Can People Bet on Kentucky Derby in Michigan

If you are an American, then you know how important the Kentucky Derby is for all US citizens. Just like the Super Bowl, it is one of the events that the entire nation is barely waiting for. However, watching these two sports events in person or from the comfort of your room is usually not the only option that people use. They are looking for ways to make everything more interesting and entertaining.

Reaching that goal is possible in several different ways. Logically, the most common way is to buy a ticket or invite friends to come to your place and enjoy the Kentucky Derby together. Yet, if you want to bring an additional level of adrenaline, then online gambling is one of the options that you may use.

Yet, things are not as simple as you may think. If you live in Michigan, then we need to tell you that you are a lucky guy, and you will soon find out why.

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So, Why Am I So Lucky?

You are a lucky person because some states simply do not allow online betting on Kentucky Derby. If you decide to do that, then you are breaking the law. Fortunately, the number of states where something like that is illegal is not that big. In 31 states, residents can bet on the Kentucky Derby online, and one of those states is Michigan. You probably understand now why you are a lucky person.

How Can I Bet on the Kentucky Derby Online?

Don’t worry, you do not have to be a web developer or some kind of a genius to place a bet on one of the most popular sports events across the United States. All you have to do is to make an account at some of the gambling sites that you can find with basic Google research. After you do that, you will need to connect it with your bank account. That will allow you to deposit a particular amount of money that you will later use for betting.

Logically, the next thing is to find the Kentucky derby and check out all types of bets you can potentially make. You can, for instance, select trifecta, straight, etc. Enter the wagers (the amount of money you are willing to invest), and simply submit all the bets that you made.

We are sure the entire procedure is going to be easy for every person that has stable WI-Fi and a decent mobile device. Yet, a more challenging task will be to predict the outcome of the Kentucky Derby. Well, for something like that, you need to be a well-informed person that is regularly following the latest betting and gambling news. Despite that, you also need to be familiar with the sports betting sites that are legal, legit and offer the best possible odds. If that seems like a challenging obligation for you, then checking out websites like is going to help you a lot. You can check out news, features of different online horse racing websites, gambling websites, etc. When you have all these pieces of information in one place, everything is going to be much easier.

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Bonus: Some Interesting Facts about Kentucky Derby You Probably Didn’t Know

After making things around online horse racing clear, we would like to analyze some interesting facts about this amazing sports event. Many people are not even aware of how long the tradition of the Kentucky Derby Is, and we are sure the information listed below will teach them something new. Let’s go!

Kentucky Derby in 1892 Was Different

A lot of horses on the Kentucky Derby is not something people could afford to see always. One of the most specific tournaments happened in 1892. Believe it or not, there were only three horses raced in that year. However, this tournament has developed a lot since then and it is one of the most popular sports events in the US (some people outside of the US are also barely waiting for it).

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Kentucky Derby Fans Are Eating Too Much

It is a well-known fact that people are eating hot dogs, barbecue sandwiches, and other stuff when they are enjoying different sports events in person. However, the amount of food Kentucky Derby fans consume during the tournament is impossible to imagine.

Each year, around 30 000 cookies, 150 000 hot dogs, 20 000 barbecue sandwiches, and 300 000 strawberries get sold during the Kentucky Derby. Can you even imagine how much food that is? It would probably be good to add that fans consume nearly 14 000 pounds of beef and 33 000 jumbo shrimp. People that do not know what Kentucky Derby is would probably think it is some sort of neighborhood or an event where a lot more people come.

What about Drinks?

When we talk about drinks, the numbers are also incredible. First of all, do you know what the traditional drink of this sports event is? The answer to that question is the mint julep. Believe it or not, every single year, the fans drink more than 100 000 of them. We do not know whether there is a tournament, horse race, or sports match where people are consuming that much of “something”.

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Ladies Are Participating at Kentucky Derby As Well

It is not a secret that most Kentucky Derby participants are men. More precisely, that was some sort of tradition for many years. Yet, the first lady jockey in this tournament was Diane Crump. She didn’t manage to win the race, but it is good to mention she is the first female participant ever that rode a horse there. On the other hand, a more successful lady was Shelley Riley. She didn’t win the race, but she managed to come in second. That is a big success for the female population when you see how experienced and skilled all the participants are.

Final Thought

We have finally come to an end. As you see, betting on the Kentucky Derby in Michigan is not difficult at all. All you have to do is to find the best betting site, make an account, deposit some money, and pick the type of bet you want to make. The only thing left is to buy a ticket or simply invite friends at home and enjoy the race together. Good luck!