6 Best Resorts and Safari Camps in Africa You Must Visit in 2024

One of the most attractive and wonderful adventures that everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime is going on a safari trip in Africa, where you can drive through savannah and observe wild animals in their natural habitat. Also, there are high measures of security, and guards will always follow your vehicle and be near. That means that you can take your whole family on a safari trip without any danger.

There are many resorts near some savannahs, where you can stay. Also, it is important to choose a resort that is not so far away from the airport, and have various activities for kids there if you are taking a family with you. On the other side, taking your girlfriend to adventure like this can be a better experience than going to some more romantic destination.

If you need help with choosing a destination for safari, you should visit Safari Africana, where you can find all important information about resorts, what should you pack for a trip, are there any specific rules, and what animals you will have a chance to observe. Safari is a very popular choice for the vacation of many people, but it is not simple to choose the right destination. Therefore, we have selected the best resorts and camps in Africa that you must visit.

1. Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti

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This resort is focused on luxury and should be a choice for people that are willing to spend more money on their safari trip. The location of Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti is in Tanzania, and there are more than 70 guest rooms. Besides going on safari, you will also have a chance to see Lake Victoria and Mount Kilimanjaro. Furthermore, you can also see the Maasai people and their traditional way of life.

In late summer, there is a migration of wild animals like zebras, antelopes, and many more, and this resort is located in the middle of their path, which means that you could even watch them from the terrace. Four Seasons resort has a lot of activities for kids, which makes it perfect for families.

2. Giraffe Manor

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The location of this resort is in Nairobi, Kenya, and it represents another place that is perfect for families with small kids. Giraffe Manor is a small resort with only 10 rooms, and all of them are highly luxurious. Also, this hotel will organize transport from and to the airport. You can see the forest all around the hotel, and the place is full of giraffes, as its name suggest.

You can take kids of any age with you, and even leave them inside the hotel if you want to go on a tour alone. Besides lots of giraffes, you will also have a chance to see warthogs, plenty of birds, bushbuck, and many more. Moreover, you will enjoy the beautiful view of Mount Kilimanjaro. To learn more about these experiences, visit this website.

3. Luangwa Safari House

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For people who seek comfortability over adventure, this resort will provide you with great luxury. Also, you will have at your disposal a kitchen chef, a manager, and a private escort with the vehicle. Luangwa Safari House has four rooms and can take a maximum of eight people. One of the benefits is that the personality of the hotel will try to meet your requirements when it comes to preparing food or organizing various activities.

This hotel is focused on people who would rather stay in a hotel than going on safari every day. There are school and education center near, which is great if you take kids. However, there is a limit in the age of kids that must be older than 7 to be guests in this hotel.

4. Beyond Kamp

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If you and your family want to have a truly unforgettable experience and adventure, you should choose the Wild Child program, which is a camp for families, with many activities, especially for kids. Your children will have a chance to train with local rangers and learn more about life in Tanzania.

The location of the camp is inside of a national camp, and there are wild animals all around. During the safari, you can see lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards, and many other animals. Also, there is a possibility to take an off-road trip and observe wild animals from close. There are some guided tours where the ranger will take kids on safari trips.

5. Madikwe Safari Lodge

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First of all, it is important to know that this is one of the rare places in South Africa without danger to get Malaria. Also, Madikwe Safari Lodge is kids-friendly. Also, the hotel offers you a high comfort, with pools, available service, and many activities. Moreover, you can take your small kids for free since they won’t charge anything for kids that are younger than 6.

There are two types of safari trips, with an open roof and closed ones. The closed option is advisable when you are taking kids. This resort made sure that all family members will have a great time. You kids can freely roam all over the hotel, and even help the chef in preparing meals. Also, there are activities like football, painting, and many games.

6. Camp Jabulani

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The location of Jabulani is near Kruger National Park in South Africa. The most common animals here are elephants. The resort is luxurious and quite expensive, but it will provide you with the highest possible comfort. Also, if you plan to take kids with you, they must be over 12 to stay in this camp. You will have at your disposal a whole team of people in charge to take you on safari.

There is also a separate part in Jabulani, the Zindoga, where you can take kids from all ages with you. They have various activities for kids like observing insects and birds, painting, parties, and many more. You can also check the reviews online, and see that all previous guests were more than satisfied with their vacation here. Camp Jabulani is a perfect combination of comfortability and observing wildlife.