7 Best Resume Writing Services for 2024

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Even if you didn’t use resume writing services yet, most likely, you have at least thought about it. Everybody around keeps saying that a boy-beating resume is worth the investment. And it is, indeed.

You can learn to craft a winning one by yourself which is a very useful skill. Later, you can use it to tailor your document to the desired targeted job description. However, to understand the logic behind the process, it’s recommended to reach out for professional help.

1. Skillhub

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Skillhub is a universal platform that provides a variety of services. Resume building is one of them. Even though this company is relatively new, it has already established itself as a niche competitor. Skillhub is a place where you can easily place an order, connect with an expert, and build your professional story.

There are lots of reasons why you should try Skillhub if you have not:

  • Affordable pricing. It should not be expensive; Skillhub believes it.
  • Variety of packages. Skillhub adjusts to your needs and crafts products you might want.
  • Limitless revisions. You can re-upload your file and adjust the content as many times as you need.
  • Stand-out resumes. You can easily create an outstanding document in a beautiful template that is friendly to any scanning software.

2. Livecareer.com

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If you are not sure you can create an ATS-friendly, Livecareer.com is always there to help. Professional writers with years of expertise in crafting documents that highlight achievements and help land a dream job will gladly create a perfect one for you. Just give them a chance.

Several key advantages of this service include:

  • Subscription payment. You don’t purchase a single one, you pay for time.
  • Career resources. You get professional help from a career advice expert.
  • ATS system. All Livecareer samples are 100% ATS friendly.
  • Easy-to-use builder. You can build your own resume following reliable advice.

3. Velvetjobs

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This builder earned a lot of positive reviews for exceptional design options, outstanding user-friendliness, and the availability of a cover letter builder. Moreover, this service has been known for its adaptability to market conditions. That means you’ll always get the resume up to standards.

These are several things that customers especially like about Velvetjobs:

  • Free tips and blog articles. You can craft your sample without spending money using Velvetjobs’ advice.
  • Low fees. Velvetjobs has made building available.
  • Grammar and spelling check. No mistake or typo is possible with this service.

4. Zety.com

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Zety.com has been growing its popularity in the resume builder market. It has filled the niche of the most user-friendly and easy-to-use services and is now actively building its customer base. In general, clients are especially happy about templates, expert tips, and time efficiency offered by the service.

In addition, a few of the benefits that attract Zety’s customers include the following:

  • Price. No high fees for exceptional resume building service.
  • Quick signing up. The service does not request too many details from you.
  • Legitimacy. You create your own, original one.
  • Variety of templates. The selection is very big to impress even the pickiest client.

5. Jobhero

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Jobhero is a very popular website to seek career advice. It has a large base of real-life samples with lots of career guides that everyone will find useful. They are available absolutely for free. What’s more, some experienced writers not only contribute to this library but also use it for inspiration.

Here are several other features that make Jobhero stand out:

  • Easy to use and effective service.
  • High-quality customer support.
  • Cover letter writing assistance.
  • Support of multiple languages.
  • A wide variety of samples and cover letter templates.
  • Quick turnaround.

6. TopResume.com

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TopResume is another successful resume service that has been around for quite a long time. Clients love this writing service for an individual approach and excellent customer service. This company aims to make their clients happy with documents that are not only appealing but also scannable. ATS bots are TopResume’s main specialization.

If you wonder about TopResume’s main pros, here is a brief list:

  • Professional help. People writing your resume are knowledgeable of the job market and its trends.
  • Writing experience. TopResume’s writers have been providing their services for years.
  • Career field expertise. Resume writers are in touch with recruiters to meet the needs of a vast majority of employers in the career field.
  • Superb customer service. This writing service values its customers a lot.

7. Resumewritingservices.org

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If you need to create a powerful professional story that gets you employed, you’ve found the perfect place. They create not just a resume. They build your professional profile from the ground up, bringing your acceptance rate to a brand-new level.

If you feel hesitant about the power of your resume, the Resume Writing Services team is always ready to help. Here is why it’s worth investing:

  • Major resume upgrade. You’ll be surprised what image they’ll build for you.
  • Expert advice. You not only get a resume, but you also learn to write it yourself.
  • Outstanding success rate. The company’s success rate is outstanding.
  • Ease and comfort of use. You should only place your order. Professional writers will take it from there.


The resume writing business is an emerging business. It has become popular as soon as recruiters started using ATS systems to rank their candidates. Today, if your sample is not handed in by someone within the company, the only way to make it work is to ensure it is ATS compliant. At the same time, you must wow your employers in order to get hired.

The variety of resume writing services is immense. If you google it, you’ll drown in the number of offers. However, do not ignore review websites to place your order with a credible counterpart. All you need to do is to conduct research before paying your money. The rest should be left to professionals.