiff competition in your market.