4 Best Table Casino Games With the Highest Probability of Winning

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Gambli9ng has a huge following and most importantly it has a huge history as well. Gambling is probably old as we as humans are. When you think hard enough everything is a gamble just in a different form. It is encoded in our DNA and it is one of the reasons why we love to gamble so much.

There are numerous gambling games, some are hard some not so much. Gambling started as a gentleman’s game and as a game for those that have money to spend and lose, potentially. It was also for those who thought they were lucky enough to earn huge wealth in a short time. It was basically for anyone who saw fit to play it and enjoy it.

Gambling now is in some forms a bit different than what it was. We have new games, new iterations of old games, you have flashy buildings called casinos that host all of those, and you have a huge crowd of people coming in and out. The core of gambling is still the same, no matter how much or less other things changed. The core idea is to beat the odds and win big money! Today as you can see, we are talking about odds and in this article, we will list all casino table games that you should consider because they have odds in your favour. If you are looking for a place to check this out or if you are looking for great casinos with free stuff, check out realmoneycasinoonline.ca

1. Roulette

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Few games are more famous than roulette. This is that casino game that everyone goes to try no matter whether they know the rules or not. It almost comes instinctively to go into a casino and right from the door put some chips on your favourite number and let the croupier spin that reel. There is something about the sound of that reel and that little ball slamming around that is so magical, and almost impossible to explain. When it comes to this game it was first played sometime in the late 19th century and the probability of winning this game is around 47%. another piece of info that you need to consider is the house edge that in roulette is 5,2%. Most of you know this but it doesn’t hurt to repeat for everyone else, there are two types of roulette – American and European. These were the stats for American roulette, while the European one is a bit older and has fewer numbers which increases its probability for a win to 48,5% and lower the house edge to 2,7%.

2. Craps

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This is a table dice game and it is another game that most of you know about. It was firstly played in the early 19th century and although I don’t play a lot of craps, I can instantly spot a table where this game is played. There are always a lot of people around it, there is yelling and celebrating if it is a hot table. It is a bit more complex of a game but that complexity means that you have a lot more chances of winning your bets. Beginners usually stick to pass or no pass bets until they get the hang of the game. After the mechanics of the game are clear you can expand your betting and by doing so increase your odds. When it comes to craps, you can expect around 50% probability of winning with the house edge at around 1%. in most casinos nowadays craps is usually played against the bank where the dealer rolls the dice and players, on the other side, bet on the outcome of the roll. What makes craps so interesting and appealing is that this is a very high-speed game that doesn’t need much of a strategy to win some money.

3. Baccarat

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Baccarat is a card table game and it was first played in the 19th century. To many, this game is around a chance and it involves a banker, a tie and a player. To many of you, this game probably looks like it is related to blackjack, and you are right. It is similar to blackjack but in baccarat, your target is a value that is closer to 9. Kings, Queens and Jacks have no value or value of 0, while a card like Ace is counted as 1 point. If the sum of the cards you are holding goes over 9 the left number is dropped. This game is a game of chance where you can rely on your instincts or if you are in doubt, bet on the banker. In Baccarat the probability of winning is around 48% while the house edge is around 1% which is not bad at all.

4. Blackjack

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Here is the game that all of us are familiar with. It is not hard to play, it is fun and everyone loves it. Believe it or not, the first evert game f blackjack was played in the 17th century and it offers the biggest chance of winning. The reason behind that is that you are playing against the dealer and no one else. In this game probability of winning is 49% while the house edge is below 0,5% which is incredible. The game of blackjack is easy to play and explain. The goal is to have the sum of your cards of 21 or as closest to that as possible. Since you are playing against the dealer your goal is to have higher cards than him as well.

Most out there think that there is no way of increasing the odds in your favour or that there is no way of beating the house. There is always a way, and as you can see there are games that are made so your probability of winning is high enough while the edge of the house is low enough to allow you to come on top if you got the skills.

Gambling, besides its money thing, should also be a way for you to have fun and kill some time. The best odds and the best winnings come from those times when you played just for fun. The thing we always suggest is to gamble and have fun while doing it as well as that you should always gamble responsibly and gamble what you can afford to. Best of luck to you all!