6 Business Branding Materials for Corporate Events

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Running a business in today’s world is easy and complex at the same time. There are two things that business owners should know. First of all, social media, and the entire Internet world, brought us many opportunities. You can now reach your target audience in a lot easier way. However, this is the opportunity that all businesses in the world have. Advertising on social media is affordable which means that small companies can use it as well. Because of that, you need to use some other tools to split from the masses. One of the ways to do that is to organize different corporate events.

The events that businesses can organize are various. Logically, this depends a lot on the industry where you work. The point of these events is to educate people and bring some value to their lives. However, it is also a good way to improve your branding to another level.

Well, for more effective results, you will have to use some business branding materials. It is the moment when your logo can become recognizable among people. The importance of this move is huge. We can see it in the example of some of the most successful companies in the world. For instance, Puma is a good example of that. This brand does not have anything in common with animals. However, their logo is recognizable in the entire world and they associate this animal with their brand.

Enough talking; there are certain business branding materials that you should use for corporate events. Let’s find them out together.

1. Banners

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Positioning banners is one of the most effective ways to promote your brand. Logically, you can use banners for different purposes. If you plan to use them to promote the event itself, you should do that in two different ways. Logically, one of the ways is to use banners on social media. Despite that, you can use them to in the “offline” world as well. It should be placed in the high-traffic areas where a large number of people pass every day.

Yet, using the banners during the event is also a great way to make your event more personalized. They should be stated in some visible places. For instance, if there is some sort of stage, then your banners should be placed there.

2. T-Shirts

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Let’s imagine that 200 people are going to attend the event that you plan to organize. Well, you should ensure that all of them get a T-shirt with your logo on it. Despite that, the name of the event should be placed on the T-shirt as well.

There are many reasons why this would be a good move. First of all, all these people will bring those T-Shirts at home. There is a big chance they will sometimes wear it as well. Even if they only wear it at home, the guests that come to their home will see your logo on it as well.

Still, you do not have to print T-Shirts only for 200 people that are going to attend. Ensure that you have them even more. These T-Shirts can be some sort of gift as well. You can supply the entire family of people that attended the event.

3. Badges

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Making people feel official is something you should strive to do. Well, badges are a good branding material that will help you achieve that. You can be a bit creative and design different badges for different groups of people. For instance, one type of badge can be only for speakers, while the other one can be only for guests. Indeed, these badges should be personalized as well. However, you can make them in different shapes or sizes and make a difference in that way.

4. Magnets

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Magnets are not only a promotional material for people. It has a lot bigger meaning. For instance, when people travel to a certain destination, they usually purchase magnets. In most cases, people put them on their refrigerator. However, they are not doing that because they want to improve the look of their fridge. These magnets are items that highlight something nice that happened to our life.

Your event can be one of those things and that is the reason why you should prepare them for attenders. Each time when they look at the fridge, they will remind themselves of your event. In other words, they won’t forget about your brand and they will continue being loyal to you.

Still, magnets have to be unique and special in some way. You need to strive to make them more personalized. Fortunately, adding custom stickers to your magnets is easier than ever before. Because of that, we recommend you visit customstickers.com and make promotional fridge magnets special. These stickers can also be used for some other branding materials.

5. Flyers

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We can agree that flyers a classic and old-fashioned way to boost your brand. However, for moments like this, they can still be more effective. You will have the chance to encourage more personal interactions. For instance, when a person receives a flyer, there is a big chance it will discuss it with another guest. Logically, the design of the flyer should be eye-catching. If not, there is a big chance they will end up in recycling.

6. Lighting and Projections

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Okay, we have to say that venue has to allow you to do this. However, in most cases, there will be enough conditions to take care of lightning and projections. However, using them without any good reason is not the point. You should match these two things with the colors of your logo.

There are two things you can choose between. However, both things depend on your brand. You can use bright and fun colors and moving displays. This is something that will make the event more entertaining. However, if your brand allows you, you can also choose harsher lighting.

Many brands choose to use keywords of their motto or logo on the venue’s walls. You might consider this move as an option as well.


The point of all these branding materials is to make your guests feel comfortable. If they feel comfortable during the event, there is a big chance they will talk about your brand with other people. Even today, when we live in a world of modern technology, word-to-mouth is still the best way to improve your brand. Because of that, all the elements that we mentioned should match your brand. Try to use them in the best possible way.