12 Biggest Casino Wins of All Time in History

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Want a chance to win? Then, click here! But before you go, learn how others have enjoyed life-changing wins throughout time. While you might decide that these people were born under a lucky star, you might also learn some tips and tricks on how to get your hands on these life-changing sums of money. These stories make the thrill of gambling irresistible and although it is extremely rare to become a multi-millionaire in a casino, the stories do exist. Here are 12 of the biggest wins.

Norway – 11.7 million euros

In 2011 there was a 20 year old only identified by the name Peter who won near 12 million euros in Norway. He played a progressive jackpot slot and well, that jackpot progressed. If you want to give it a go yourself, the slot was called Arabian Nights and the slogan of the online casino Betsson is “Anything can happen” – and they seem to be right.

US – $15.1 million

A guy called Don Jonson – not that Don Jonson – but the Don of the blackjack table. This guy has his own strategy for blackjack that he keeps to himself. He doesn’t count cards like others or use tricks – he just negotiates deals with the house that give him a higher chance of winning. Due to this skill in negotiation, he managed to earn a massive $15.1 million in three casinos over six months.

UK – £13.2 million

A British soldier based in Cheshire won a massive £13,213,838.68 in a 25-minute bet on his Betway account. He was playing Mega Moolah, which is known for its massive jackpot wins. This was the largest ever win on a slot until someone in September 2018, some three years later, scooped another million on top.

Anonymous – 18.8 million euros

This later winner on Mega Moolah was clear that they wanted to remain anonymous – and this seems like a wise choice.  The jackpot was won at Grand Mondial Online Casino and was won in less than 50 spins – so for a 75 cent bet on a mobile phone.

US – $21.14 million

Elmer Sherwin was a World War 2 veteran. He became a multi-millionaire when he won his first jackpot of $4.6 million at the Mirage, Las Vegas just 10 hours after it opened to the public. Then, 16 years after the first win he got himself another jackpoint of $21.14 when he was 92. His odds of doing this was one in fifty million. Best not to question how a man who survives a war then wins two massive jackpots in his lifetime – that sort of luck seems supernatural.

US – $22.6 million

So, you are a first time casino player and you make your way down to breakfast. You decide to have a play on Megabucks, banging in a massive $170 – which seems like high risk before your morning cereal. However, with one spin she won over $22.6 million. Seems that being spontaneous has its bonuses.

US – $27.6 million

Here we have another Megabucks slots winner – but this time for a massive $27.6 million. The 67-year-old retired flight attendant took a chance with $100 on a slot. She flew through this first stake and ended up feeding the slot $300. You would imagine your heart sinking as your funds disappeared. However, her perseverance paid out with the jackpot win. She won $680,000 not long before. It may be that we need to make friends with her!

US – $34.95 million

Are you ready for a real-life fairy tale? Cynthia Jay was living a pretty miserable life when she decided to play the Megabucks Slot machine. With nine spins she won nearly $35 million and could quit that job that was making her sad. She also got to marry her love and travel the world. However, her luck was fleeting, as she was involved in a car accident that left her paralysed from the chest down and killed her sister.

Anonymous- $37.7 million

An anonymous 25-year-old was waiting for a basketball game and he was bored. He decided to have a go on a video slot. He put in $100 and ended up with close to $40 million. When you are thinking about luck – consider that his odds for achieving this feat were 1 in 16.7 million. The guy showed some commonsense though. Rather than take the whole lot, he took an option to withdraw $1.5 million every year for the next 25 years of his life.

US – $40 million

Archie Karas was a series gambler with some serious skills. He is famous for having just lost a couple of million in a poker game and only had $50 left to his name. He decided to borrow $10k from a friend and played high-stakes Razz. He kept winning and winning – and by the end of the day, he was $17 million up. His winning streak continued for the next three years.


When his luck ran out it really ran out. He lost a quarter of this money in just 3 weeks in a poor run of form on craps. He then lost $17 million in a baccarat game and $2 million in poker.

US – $590.5 million

The highest single win came in the Powerball lottery and was won by Gloria McKenzie – an 84-year old grandma. She was allowed to cut the queue by a stranger who didn’t want her standing for too long. That kindness cost that stranger half a billion dollars.

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We hope that this article inspired you to think big, but to be also careful when playing online casinos!

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