10 Best Tools to Create Video Ads Online for Free

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When creating a video Ad, the main idea is to ensure you fully capture your intended audience’s attention and pass the right message. Recording and compiling such a video should be relatively straightforward. This article will guide you to the top ten free tools to make video Ads online.

1. Doratoon – An All-In-One Free Video Ads Maker

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Doratoon is ultimately the most convenient video Ad creator. It is an intuitive and straightforward tool that video makers can use to create fantastic and engaging videos in minutes. The software also has numerous templates that make your work easier and more professional.

Benefits of Using Doratoon to Produce Video Ads?

These are some of the most exciting features that this animation creator has for its users:

  • Animated characters: The tool provides various cartoon characters that can portray realistic expressions and actions to represent your product or service in a video Ad appropriately.
  • Stock props/video clips/photos: There are mountains of ready-to-use props and unlimited stock videos and photos for all industries to help produce quality and effective video Ads.
  • Soundtrack music: Make your video Ads memorable by using personal commentary, importing, or adding pre-existing royalty-free audio files to meet your advertising needs.
  • Thousands of Templates: Users can access readily-designed, editable, and free templates that provide an easy and quick way to develop great video Ads.
  • User-friendly Interface: You can create video Ads with its easy-to-use interface without difficulties, making it ideal even for non-designers and beginners.

How to Make a Video Ad with this Tool?

  1. Sign up for a free account on its official website.
  2. Click Create a new video in the upper left corner of the main menu. (You can start with a blank page, a template, or import a video.)
  3. Customize your video Ad per your needs. ( You can use animated characters, audio sounds, backgrounds, and other assets.)
  4. Edit the video with cutting and trimming tools. Add transitions, animations, emojis, and a soundtrack.
  5. Click Export to save. You can then share or download your video Ad in your preferred format.

2. Movavi Video Suite – 1st Runner-Up Video Ad Creator

Movavi Video Suite is a powerful video maker accessible on Windows and macOS that even novices can use to create their video Ads. You can record, add audio, apply video effects, and trim your videos within a few minutes. Additionally, you can add voice commentaries and screen recordings and select from over 200 editing tools and effects to create a suitable engaging video Ad. If you want, you can also leverage their paid courses on video editing to refine your video editing skills.


  • Offline use after installation
  • In-app courses offered
  • Several editing tools and effects
  • Video effects
  • Easy to use

3. Wideo – 2nd Runner-Up Video Ads Solution

Source: animoto.com

Wideo is a web-based free video advertisement creator with more than 80 templates for the user. It is best for beginners and intermediate video creators and editors. The software allows the addition of texts and logos to your Ads, all under a simple-to-use interface. You can share your video Ads or download them in MP4 with a single click.


  • Numerous templates
  • Direct download and share options
  • Straightforward interface
  • Conversion features

4. Biteable

Biteable is another excellent video editing tool with impressive video Ad creation capabilities. You can use the software online, and thus your device memory remains clog free. This free video advertisement maker allows one to select a template from various options to represent any industry or profession.


  • Editable templates to choose from
  • Editable footage clips and animation
  • Logo addition feature
  • Online use
  • Inbuilt calendar
  • Direct upload from Unsplash App

5. Animoto

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Animoto is an increasingly effective tool for creating video Ads. While we all take pride in shooting an advertisement video, Animoto cannot replace all our hard work. It ensures to save us a lot of time and effort. When you are not pleased with the final video Ad, you can remix it as often as you like until you end up with what you wish. However, Animoto presents challenges to its user, such as the inability to edit a single part of the video without affecting the entire piece.


  • Inclusive watermark
  • Array of templates
  • Logo addition
  • Audio and music feature
  • Extensive video editing tools

6. InVideo

InVideo can be considered one of the most budget-friendly apps for creating video Ads online. It has many video editing and creation tools that allow users to customize almost the entire video to their liking and specifications. InVideo is easy to use, and beginners can get to work immediately without a struggle. You can use over 4000 video templates and 9+ million high-definition media. However, I must warn you that you may encounter unexpected lags when using the tool.


  • Video stabilization
  • HD resolution support
  • Media library
  • Split and merge video feature
  • Text overlay

7. Renderforest

Source: tenor.com

When you hear about Renderforest, the first thing that you will think of is its ability to visualize and implement ideas. This tool is an all-inclusive platform with all the right online tools to create high-quality videos, especially when designing Ads. You can create well-defined custom logos in the shortest time possible. There are also a variety of templates for anyone with little or no video editing skills to create a video Ad with little ease.


  • Array of templates
  • Ease of use
  • Several templates
  • Content Library
  • 3D feature

8. Wave Video

Wave Video allows its users to choose from hundreds of professionally-designed templates. Users can also select the filters they can use in their video Ads depending on the type of product or service they want to advertise. Wave video has a search bar that helps users find different Ad categories for inspiration.


  • Clip combination
  • Text animations
  • Video transitions feature
  • Different video layouts
  • Auto-generated captions

9. Animaker

Source: animaker.com

Animaker is also a video Ad making software worth consideration. With its convenient pricing, Animaker does it all. It has a streamlined functionality allowing the user to design beautiful Ad videos. However, one should understand that its free subscription has limited features.


  • Camera effects
  • Audio tracks
  • An array of video transitions
  • Different screen effects

10. Soapbox

Unlike other tools, Soapbox is a chrome extension that allows users to record, edit, and share videos. Using your webcam and its screen record feature, one can create fantastic Ad videos instantly. One can also directly upload their creations without having to download them.


  • Instant download and upload content
  • Record video feature
  • Array of tools
  • Chrome extension


Video Ads have proven to be one of the modern ways to attract traffic to a business or product effectively. This article has taught you the top ten tools to make creative video Ads and distinguish yourself from the crowd. However, if you want to benefit from the most features and effects, try Doratoon. You enjoy all these under a free subscription without compromising on quality.