Best Ways to Take Care of Car Tires During Summer

With the hot weather, taking care of car tires during summer days is a vital thing. So, what are the best ways to take care of car tires during the summer?

Car tires are essential but easily forgotten part of a vehicle. It is the actual contact point between the car and the road. It carries on itself the weight of the entire vehicle and also suffers obstacles on the way.

The way you treat a tire will not only change its durability, but will also affect its balance, power, steering sensitivity, fuel efficiency, and many other factors, according to Therefore, the care and maintenance of them, according to the following notes, is essential.

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Causes of Car Tire Explosion

Exploding car tires on the move is not a rare occurrence; it even happens very often, especially in the summer. In the hot weather combined with polluted dust and smoke, the weather becomes more stifling, and the temperature of the asphalt surface escalates.

As part of direct contact with the road surface and under the impact of heat, the pressure in the car tires increases, causing the tire to inflate and explode.

In addition to the above reasons, there are many reasons for fast tire degradation and tire explosion when traveling in hot weather.

  • Premature Wear

When a car tire is premature, the entire weight of the car will be put down to the ‘footrest.’ Then, the parts of the tire will have to operate at full capacity.

At the same time, weak tire pressure will reduce cooling, and when exposed to hot road surfaces, it is easy to explode.

  • Car Tires Are Too Tight

Do not let the tires out of air or inflate the tires too tightly when moving, especially in hot weather. Because they will be subjected to excessive pressure, resulting in a cracked casing and tire explosion.

  • Uneven pressure

An unbalance between the tires will overload it and become a ‘burden’ for other tires. It makes the car more difficult to move, and the tires will quickly degrade.

  • Overload Weight

According to experienced car experts, the explosion of car tires is widespread, the cause of which is the ‘heavy carry’ of drivers.

And because of an excessive amount of load, the tire cover and other parts such as rubber bands and tire spikes would gradually wear out, and the quality of operation decreasing. In addition to having to travel on the road in hot weather, exploding tires are sooner or later happening.

In this case, you need to replace them as soon as possible. You can visit for more detailed tire reviews and proper car care tips during the summer.

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Ways to Take Care of Car Tires During Summer

  • Check Tire Pressure

In summer, outdoor temperatures are often quite high, which can easily cause adverse impacts on tires. Tire pressure will also change as the rubber and air inside the tire expand with temperature.

The change depends on whether the vehicle is moving on a hot road or standing still. If you leave the tire too tight, it can lead to cracks and even a tire explosion. So, it is vital to check the tire pressure.

Do weekly pressure measurements with a pressure gauge, especially before long journeys. In case the tire is too hot, you can pour a little water on the surface of the tire. Also, parking in the shade also helps your tires a lot to reduce the temperature.

  • Nitrogen Gas Pump

A little tip for you is that you should replace the standard air pump with nitrogen gas into the tire. Because air often expands faster than nitrogen.

Nitrogen is the inert gas, so it cannot self-ignite. It helps limit tire explosion, stabilizes the pressure due to not having steam like healthy air.

Doing this will save you the effort and time of regularly having to check your tire pressure. However, you should not skip the regular tire inspection.

  • Check the Tire Valve

Make sure the valves are in the right shape and that the lid fits snugly into the valve. An unsightly valve may cause air leakage from the valve tip.

  • Check the Car Tires

Before the season turns to summer, check your tires for cracks. Apply a tire testing method with coins. This tip will help you identify worn tires, and if there is any damage, it is time for you to replace them.

Use a coin and place in the tread grooves to calculate the depth of the tread. If the bottom is the same, everything is fine, but in case of a difference in depth, it shows that your tires are being unevenly worn out.

Please check the root and gears for whether the cam angle is in the right position or not for timely adjustments. Node and corrosion are mainly caused by vehicles traveling on bad roads frequently.

Hence, it is necessary to check, adjust, and rear-wheel balance about 3000 kilometers, or when the vehicle cannot be maintained in a straight line.

Besides, in the process of checking the tire, you also need to pay attention to check the tire valve, make sure the valve remains in shape and has a lid, which is not leaking air.

  • Check the Spare Tire

The inspection and care for the tires are not merely cared for the leading tires. Take the time to do the same with the spare tire in your car. Watch out for unfortunate situations when the tire needs to be replaced or whether the tire does meet the standard.

Imagine a situation where your car has a puncture, but the spare tire does not qualify. It is not pleasant to have to run around to find a tire shop. So, make sure you check all of these points with your spare tire. It is as essential as the initial tire test.

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Other maintenance tips

Some tips below are not just a good way to enhance the longevity of car tires, but also to raise fuel efficiency and performance. On top of that, it helps increase general safety.

  • Prepare a wheel alignment each year to dodge uneven tread wear. Significant impacts like potholes and railroad crossings, or more serious circumstances like a car crash would knock off the car tire out of alignment.
  • Do not ever mix or match tires. It probably seems more like a cost-effective thing for you to replace two tires at one time. However, the mismatched tires will easily lead to the fast and uneven tread wear and even big mechanical problems.
  • Ensure them to be free of gasoline, grease, and any kind of substance that possibly break down the rubber.
  • If you love the idea of storing them indoors, make sure that it should be in a cleaner, cooler and darker place. Place them away from the straightforward sunlight and any source of heat. When storing them outdoors, ensure the tires to be raised off of the ground.
  • Avail waterproof covering with holes to avoid moisture.

Final Verdict

In hot weather, the surface temperature of the road increased so that the risk of tire explosion occurred more. In particular, when moving, exploding car tires that drivers could not handle will cause catastrophic accidents.

The process of exploding car tires is speedy, so drivers need to calmly determine the current situation to have the right way to handle. Also, study about the best ways to take care of car tires during summer is useful to face these accidents.