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What Is The Net Worth of Bobby Bones?

Bobby Bones Net Worth: Bobby Bones is a 39-year-old American radio personality from Little Rock, Arkansas. The 6ft (183 cm) tall was born on April 2, 1980.

Today, Bobby Bones’ net worth is estimated to be close to $7 million dollars.

Bobby Bones Net Worth
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Bobby Bones Net Worth:

$7 Million

Net Worth:$7 million
Real Name:Bobby Estell
Date of Birth:2 April 1980
Age, How Old:39 Years Old
Place of Birth:Hot Springs,
United States
Last Updated:2020

Early Life.

Bobby Bones was born when his mom got pregnant at the age of 15, his father was 17 back then.

He was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas, but raised in Mountain Pine by his mom and maternal grandma. His biological father gave up on his responsibilities and disappeared when Bones was 5.

Bones developed his passion for radio at an early age, he saw “radio” as a medium to end the financial crisis that the family was going through.

At the age of 17 Bones started with his radio career at the grounds station of Henderson State University (KSWH-FM 102.5 The Pulse).


Moving forward with his education, in 2002, Bones graduated with a B.A. in Radio/Television from Henderson State University.

How much is Bobby Bones’ salary?

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Bones’ first full-time radio agreement was with KLAZ in Hot Springs while he was still in college. The contract paid him $17,000 and he was put on broadcasting live inside a couple of long stretches.

Later, he was hired by Q100/KQAR in 2002, at that point working for a radio station (KLAL) which led to promoting his show ‘The Bobby Bones Show’ on KHFI-FM in Austin, Texas.

Bones and his co-hosts have driven the show to be a fruitful success, his show became a top-rated morning show in Austin, Texas and was syndicated in a couple of local markets.

Bones was flooded with many offers outside of radio but chose to stay with Clear Channel. Bones initially tried many co-hosts for the show but settled with a co-host “Amy” to be the shows perfect fit.

In 2012, Bones’ show was moved to Nashville with its Top 40 format airing ‘The Bobby Bones Show‘ across the country. Bones now started with broadcasting from WSIX-FM in Nashville on weekday mornings from 5:00 a.m. onwards.

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Bones’ show is now a down-home for big-name music celebrities like; Luke Bryan, Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton, and Tim McGraw who visit the show regularly. His show additionally adds a blend of popular news culture.

Following the controversy, Bones confessed of spreading PR campaign for sympathy wording “GO AWAY BOBBY BONES” by spending $13,000 on Nashville billboards in 2016.

Followingly, The Bobby Bones Show was launched with 35 stations and conveyed by 68 FM radio stations after the national syndication with Premiere Networks.

In February 2013 the show was made accessible through and the iHeartRadio app.

The Bobby Bones Show now drives 3 million estimated listeners to the show and has covered its biggest market in Washington, D.C. Additionally, Bones also hosts the “Country Top 30 with Bobby Bones” carried on more than 100 radio stations across the country.

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In 2014, Bones was considered to open the iHeartRadio Country Festival as a host in Austin, Texas. He was also approached for presenting the ‘Country Song of the Year’ at the first iHeartRadio Music Awards in Los Angeles.

Bobby Bones has additionally shown up in the film, ‘Bandslam‘ (2009) and musical drama ‘Nashville‘. He has guest-hosted ‘Live! with Regis and Kelly‘ alongside talk show host Kelly Ripa.

His can be heard on podcasts such as ‘The Bobbycast’ and ‘Nashville Podcast Network‘ where he talks with musicians.

Books: Later, his book ‘Bare Bones, I’m Not Lonely If You’re Reading This Book‘ became New York Times Best Seller. His second New York Times Best Seller is entitled Fail Until You Don’t: Fight. Grind. Repeat.

For season 16 of American Idol 2018, Bones was a guest mentor, he becomes a full-time mentor for the starting season 17 and guest-hosted an episode after host Ryan Seacrest was unwell.

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Bones also was one of the dancing celebrities on the 27th season of ‘Dancing with the Stars‘, he ended up winning the competition with his professional dancing partner Sharna Burgess.

In 2013, Bones and his crew became well-known for setting the Guinness World Record for “Most hunger relief meals packaged in one hour (team)”.

In May 2015, iHeartMedia had to pay a $1 million FCC fine for Bones’ accident of triggered the Emergency Alert System, the EAS test interrupted coverage locally.


Bones achieved the honors of “Best Radio Personality” by the Austin Music Awards for his run from 2004 to 2008. His show as recognized for the “Best Radio Program” from 2007-2008.

Later, Bones and his co-hosts ‘Amy’ and ‘Lunchbox’ won their first ‘Academy of Country Music Award’ for “National On-Air Personality of the Year” in 2014. In Chicago, Bones was inducted for the US organizations ‘National Radio Hall of Fame‘.

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In 2014, 2016, and 2018, his show (The Bobby Bones Show) had grabbed the ACM Awards for National On-Air Personality.

To conclude, Bobby Bones’ net worth is estimated at $7 million dollars.

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Quotes from Bobby Bones.

“The sooner you embrace this truth, the sooner you can leave behind the bitterness of what you don’t have and start”

― Bobby Bones

“Truth is we feel like everyone is always watching and judging us. Nope. People just care about themselves. You’ve likely seen someone really botch a presentation or be really nervous speaking in public and never given it a second thought once it was done. Return the favor to yourself.”

― Bobby Bones

“I’m not a cowboy. I don’t wear a belt buckle, or I don’t have those traditional old-school country music radio elements about me. But from where I grew up and how I grew up, country music has always been the fabric of the music that I’ve listened to.”

― Bobby Bones

“Get to be genuinely nervous about a potentially positive outcome. Being nervous is uncommon; it’s uncomfortable; it’s stressful. That’s why it’s awesome. Being nervous is how I feel alive. To me, it’s a rush. A mental bungee jump.”

― Bobby Bones
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