Boys Jeans Options to Know Before Online Shopping

Jeans are a casual must-have that you have to get right for that perfect fit. After all, the misbalance in this central bottom staple will end up with a fashion blister. On the other hand, if you pay heed to this stunner, you can easily stand out in a crowd.

So whether you are going for a stylish one or something relaxed, you need the right pair of denim that accentuates your outfit. After all, who doesn’t love to get compliments? While a fitted pair of dark denim is popular as a business casual, boys and millennials love ripped or distressed jeans that give them a rebel vibe.

So next time when you shop for your favourite jeans staples, don’t forget to check out these expert guides to shun fashion blisters. Let’s take a look.

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Husky jeans

Whenever parents try to buy perfectly fitted jeans for boys, some questions come to their mind automatically. How to plump for the perfect waist measurement that fits well? Kids should wear the current size in husky or regular? Let’s find out.

From high-end brands to local names, no one usually provides the height and weight chart along with the size chart. But keep in mind that you can easily alter the inseam but not the waist, rise, or hip. At that time, husky jeans with an elastic waist come to your rescue.

Husky jeans are usually crafted for plus-size kids. It comes with a larger waist measurement and regular size inseam length. These loose-fit stunners are available in various shapes and sizes with an adjustable waist. Some husky slim-fit skinny jeans are also on-trend. But these are stretchable. If you find an H tag in size, you can easily understand that it’s husky jeans.

Check out the below chart to pick the right size.

Size Height (inches) Chest (inches) Waist (inches) Hips (inches)
8 Husky 49 to 51 30 29 30 ½
10 Husky 51 ½ to 54 ½ 30 ½ 30 31 ½
12 Husky 55 to 57 31 ½ 31 33
14 Husky 57 ½ to 59 ½ 33 32 34 ½
16 Husky 60 to 63 34 ½ 33 ½ 36
18 Husky 63 ½ to 65 ½ 36 34 ½ 37


Slim fit skinny jeans

Most of the consumers muddle over the true meaning of slim fit. Skinny guys get inclined towards these statement-makers to give a perfect shape to their legs. From toddlers to kids or even millennials, tight-fit skinny jeans with tapered leg openings look amazing on them.

Slim-fit skinny jeans with adjustable waist add more space to their thighs. In short, if you are looking for the perfect blend of comfort and style, your search ends here.

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Straight fit jeans

Straight-fit jeans typically sit slightly on top of your shoes. It’s the millennial’s favorite style game. Straight fits get narrower below your knee. But don’t get confused between skinny and straight. Straight fits are slightly wider than skinnies.

Kid’s fashion, of course, comes with an elastic waist or an adjustable waist. A variety of styles, colors, and designs are the primary attraction of boys jeans online shopping.

Denim joggers

When it comes to kid’s fashion, denim joggers have managed to steal the spotlight. These wardrobe staples come with an adjustable elastic waist and drawstring that give you a classic fit with comfortability. On the other hand, its tapered legs create an exemplary style.

You can pair husky denim joggers with a t-shirt tank top to create a functional, utterly versatile, and cute look for your beloved kid.

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Ripped jeans

Boys Ripped jeans or distressed jeans are torn jeans. This is a unique fashion statement that has been ruling the industry for quite some time now. Its shabby look creates an impact on the onlookers. Kids or toddlers will really look adorable in this style, while millennials will look like a cool street stunner. Check some stylish options on this website.

Waist band Options

There are two waist band options in junior’s jeans.

Elastic waist band

The full diameter of the waist band is elastic. It is comfortable and have good grip. But it always looks like joggers. It is not possible to wear belt in such pants.

Adjustable band

In such waist type, you can adjust some minor fitting with elastic and simple button. The wrinkles are goes on back side. So you can wear belt in such waist type. However it can adjust to only 1 side up or down without compromising look.

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Popular Brands to Buy Jeans for Boys Online


Does it even need an introduction? The first jeans manufacturer from 1853 is now popular for the plethora of shapes, styles, and sizes. From the trendiest husky jeans to slim-fit skinny jeans or even rugged jeans, you will find the best casuals here no matter what you are searching for.


This brand has been attracting fashionable people since 1947 with its Western appeal and utmost comfort. Explore an extensive collection of denim joggers with adjustable elastic waist at a discounted price.

Lee Cooper

One of the most stylish and reliable brands in this jeans industry looks great on sophisticated millennial statement makers. For your child, you can team up with a cute shirt and blue jeans with an adjustable waist.

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Spykar is another prominent jeans brand available at the different online stores, including Amazon, Walmart, etc. They experiment with different colors that look great on children as well as adults.

Jack and Jones

This brand is popular for its extreme comfortability. A blue stone-washed ripped or distortedwith check printed shirt will keep you stylish all day long. Don’t forget your fun grey sneakers that will take your look to the next level.

Today’s millennials cannot think about a day without their favourite pair of jeans. It’s a fashion democratizing style choice. So when it comes to choosing a ubiquitous fashion staple like jeans, you need some expert tips to avoid alteration and going through a rigorous exchange game. The market is full of different denim trends and options. You just have to decide what suits you the best.