Brighten Up Your Home This Fall With These Renovation Ideas

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As we head deeper into fall, the days will start to shorten, and there’ll be less natural light to enjoy. Natural light is such an essential component to any house because it brightens your home and creates an inviting, relaxing atmosphere. Natural light is full of vitamin D, which naturally regulates people’s moods, helping them feel energetic and happy during the winter months.

Are you looking to make a positive change in your home because you’re finding it to be a little dreary? Are you already starting to feel a bit stir-crazy by the idea of staying inside for another long, dark winter? Perhaps it’s time you make some changes in your home by opening it up to natural, beautiful light. If you have some extra time and resources available, read on to discover how to make your home warm and bright all year long.

Install Bay or Bow Windows

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Do you have space somewhere in your home — ideally a living room or a kitchen — that hasn’t been effectively used in years? Consider the advantages of installing a bay or bow window. Bay and bow windows give the exterior of your home a unique type of charm, and they also provide ample light and extra space on the inside.

You can turn a boring, dull corner of the living room into a cozy reading nook or a play space for the kids. Both types of windows are four to six panels of glass that jut out from the wall of your house. This jutting action creates an area within the home that wasn’t previously there, so while these windows provide more light, they also offer a bigger space in your home, inside and out. While a bow window is more curved in structure, a bay is more rectangular.

To make the most of your bay or bow window, install it where the light shines the most in the late afternoon. That way, you’ll get to soak up the sun all day until it sets and retires for the evening!

Put a Skylight in the Bathroom

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Nothing attracts sunlight quite like a skylight. A skylight’s design brings in light to lift the mood of any room, provide natural warmth, and a view into the great outdoors. Adding a skylight will turn an ordinary room into something of a pleasant oasis — particularly a bathroom, bedroom, or in a staircase.

Imagine taking a bath while gazing up at the stars. Starting your day feels a lot less stressful as you brush your teeth under the beauty of the morning sky! You’ll still get natural sunlight through a skylight, even on a blustery winter day. It will open up your home to the beauty of nature no matter what time of year it is.

Check out the website to find skylights composed of only the best materials and a range of standard styles that meet any architectural standards.

Add a Sunroom

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One of the best ways to bring sunlight into your home is to install a sunroom. The right sunroom will frame your natural surroundings, inviting the outside in! You’ll not only have more light to enjoy, but you’ll have the opportunity to look out and watch nature pass you by through the sunroom’s walls made of high-quality glass. Even if it’s a frigid fall or winter day, you can snuggle up in your new sunroom with a book and enjoy the sunshine — without having to worry about harmful UV rays.

Adding a sunroom to your house will also increase its resale value. Keep that information in mind if you plan to sell — either soon or in the future.

Raise the Ceiling

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If you have low ceilings and the lighting situation is pretty dismal, you might want to consider raising the ceilings. Such a renovation project isn’t easy, and it will take a few weeks to complete, but if it’s something you feel strongly about, then go for it!

Your best bet is to find a contractor who’s trustworthy and good at their job. Ask around — perhaps you have friends who know someone or read online reviews. It’s not a simple job (or one that’s inexpensive), so you must have full faith in this person and his or her team. When you find the right team, be open with communication and tell them precisely what it is that you want.

Once it’s complete and you notice a difference in the amount of light and space in your home, you’ll be so happy that you took the time and effort to make your home more comfortable and to your liking.

Revel in Mirrors

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A project that doesn’t involve intricate and elaborate home renovations but still brings in plenty of light is to add mirrors to your walls. Mirrors are reflective objects, which capture sunlight and radiate its warm, golden rays. You can find decorative mirrors at any home décor store, and they come in all different sizes — full length, circular, small, and large.

Hang a mirror of any shape on a wall adjacent to a window — this will help reflect its natural sunlight and brighten up your room. Do you have a full-length mirror hiding in your closet? Place it between two windows to help spread light around a room. It will also create a more relaxed space because the light will be bright and warm.

Paint the Walls a Lighter Colour

Are your home’s walls covered in dark wallpaper or paint? It might be time to change things up a bit and repaint the walls a lovely, light shade of off-white or cream. Darker rooms can feel cramped and small. Bright walls with more delicate decorative items (such as curtains) are also currently favoured by leading interior designers and architects.

Clean, bright walls will attract the beautiful natural light that you seek. Furthermore, you’ll also modernize your home with current interior design trends.

Don’t settle for a dark and dreary home this winter when you don’t have to. Follow these tips and let that light inside your life!