Best Travel Guide for the Trip to Saudi Arabia

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Do you want to go to Saudi Arabia for a tour? If yes, then the good news is that you can travel to this country for some days or months to explore a new place. Many people are unaware of this opportunity, and they still have the misconception that one cannot go there because of its strict rules. Previously, people who want to start a business were only allowed, but now, the local crowd of some countries are permitted to travel around various cities.

In the following article, you will explore an exciting travel guide for the country. If you are also going there, then you should follow specific rules and understand their culture. You have to be the one like them to enjoy and discover unique things there. Let us discuss how you can go there, where you should go and how to stay there properly.

Getting Entry Permit for Traveling

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If you want to go to Saudi Arabia as a tourist for discovering the exceptional beauty of the country, you must have a visa. If you have that document, then you have to go to that place within that period. Click Here to fill in the application form of visa online and apply for the entry permit. The validity of the entry permit is only 90 days, and you can stay there only this much longer and enjoy the trip.

If you have all the crucial documents, like passport, photographs, entry permit, etc., then you are ready to fly. But people from a few countries can visit this country, like New Zealand, Taiwan, China, South Korea, United Kingdom, Morocco, etc. You have to check the permitted countries, and if your country is not on the list, then you have to contact the embassy.

Getting Travel Insurance

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You can approach various travel agents to get attractive packages or insurances. Some facilities, like healthcare, etc., are quite expensive there. It is necessary to take enough money or to get the insurance if you need some medical help in Saudi Arabia.

If you are fond of adventures, then getting such policies to include all your expenses. You can travel to this country either by air or by land. It depends on your preference and location. The travel plans also involve the costing of transportation.

How is Tourism in Saudi Arabia?

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Many local people are unaware that the country has started tourism and foreigners are allowed to check out their place. As a traveler, you may find difficulty in handling such people because they will keep on asking such queries and disturb your trip. If we talk about hotels and places for accommodation, then there is no scarcity.

Every place has both good and bad people, but it is all about the experience. Everyone is aware that discussing the laws of this country are quite a controversial topic. Therefore, very few people have thought of visiting the place. But no doubt, you can spot beautiful destinations and discover their unique and reserved culture.

Rules You Should Follow If You are Going to Saudi Arabia

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There are specific rules that you should keep in your mind while travelling to this place, such as:

  • Women Must Wear Abaya: It is a local dress of the country, which covers the entire body of the woman except for the head. If you are going with a woman, then she has to wear it and follow their rules.
  • No Guests in Shops During Prayers: If you are having lunch and their prayer has started, then they will kick you out of their shop. You have to wait until they complete their rituals, and then you are entirely welcome.
  • No Consumption of Alcohol: The alcohol is not at all allowed here. It is a criminal offence if you consider drinking it illegally. Make sure that you do not consume alcohol, even in luxury hotels.
  • No Drugs: If anyone catches you with drugs, then you can also get punishment of death sentence. Therefore, stay away with any form of drugs.
  • No Affection Shows Publicly: The place has reserved rights, and there are no shows of affection and nudity in public places.

People, Food and Culture of Saudi Arabia

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People living in this country wear ghutrah on their heads, and they generally speak Arabic. Many of them do not speak and understand English; therefore, language is a big problem. If we talk about religion, then all are Muslims. They are a sensitive, respectful and conservative type of people. They are quite hospitable, and you will feel good when you meet and interact with them.

Your misconception about their nature and culture will go away once you meet them. When it comes to women, most of them cover their face with black niqab. They are not permitted to show their face to any stranger. It is necessary to maintain some distance with them. You have to talk to them nicely and respectfully to get a response from them.

You will get tasty foods that can make you lick your fingers. The aroma and taste of the spices make their local dishes amazing. There are many things to explore in food. There are various options in veg and non-veg cuisines, and you can pick any of them you like.

The Bottom Line

There are various things to explore in Saudi Arabia, but it is a misconception that there is nothing. There are beautiful places and landscapes, Mecca and Medina for the religious visit, delicious food, friendly local people, and much more. You can apply for the tourist entry permit and enjoy your vacation here for at least 90 days.

There are many things to explore, and you can come with your family and friends. It is necessary to go through all the rules and regulations of this country to stay safe and in the discipline. This travel guide can help you with knowing small details about the country and how you should go and stay there.