6 Boating Things to Do Before You Die

Source: boatingmag.com

Boats are a thrill to drive about. However, there are quite a lot of things we can do with them. Once we get really into boating, even more options open up. Here are some of the options you should do during your lifetime, no matter how engaged with the boating world you are. These are plain fun and engaging to everybody and will likely lead to a cool story or two.

1. Drive a boat over 100 mph

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Not all boats are made for it but going at a high speed is a must. The speed feels quite different than it does when driving a car fast. Going over 100 mph in a boat is quite a thrilling experience. However, do keep in mind that it can be quite dangerous if you aren’t skilled and the weather isn’t right. Being aware of your capabilities and any potential danger is smart no matter how slow or fast you are going about but when we reach 100 mph a wave can prove quite dangerous.

Of course, there is some joy in the danger. After all, the fact that we are consistently exposed to outside influences while driving at a high speed on a boat is already dangerous in on itself. Feeling every bit of wind and the acceleration on ourselves is an experience that’s quite difficult if not impossible to replicate.

2. Accessorize the boat

Accessories are always fun to add to anything. Vehicles can get quite a bit of flair and personality from customization, feeling cooler to own if we add that little bit of ourselves to them. It’s no different for boats that boast a decent number of accessorizing options.

Colors, pendants, floors, covers, or just about anything you can imagine are available for boats. These accessories can range from useful to simply cool to look at. Something like a tool holder or solar phone charger could prove to be convenient addition while also giving the boat a certain style.

Luminescent boat stripes may prove to be more of a visual enhancement than a functional one. Installing these along the edge of your boat could make it seem much more fascinating to witness at night. Maybe the lights emanating from them could make for some neat extra flair to evening swims with our friends.

Accessories can also be used to tell a story or completely reinvent the use of our boat. Putting up a comfortable and wide roof on our boat and inserting furniture that’s enjoyable to lay on could turn it into a lounge area on the sea. Regardless of your picks, it’s all about making the experience we have on our boat more enjoyable.

3. Try new boats

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Now, owning even a single boat can be an expensive experience. Maintenance, fuel, storage, and the cost of the boat itself are a consistent drain on our funds. This is why a suggestion of trying different boats may seem like an insane proposition at first. However, we aren’t assuming you’ll form an entire fleet of personal boats. Rather, the suggestion is to rent one.

Renting usually includes everything you need to simply hop into a boat and drive. A few papers are far less prerequisite to experiencing a new boat than consistently worrying about all the aforementioned needs for boat maintenance. Of course, our local boat rentals may be limited in available models which could prove to be the most disheartening part of engaging with boat rentals. However, if they can offer even a single model different from ours, it could be worth it to take it for a spin.

No matter what type of boat you own and no matter how in love with it you are, there are still hundreds of noticeably different models to try out. Maybe you have a nice little fishing boat to experience the seas with but perhaps trying out that powerboat for a bit could give us a fresh perspective. And if powerboat interests you, we suggest checking out https://www.duck-2-water.co.uk/rya-powerboat-training/.

4. Attend a boat show

What better place to have a great time with your boat, aside from the open sea, than a boat show. Not only do you get to showcase your boat to people and tell them about your experiences with it, but you can also learn more about just about anything boat-related from people equally passionate about their own boats.

Boat shows are neat for making new friends, catching up to the current boat standards, and simply having fun. If there is a local boat show, it pays to go and visit. There are so many boats out there that can be fun to simply look at. Other, more enamored boat owners, will probably give interested onlookers a trip through their boat. Undoubtedly, there will be different models and styles to take in. Whether you are a long-time fan of boats or just somebody who recently got into them, this is the type of stuff that’ll get you engaged for a while.

5. Go night fishing

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It can be assumed that most if not all boat owners have fished before. In case you are one of those who hadn’t used their boat to fish, do so now, it will prove to be quite a relaxing experience. For those who are used to regular fishing, night fishing may be just the thing to change the mood.

While there are various times of day when we can engage in this experience, somewhere past midnight is usually optimal. The night will be very dark and each bite can feel far more intense when barely anything can be seen around our boat.

Certain types of fish are also more common at night. The change in our potential catch that this brings is also a neat way to shake up standard fishing trips.

6. Enter competitions

Whether it’s fishing, racing, or any other type of competition we recommend entering them with your boat. The thrill of competition is good enough no matter the theme. Have a fun time on your boat while also having a chance to win some prizes. If nothing, it’s always a nice story to bring up.

Of course, the competitions you can enter will depend on the type of boat you own. However, a decent number of these are pretty universal so don’t be worried about checking in some of those near you. It could lead to some pretty cool moments with your boat.