7 Best Women’s Ripped and Distressed Jeans 2024

Texas is a material that never goes out of fashion, and many like to wear them, whether it’s jeans, jackets, shirts, or some other clothing item.

Whether it is male or female, no person can resist them. Today, ripped jeans are a piece of clothes that can be found in almost every person’s wardrobe. Women combine them in various ways, some prefer to enjoy the comfort of their favorite Converse sneakers and T-shirts, while a flannel shirt is tied around the waist, while others still gladly choose them as a favorite item of clothing for a crazy Saturday night. What we can say with certainty is that they look great in any way to combine. As for the color itself, it can vary from black, through dark denim to white. Still, the most popular ones are the ones from light denim.

When it comes to this item of clothing, it is not enough to just buy it knowing that it is in, but it is very important to choose a model that is tailored to your body. Otherwise, what you will achieve is a counter-effect – everyone will look at you, but be sure that it is not because they look good on you. To help you choose the right model, we will present a few.

1. Boyfriend ripped jeans

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It is still one of the main street style trends. Although they generally stand for tall girls, those of shorter stature will be pleasantly surprised if they combine them with heels. They are very comfortable and that is why many consider them a good alternative for skinny jeans, leggings, and shorts. Although they can be combined with sneakers, heels are the number one choice, because their length, which reaches up to half a calf, visually shortens the legs. In daily variants, this model looks good in combination with espadrilles, and what should be avoided is deep footwear – boots and deep sneakers. If you are still determined to combine them with that type of footwear, don’t worry, it is possible. This will make you take the spirit of 1980 with you and sail into the next of the styles on the list.

2. Grunge

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Ripped jeans, leather jackets, and Dr. Martens boots have always been a favorite item of clothing for fans of a slightly heavier sound.

Grange is not only a type of music but also a way of life. We have already mentioned fans of alternative music genres, for whom one of the fashion faces is just ripped jeans. Grunge was formed in the 1980s with bands such as Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, and many others. It is important to say that this fashion came spontaneously, as a reflex of poverty. Very often, or almost always, you could see this scene: Dr. Martens or Converse shoes, torn jeans, the most common T-shirt (very often with the characters of famous singers and bands), a flannel shirt or denim jacket over the shirt or tied around the waist, and the hair was usually loose, long, and greasy. Yet, even after forty years, many are still proud followers of this movement and fashion. To read more on this topic, or reminisce about the good old days of your youth, visit this website.

3. High waist jeans

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Thanks to these trousers, even those girls who do not have a pronounced waist will get it. These jeans will emphasize the curves for sure and are one of the most feminine and sexiest models ever made. This model will look equally good on heels and sneakers, and the T-shirt is usually tucked into jeans.

4. Wide legs jeans

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Wide leg jeans were an absolute trend in the 1970s and 1980s. Since fashion is making a comeback, they are very popular. We can say that they are best suited for tall and slender people, even if they are combined with a high waist, believe me, you have made a full score. In combination with heels or platform sandals, you only need a shorter blouse under which your naked belly will be visible. Dressed like this, you will look unique and modern, but you will also tickle the imagination of many.

5. Skinny jeans

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This model has been in the first place for years when we talk about fashion trends and still is. However, to look good in them, you need to follow a few rules. One of the clothing items that fit great with skinny jeans is the oversized sweater. Yet if you add boots to it, even if you know nothing about fashion, one thing you know – you certainly won’t go wrong. If you still prefer to combine them with heels, then try to buy some that will reveal your ankles. If it’s winter, an effective knee-length coat will complete the combination.

6. Cropped jeans

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Another model that you will surely love, especially during warmer weather, is the cropped jeans. This model has a shorter length than classic models, and it is usually below the knee and above the ankle. All you need for these jeans are good red heels and a white shirt. Complete the look with a red belt, or just put on red lipstick and with the help of this combination and your smile, you will attract the eyes of every passer-by on the street.

7. Low waist jeans

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Low-waisted jeans will look great only on extremely handsome girls who do not have problems with excess weight. Otherwise, the only thing you can achieve is the wrong effect. A low waist combined with wide legs will best bring out tall girls. With this model, it is superfluous that they are torn at the knees, but it goes well with the look of old and “worn” jeans.

When choosing clothes, the golden rule is to find what suits your body shape, but more importantly, you feel comfortable in it, because even the best piece of clothing will not look good on you if you show insecurity. So, head up and confidently step into new victories!